Interesting beard styles. Finding the Best Beard Styles for Your Face Shape

There’s a lot to consider when you start growing a beard. What look do you like the most? Do you have the right products to keep your beard hair healthy? Does your workplace allow beards in the office? However, one aspect most guys overlook is their face shape. The best beard styles are those that complement your face shape. While it’s important to choose what you like, it’s also important to make sure your look is cohesive and flattering. Square beard styles.

Your face is symmetrical with clearly defined lines, cheekbones, and a squared jawline. You want to keep your beard light on the sides but full on your chin, to further accent your this shape, you can easily rock a goatee or circle beard.

Round faces are symmetrical too but your lines are less defined. Your objective is to slim your face and use your beard to add some depth. Like your square-faced counterparts, you’ll keep it short on the sides but you’ll go for more length at the bottom. Try an extended goatee, an anchor, or a fuller circle beard.

New men's shaving style

You’re the lucky ones. You’ve got the best of all the face shapes—the defined lines, the proportional features, and a little extra length at the bottom of your face. Most beard styles will work well for you. You can get away with medium stubble or a full beard.

Your face is longer than it is wide. Thus, you want your beard to trim off some length while still showing off your defined lines. Keep your beard short on the chin and full on the sides. A Garibaldi beard is perfect for this.

How to shave your beard

When it comes to selecting from the various beard styles out there, use your face shape as your guiding principle.
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