Shaping a long beard. Men s Hairstyles. All You Need to Know About Them

Mens hairstyles seem to be not as diverse as female ‘dos. However if you are interested in current fashion trends, you may notice how quickly guys haircuts get in and out of style. Some variants are classic and look gorgeous most of the time. While other are fancy only during one season and may become hilarious some time later. Modern stylists get their inspiration in almost everything and everywhere. They learn new tricks from well-forgotten ancient mens haircuts or adopt trends from female fashion tendencies. Hairdo is an essential part of human culture and it helps people tell the world who they are, what they like and appreciate. Some people choose comfortable hairdos, others search for the most creative options, or choose both practical and gorgeous. It all depends on person’s character and preferences. Men's facial hair styles 2016.

Historical development of male haircuts

Haircut appears to be a unique way of decoration for human beings. Starting with primitive men, simple barber procedures were needed in order to survive. Long locks often caused serious problems: an enemy or a wild animals could grab the tresses and kill the cave man. So he cropped them off with a knife or burnt off using the fire. Some guys used to pull long hair together and wear some kind of ancient bun or ponytail. Razors made of silicon were found by archaeologists, who say that the artifact definitely belongs to the Stone Age. However cave men had all kinds of facial hair: from short stubble to long beards.

In the Ancient Egypt people used to wear wigs. They were really expensive and only rich men had opportunity to wear them, like noblemen and priests. Brown and black were definitely the most popular colors. People knew how to dye their tresses using henna. Mens hair were plaited into short braids and were decorated with a band or tiara. Some guys preferred to shave their head smooth and wore beautiful wigs instead of natural locks. It is known that they used pins and combs made with a great artistic talent and taste. Ancient Egyptian hairstyles helped people to demonstrate their status. The more complex and decorated was the cut, the richer the man was. Egyptian boys haircuts consisted of a shaved head, only one long plaited lock was left on the side. It was called ‘The Lock of Youth’.

Old Testament Books indicate that locks were considered as the symbol of male strength and beauty. The secret of legendary Samson’s power was in his tresses. When he lost them, he became very weak. Young Absalom had gorgeous wavy locks. Men usually wore long brushed back hair. At the forehead they styled spiral locks, and at the sides hair shaped circles.

Ancient Greeks were the ones who developed hairdressing a lot. ‘Cosmetics’ is a Greek word and it means ‘the art of decorating’. They knew a wide range of effective healing styling recipes. The cult of perfect human body helped them to invent numerous beautiful hairdos. Both men and women wore various braids types. They applied metal rods to curl locks. Styling a haircut used to take lots of time because of the process’ complexity. Ancient Greeks used aroma powders that could also add some color for the ‘do. Alexander the Great was the one who has set the fashion of wearing no beard, because it caused problems during the battle. However, ancient Greek philosophers wore various facial hair that was the symbol of wisdom.

In Ancient Rome Empire people appreciated fair-haired people. Romans thought that very curly brushed back haircuts were the most fashionable. Those who didn’t posses naturally thick hair used wigs. Ancient stylists invented a unique recipe that allowed to turn dark tresses into blonde. However the knowledge is lost now. At the beginning Roman hairdos appeared to be similar to Greek variants. But then they have changed into a more simple and strict shapes and become really various. Roman men started to cut locks short, they didn’t wear any facial hair. Beards used to mean a sign of mourning.

Medieval time had barely any impact on developing hairstyles for men. Guys in most cases just sleeked locks back or wore a loose bun. They also used to wear mustache and beards.

The Renaissance has changed every aspect of people’s lives. It was a unique period of time when every sphere has developed significantly: philosophy, art, architecture, psychology etc. Hairdressers of the Renaissance decided to adopt some trends from previous eras, especially Antiquity. Men’s style included hair, that shaped a roll and framed face and neck. They avoided any facial hair. During this historical period people understood the importance of a good grooming.

The 17th Century has developed a new artistic style called Baroque. It first appeared in Spain and then wide spread to other European countries. England and France made a huge impact to the mens hairstyles development. Jabot collar needed to be balanced with a voluminous ‘dos. During the end of 17th Century we can notice the presence of golden or silver locks, included into complex hairstyles. This is the time when wedge mustache and beards were extremely popular. After 1638 France became the world class trendsetter. Wigs during those times cost a fortune.

