Modern men's beard styles. The 8 Best Vacuum Clippers Beard Trimmers for Easy Clean Up!

Let’s admit it: cutting your hair with clippers, or trimming facial hair can get pretty messy. Twice so if you have curly hair or sport a longer hairstyle. Nice beard cuts.

Same applies if you’re one of those lucky guys with a mighty beard!

Vacuum clippers/trimmers address the issue of hair clutter piling up where you don’t need it. With them, your grooming sessions are quicker, more pleasant and a breeze, literally.

In a hurry? If you’re looking for the best vacuum clippers or the best vacuum beard trimmers value for the best price, I recommend:

However, I do encourage you to look through both our best vacuum clippers comparison tables and mini-reviews of all models in this top list.

Especially with best vacuum beard trimmers, there’s a huge difference between the Norelco 7200 and models like my older, non-vacuum 3500:

The undisputed king of clippers with vacuum, the Remington HC6550 excels in many areas. The first thing is the size of its vacuum compartment, considerably bigger than other models. You can expect best vacuum clippers to collect as much as 90% of leftover hair – even higher if you’re a buzz cut fan.

Yes, you’re still going to have to do some cleaning up after. But, it takes seconds to do when most of the hair has been sucked away into the vacuum clipper chamber. If you’ve ever gotten a hair splinter from having way too many stray hairs around then you will welcome the fact that 90% of them are already dealt with!

While a little bulky in its design, the HC6550 is made of tough plastic. Its black and blue body is very pleasant to the eye. Combined with the breeze of the vacuum function, it reminds me of an ocean’s beauty. The body of this Remington clippers with vacuum has a solid grip and scores high in terms of ergonomics.

Vacuum feature aside, what matters is that you get precise, clean cuts. The HC6550 has titanium-coated steel blades that improve on standard steel ones. You won’t be able to use it as a balding clipper, but for anything else you’ll get neat, close cuts with zero pulling.

This is one of the rare cordless vacuum clipper models out there. You can rely on the Lithium-Ion battery for up to an hour of solid cutting action. The recharge time is 4 hours, which is quite acceptable. Not only do you cut on clutter, but you can also do that wherever you wish, free of any cords.

If you will be cutting kids hair then this is really great to have. Kids can be very fidgety and look for any excuse to freak out. Having no cord that will get in their face will keep them calm. Combine that with no hair falling onto their nose or getting in their mouth and it could very well be the best clipper to cut kids hair.

As a finishing touch, the HC6550 comes with a 18-piece set for your perfect vacuum haircut. From guards (1″ to 1/8″) to ear tapers, styling combs, barber scissors…you have everything you need here. The definite winner among the best vacuum clippers.

The HKVAC2000A can be summed up as HC6550’s cheaper and less powerful version of the best vacuum clippers. While being a better budget option, this set of hair clippers with vacuum can’t be used cordless and its blades won’t cut as well. The HKVAC2000A also has a smaller vacuum compartment.

That said, the suction fan’s efficiency is quite high again, similar to the more expensive Remingtom vacuum cutter model. Featuring a once again elegant hard plastic design, this groomer is more lightweight with its half-transparent body. You can choose from a black/blue or white/gray versions – both are quite stylish.

While not titanium-coated, the HKVAC2000A stainless steel blades make it a great option for simple home haircuts. Short to medium hairstyles will be more than satisfied with this budget vacuum clipper. For longer hair, though, you might consider the HC6550.

Even with this more affordable option, Remington provides you with an 18-piece haircut kit again. It’s actually the same set of accessories you get with the more expensive HC6550 clippers with vacuum. Take your pick from barber scissors, 1/8″ to 1″ guides, tapers and many others to shape your perfect grooming style.

If you plan to cut your whole family’s hair then this is exactly what you need. Doing different lengths and styles is made much easier when you have all the tools you need for each different haircut at home.

One thing it is not quite good at is the clipper over comb haircut. Most DIYers without any professional experience probably won’t be doing this kind of cut. So keep in mind that the attachments will only make it possible to do short haircuts if you plan to only use the clipper for the whole cut. Otherwise it still works well for longer cuts if you are going to use scissors on the top.

With such customization included, this is your best bet for a budget Remington vacuum haircut kit amongst our best vacuum clippers.

Wahl’s offer here features a slightly different take on hair clippers with vacuum. The Professional vacuum actually comes with a hose you connect with the vacuum cleaner you have around at home. Sounds strange? Maybe. Yet this is a barber grade, extremely powerful vacuum hair cutter.

This model is somewhat based on Wahl’s Senior – a real powerhouse of a barber clipper. It features a V9000 electromagnetic motor, the brand’s most powerful one. You’ll easily get twice or thrice the power of the previous Remington models.

Are beards in style

That said, with the Wahl professional vacuum you also get a 1.3 lbs bulkier body that measures 6.5″. Significantly heavier than other groomers, it might not suit those who value more compact designs. It will, however, prove to be a great pick if you have a lengthier hairstyle, extremely thick hair or curly locks.

The #1005 stainless steel Wahl blade will not compromise in terms of precision and