The first half of 18th Century started a new period in history of men’s style. There were hairdressing academies established all over Europe. After 1770 during the late Rococo popular mens haircuts started to get really big and high. Professional barbers always had lots of job to do. They have created spectacular hairstyles, that seem to be real pieces of art.

The new era of Classicism has established new ideals of style and fashion. People looked back and were fascinated with the cult of perfect body from Antiquity. Greek and Roman taste seemed to them the most delicate and ideal. So male hairstyles became more simple and natural. The most fashionable guys rocked curly tresses.

In 1800 another beautiful style thrived – it is called Empire. The main characteristics of mens hair for this style are round, flat and spiral locks. Guys wore medium length tresses brushed to the face. After Napoleon has been defeated, Biedermeier style appeared. Men used to sport whiskers, locks on the forehead and high fringes that did not cover the forehead. Unique style allowed to apply hair coloring and revived the art of making complex haircuts. To bleach tresses barbers used hydrogen peroxide, and in order to get round locks they applied hot curling irons.

At the end of 19th Century, in 1848 the bourgeois revolution took place and it was the beginning of the capitalism era. France took back the title of the world’s fashion center. Male fashion of that time included cuts with short straight parting and precisely shaped mustache or beard with double ends. In 1881 Marcel from France invented hot curling irons, in 1884-1885 he developed Fischer’s method of curling with the use of chemical products. During this time men experimented with wigs of different color. The perm. was invented in 70s. Methods of coloring reached perfect level of development. Instead of rough dyestuff hairdressers started to use mild coloring shampoos.

Every day the art of hairdressing evolves. It becomes more complex and versatile, uses current innovative technologies and tools. Infrared rays are now used to make coloring and healing procedures go faster. Such tools as infrared lamps with different heating options, timers and remote control allow to dry tresses without hot air. Hairdressing art has a long history full of experiments and different hairstyles for men. It continues to evolve even today. The legacy of previous generations gives us lots of opportunities to try new things, invent tools etc. You can see how often trends that are cool today originate in 20th Century of even earlier. So don’t be afraid to learn from the past, it has interesting stuff to inspire your creativity, for sure!

Rules that every barber should follow

1. Hair washing

Almost every hairdresser’s service starts with tresses washing. You can understand whether the barber you have chosen is professional enough, just while you watch the way he washes hair. Locks should always be clean, wash them as often as needed. If you ignore this rule, grease and sweat will create appropriate environment for dangerous bacteria right on your scalp. This situation will lead to skin problems and deceases.

You need to know rules that will help you avoid damaging the locks. It is very important to choose the right shampoo. Knowing your hair type will help you to do that. Water has a great influence on tresses too. Specialist divide water into hard and mild types. Hard water has more mineral salts in it than in mild one, it reduces sudsing. Mild water is considered more healthy. It fits thin hair the best. Porous hair tend to absorb minerals from water and become hard and dim.

2. Head massage

Head massage reduces the thickness of grease layer. It enhances the mobility of scalp, which increases the circulation of blood. It means that tresses receive the better nutrition. As a result, hair loss decreases. Locks become thicker and more dense. However, there are contraindications: intense hair loss, pustular skin diseases, fungal infections of the scalp, hypertension of II and III degree, open head injury.

Scalp massage should be done as often as possible, especially before washing or during shampooing. It should take place at least two-three times a week. Massage plays an important role in caring for both oily and dry skin. It definitely improves blood supply for the vessels of the hair papillae, the function of skin glands, metabolism, general condition of the skin and hair.

Massage is considered to be the best method of preserving the hair shiny, healthy and beautiful. It is necessary to do it every night for ten minutes, according to the doctor’s instructions. Even today, most people believe that taking care of their appearance, making it look great fits only for women and isn’t okay for men. But, nevertheless, the desire to properly take care of their appearance comes into the mind and life of men gradually.

Many beauty salons have compartments for men. Their services are available for men of all ages, young boys and older than forty years guys. Forty year-olds usually seek for the ways to delay skin aging and wrinkles. In the beauty salons for men often the following services are offered: complex facial skin care, which includes massage, that helps the facial muscles become stronger, improves blood circulation, eliminates puffiness, swelling, reduces body fat, removing blackheads, facial cleansing and a wide variety of other beauty services.

Short beard long mustache

Tools and accessories for men’s haircuts

Tools help to change the shape and condition of the tresses. Accessories only allow to do certain operations with the mane. All tools and barber supplies can be divided into basic and advanced. Specialists classify them this way: for haircutting, combing, styling, chemical curling, hair coloring and shaving. Tools like peignoir, hair clippers, spray allow hairdressers do their job on a professional level.

Tools for cutting hair

There are certain tools that help barbers to cut locks properly. Scissors should be made of high quality alloy steel, can be covered with chrome, titanium, gold, or be iridescent. Scissors are classified into following two types: direct are great for hair cutting, and thinning, or toothed are used for thinning out extra tresses.

Razors can be dangerous or safe. First type consists of a handle and the blade. Safe razor tip looks like a razor-blade. Thinning knife (safe razor) consists of blade, that is inserted between the two plates with teeth. It has attachments for different hair cutting techniques.

The electric hair clipper has a set of blades with different thickness of the bottom plate, which allows the desired hair length shear. The blades can be replaced if it’s needed.

Tools for combing

Combined comb is a comb, that has two sides with different amount of teeth. It is important to choose it right, because it is used very often during the haircutting. It shouldn’t be very long, and teeth do not have to be long too. The handle should be thin, the comb should be of medium level of hardness. Comb for fading usually has very short teeth. It is necessary to cut the locks as short as possible. One of the main requirements for it – the teeth and handle should be really thin, and the whole hairbrush should be very soft (but not too much).

Styling Tools

Blow dryer is often used for hair drying and styling. It should be light, powerful ( able to supply a good stream of hot air) and not too noisy. Switching buttons for speed and temperature should be located comfortably.

Professional blow dryer has a thick long cord and a reliable standard plug, and the power should be around 1600W. Comb for bouffant has short teeth alternated with long ones, it makes easy to comb back. Brush for combing, massage and styling has small beads on the ends. Double-sided brush helps to style locks with a blow dryer. It has a hollow body with holes that allow the air to circulate freely through the hair strands. On the one side it has shorter teeth for styling men’s short hair. Brushing looks like a round brush and can be of different thicknesses. There are two types: with natural bristle – for curling the hair; and the one perforated with a metal hollow body with a short bristle. It allows to make hair smooth and lift at the roots under a small corner. There is also a brush, needed for combing upper hair layer, it has both short and long teeth. A short comb with wide thick teeth and large distances between them is used for combing and for detailing the ‘do.

Popular modern mens haircuts in 2016

Today men prefer to choose both comfort and masculine beauty. So the wide range of current hairdressing tendencies allow guys to experiment and find their unique appearance. Nowadays guys haircuts emphasize their independence and strength. Stylish design elements add creativity to different ‘dos. Specialists say that it is important to combine fashion and haircut properly. There are some universal types of haircuts for men that look great almost with every clothing style. It is a well-known fact that short hairstyles are the most popular in 2016.

Short retro-styled haircuts

Interpretations of retro style vary from one stylist to another. Some prefer to work with classic ‘dos making them look glamorous like in 30s. Other like to experiment with 70s mens haircuts. Many fashion brands propose to try short hairdos with side partings. It is fancy to sleek tresses back. You can reach this effect using thin brush and quality styling mousse. Check out the wide variety of retro hairdos and find the one that fits you the best. You can be inspired by your favorite retro movie or music band, and add some modern twist to the haircut you like.

Hairstyles with oblique bangs

This year the average hair length of the hair is in the range of 5-10 cm. Stylists say that men’s short hairstyles are more fancy than they were the year before. However, many brand designers are experimenting with classic styles. Fringes become an important part of modern stylish hairdo, and in 2016 the designers definitely prefer oblique variants. For example, fashion brand Calvin Klein Collection recommends to pay attention to the medium length haircuts with oblique long bangs. This type of haircuts for men is definitely a creative one, it will be popular among younger guys. It is very universal, cause it allows to wear the bang down or brush it back.

Comfortable buzz haircut

In 2016, to create fancy buzz hairdo you will need medium length locks. The top strands should be long (approximately 10 cm), but the length of the lower strands can vary from 2 to 4 cm. This unique interpretation of buzz haircut looks really gorgeous. Take a look at the new collection by fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana to get pure inspiration for this cut.

Long hairstyles

Long hairstyles for men this year are quite conservative. Stylists prefer moderate images that speak of the nobility. So, for example, is very popular wet styling, which completely simulates the effect of wet hair. Styling this ‘do is quite simple, if you use quality hair wax or mousse.

Grunge Hairdos

You can notice grunge style here and there on the catwalks by famous fashion brands. Designers emphasize effortless haircuts, which don’t seem to need brushing at all. In fact, this hairstyle looks very stylish, and it is perfect for everyday use. Another popular hairstyle is locks, long waved hair look really gorgeous on most guys. Often grunge haircut requires to partially color the tresses. It’s a very interesting type to experiment with.

Hitler Youth Haircut

There is a type of male cuts that is called Hitlejugend (or Hitler Youth) style. It came from the ’80s, the magnificent musical “Cabaret” with Liza Minnelli made a huge impact on this style. The elegant and neat haircut is very trendy and fancy. Many fashionable young guys prefer this unique haircut in the style of Hitlerjugend. It looks sexy paired with tattoos and expensive jeans. The cut is so universal that it fits well for both creative artistic guys and serious businessmen. The main feature of this haircuts is the very short length at the back and temples, and then right above the ear the locks lengthen the hairline. It is important that at the back and on the sides the tresses are the same length. Sure, this haircut is known for its medium length bang, which is usually styled neatly on one side or at the top, toward the back of the head. Hitlerjugend hairdo should look precise and well-groomed. No grunge effects. To get the best look apply high quality styling products: wax, mousse, hairspray. This haircut is very popular among celebrities, at the same time it looks very individual, stylish, modern and cool!

Undercut hairdo

Another haircut that gets all the attention is undercut. It is precise, attractive and neat, but it is quite different from the cuts mentioned above. The main feature of this ‘do is that the temporal part, as well as the occipital, are well-shaved, but the most expressive part is fringe. It starts at the back of the head and goes to the front part. You can style it as you wish. Brush it to one side or backwards, make it look rough or smooth. Feel free to experiment with it, undercut provides lots of options for creative people. It is inspired by rebellion and chaos. The undercut should ideally pair any clothing style. Feel free to experiment with it: mix your undercut with Pompadour or side fringe. You will be surprised with the final result!

Afro hairstyles for black men

African American guys have different structure of their locks. Black men haircuts demonstrate the beauty of hair texture and are usually very simple to style. Afro hairdos are definitely popular in 2016. It allows to feel confident and comfortable at the same time, cause needs almost no special procedures to take care of. This black men haircut will fit you if you’ve got a really dense and thick mane. Designers often combine afro hairstyle with other styles, like undercut, male Pompadour or Mohawk.

Haircut methods

Hair zoning.

Regardless of the amount of your client’s hair, it is impossible to start cutting right away, that is why the head should be divided into zones first. It is not necessary to pin the hair of each zone, because wet hair usually do not break apart. You can use a huge quantity of clips and zone the head into many areas. However the practice shows that for convenience you will need only five main clips – for upper and lower occipital, one parietal and two temporal areas.

To divide hair into zones, it is important to make partings. Parting can be vertical, horizontal and radial (meaning it emanates from a single point). Horizontal parting goes through the back of the head from ear to ear. This parting divides the occipital zone on the top and the bottom. Vertical parting goes from the middle of the forehead through the middle of the nape. Side partings separate the parietal area from the temporal sides. They goes from the vertex to the frontal depressions till the sagittal parting.


This technique creates a bottom contour of the cut. Fringing gives clarity and complete look. All the shortcomings and carelessness of fringing will be visible immediately. It can be done with the use of different tools: scissors, razor or electric hair clipper. Fringing is mainly used in the final stage of styling, but sometimes you can start with it. You should immediately pay attention to the customer’s appearance, hair growth on the neck and temples, moles, skin imperfections, which the client would like to hide.

The beard look


It is needed for a smooth transition of the zones, getting rid of protruding hair. Shading is performed with scissors ends, a comb or fingers. It is used as a camouflage method. Hair fading. This is a shortening of the hair with a gradual transition from shorter to longer hair. Fading is performed on the edge of the hairline, gradually getting up. Fading is not possible to do without a pair of scissors, a razor blade or an electric hair clipper. Once the hair is treated with the electric hair clipper machine and direct scissors, the resulted silhouette should be softened with thinning scissors.

Tapering. It means the process of thinning the tresses. Tapering is used to reduce the volume of hair or, conversely, creating an illusion of volume. It can be done with direct or thinning scissors, or razor. Depending on the planned shape, quality and thickness of the locks, the strand can be thinned outside or inside, at the root, at the end or in the middle. The ends of the hair at the same time can be cut blunt or sharp.

Pointing. This technique is used for making the ends thinner. It is performed only on dry hair. Plucking. It’s used to create the effect of sticking out hair. Can be easily done with direct scissors. A shot. This is a precise cutting done with scissors and performed on different layers. Tapering of the twisted hair. You should take a square strand, twist it in a tight plait and incise in several places. Blunting. This method includes getting the strand and brushing it perpendicularly to the head. The half-opened scissors should move up and down, as in the bouffant.

The secret of a great razor haircut

Razor blade must be specially prepared, so it won’t scrape off the hair and will properly cut them off. Before cutting the hair must be moisturized with clean warm water. This allows the razor to glide effortlessly, the tresses won’t be damaged, cutting will be performed smoothly, without rough edges. After the cutting is finished, oblique hair strands are styled like fish scales, and hair will easily take the desired shape. Then the head should be washed with a shampoo, using scissors change the wrong underlying locks.

The main types of work male barber does

The main types of work that serves male visitors at barber’s are: haircut, shaving, hair coloring, perm., shampooing, hair care.

Styling male hairstyle has same rules as styling women’s hairstyles does. Men’s fashion hairstyles is quite stable, and over the years their shape hasn’t changed much, and the majority of men are conservative when it comes to choosing hairstyles and sometimes for years they prefer one option. However, despite the small number of different hairstyles for men, they do not seem to be dull, because each hair is perceived not only by itself, but in general with a person, human figure, his clothes, character and attitude. Therefore, the same model hairdo may make one guy look sporty, another – precise business appearance etc.

Fashion brings new ideas, sometimes very radical, and young people are always happy to be in style, but the older generation is more conservative, they hardly accept new ideas (it is same for women, but it’s not that common). That’s why you should always understand the taste and wishes of the client. But being professional we must at the same time try to tactfully bring in elements of modern fashion to what client likes.

Remember the main thing: the man is always interesting as a person and not as an owner of a beautiful dress or hairstyle. The formation of men’s hairstyles fashion is heavily influenced by male fashion in general. It determines the length and shape of the locks, character of combing (movable, immovable), the direction of brushing, the appearance of some new parts. All this leads to new methods and techniques for tresses styling.

By the length of the hair specialists divide men’s hairstyles into four main groups:

Very short – there are cropped haircuts that are done with the use of electric hair clipper, and hairdos, which require length of a few millimeters (they can be done with electric hair clipper with nozzles);

Short – a haircut of sporty style with very short hair at the bottom of the occipital area and with some volume left on top. They are recommended for the proper shape of the head;

Medium length – the length for these cuts gives an opportunity to create a hairstyle that is suitable for both appearance and the shape of the young man’s head;

Long – these haircuts can be called individual, since they require a special approach.

Regardless of the fashion styling male hairdos should pay attention to certain factors

Haircut should be primarily practical. Since men, unlike women, mostly do not style their tresses, hairstyle beauty should be provided by the ‘do itself without any special tricks. In a properly performed haircut locks can be combed in any direction, and the wind will not be a problem, as it doesn’t break the structure of its surface (it stays smooth). It depends on a perfectly executed edging.

Popular mens haircuts rarely have any decorative elements, it is a very important role for the very form of cutting and brushing direction. For example, long hair with a middle parting create an image of a young man, who doesn’t not pay too much attention to his appearance. But if this same guy will have a short hairstyle parted in the middle, then it will make quite a different impression of a very near boy. In the first case, the parting was mainly caused by necessity (so the tresses don’t cover the eyes), and in the second case, the parting is already an element of decor, it is designed and done on purpose.

Each haircut should be balanced with its parts. For example, long hair make it difficult to create volume in the parietal area, but if you need a volume at the forehead area, then you should reduce the locks length at the nape. Boys haircuts should hide possible defects of the face and head shape. When you do styling, it is necessary to comb all the hair from the face back and check out the face shape, head shape (it may be round, oval, long, square) and receding hairline, hair growth direction, irregularities and presence of scars on the surface of the head, don’t forget to pay attention to the size and shape of the ears. Round and square face shapes require side tresses to be cut short. The elongated face shape allows to leave long sides, that helps to create extra volume.

If the locks of the crown area are very thin and rare, it is important to start the cut from the parietal area. If the hair is thick and hard, then focus on the correction of face shape with the right hairdo. Large bald areas should be covered up properly. It is a common mistake when people try to hide the forehead with long bangs. This method is not effective, because long hair is very mobile and do not hide the defect, but rather draw attention to it. Border line needs to be done flawlessly, and most often you can use the natural hairline. Remove only few hairs, that are allocated at the light background of the skin. The client’s head should be in a natural position during the procedures. Bending his head forward too much may result in too high nape line. When styling, consider the shape of the head and face, it should look natural, this way it will make a good impression.

Disproportionate shape of the skull. The right hairstyle can create a balance between the face and skull. It’s enough to visually increase the hair area, spreading it right around the head. It is important to style the locks of the forehead line properly. Many men (25%) have elongated skull shape. The extra length of the skull can be hide with a visual increase of the tresses on the sides of the head and reduced volume on the crown area.

New beard cut 2016

Face and mens hairstyle

Round face.

The hair area should be visually increased on the crown, and gradually faded on the sides.

The elongated face.

Visually decrease the height of the locks and cover the neck.

Straight forehead.

At the forehead area decrease the hair volume. Then the line of the haircut goes smoothly to the crown area.

Sloping forehead.

It can be hide with looming hairstyle.

Hair Styling

After finishing the haircut there goes the second stage – hair styling. It should be performed with a quality brush and a blow dryer. Drying makes the tresses roots lift up, the hair brush makes the locks lay in desired directions. Right styling allows the hairdo to remain the same for several days. Razor haircut and styling with a brush and blow dryer make hair extremely pliable, and it is easy to create any fashionable hairdo you like. Very few barbers are that fluent in the art of creating ‘dos. They can really be called stylists. Indeed, properly and tastefully done razor hairstyle with the help of brush and blow dryer can change the expression of the face, hide imperfections, for example, too long or snub nose, make forehead bigger or give it a correct form, soften sharp facial features, make the whole face noble and young. Fashionable, tastefully executed hairstyle gives men self-confidence and allows to live a marvelous life.

Male hair coloring

Hair coloring used to be female hairdressing service. However modern guys also like to experiment with their locks’ color. You may choose natural palette or try something extraordinary like bright green, red or blue. Whatever you choose, follow some tips that will help you to perform the procedure right.

There are several levels of coloring products.

Level 1 means semi-permanent color. Products from this group won’t change your natural color too much. It’s mostly used by guys with 50% of gray tresses and allows to make real hair color a bit shinier.

Level 2 is demi-permanent. Products of this level are more intense than level 1, they are used to cover up most of gray hair.

Level 3 is called permanent. This type of product creates a significant change in hair color. Before applying any of the mentioned coloring products it will be great to consult hairdresser or stylist first. Professional barber will help you with choosing right brand and color, that fits your appearance the best.

After you have chosen the product and color you like, go ahead for the second stage. Make sure you follow the instruction that goes with the hair dye. If the color brush doesn’t go with the product, buy one in a store or beauty salon. Then you should mix the color with developer. Follow the mixing instruction. Because mens tresses may be resistant to accepting color, add some extra color deposit. This is not necessary, especially if you are not sure about how your locks will react. Next step brush on the color. It allows to get natural look. Make sure you’ve done well on the temples and sides of the head. Leaving some real color leads to a more elegant and natural appearance. You can also use a comb to apply the color. After some time rinse it out. The time should be indicated on product’s box or instruction sheet. If you want to get natural-looking hair, reduce the time a little bit. While rinsing out try not to splash the product all around. Make sure you’ve washed your tresses well and there is no color splashes on your face.

Hair highlighting

Hair highlighting looks very chic and can be paired with almost any male hairstyle. The main advantage of this method is that it allows to visually enhance the volume by adding lighter hair strands to the hairdo.

There is a classic technique of dyeing hair using the foil. The foil should be cut in advance. Its length needs to be 23 cm longer than the hair strand, that will be colored. Each foil strip should have a folded edge to form a pocket with depth of 0.5-1 cm. Remember to bend the foil to prevent a leak of highlighting liquid. So adjacent strands and the scalp won’t get bleached. The width of the foil strips should be enough to make a two bends on the sides of the foil, and place the strand in the center of it. If a client has very long tresses, the foil should be folded two times along the length, so you can skip the foil bending. If you do bend, then use the handle of the hairbrush to make it easy. Use fingers to bow free edges, do not press on the center of the foil where the hair strand is located. You should apply the dyeing product on prepared sheet of foil first, then separate thin strand of hair. Place it under a sheet of foil, fold the edge of the foil at the beginning of the strand. Put the lock on a sheet of foil and apply the hair coloring liquid. Then fold the foil in half and cover the strand with another strip of foil. To make the parting clear and smooth, draw it with the handle of the brush as you would do with a pen. Step 1.5-2 cm upwards, do the same procedure with the next strand of hair. Repeat it until it’s all done. The location of the highlighted strands on the head depends on the type of hair and masters sense of style. If the coloring will be all over the head (not on some specific areas), it is necessary to start from the bottom of the occipital area.

If your hair is very thick or very porous, the highlighting should be performed several times, cause the locks will be different in color otherwise. You should first highlight the hair of the occipital area, rinse out the hair dye and then repeat the process for the frontal zone. Each hair strand should be opened separately and rinsed out with clean water on the foil. It allows to avoid bleaching of the adjacent locks. Make sure that all the strands have been bleached for the same time period.

Barber profession

The art of hairdressing is very old and has its own history. Hair is a unique way to decorate the head. Beard and mustache are ancient symbols of wealth and masculinity. Nowadays, many people opt for a hairdresser career. Of course, true outstanding craftsmanship requires special training, hard work and years of experience, not to mention the natural talent. However, everyone can learn the basics of hairdressing craft if he really desires to. This kind of skill allows you to perform easy tasks, like cutting child’s, partner’s, friend’s hair. If you like what you do and perform really well, why not choose hairdressing as a career path? This will not only save some amount of money of the family budget (and hairdressing, as we know, is not very cheap). Successful career will provide you with extra income, which is always good.

The classic men’s haircut suits men of any age and status. There are many variants of this option, but the main features remain the same. Hair should be cut to an average length and combed from the face to the back of the head. With the help of hair styling can be done a strict and elegant, and even a little flirty. The classic style is considered as one of the best. It has proven to be timeless and extremely universal. It fits best for chic classy looks. Having classic hairdo is a guaranteed successful variant for almost every event. Combine it with casual clothes for a friend’s party or wear stylish suit for special ceremonial occasion. Don’t forget to consult with you friends or relatives to get a fresh opinion on how you look.

However, get ready to experiment a lot in order to find personally appealing hairdo. To always be in style, watch runway shows from time to time or read top men style bloggers. You will be inspired by the variety of ideas for your personal image and understand how designers work with tendencies in order to find something unique. Magazines provide you with interesting material too. Just learn to find inspiration around you. The process is real fun, so don’t limit yourself to one hairstyle. Vary it as often as you like.
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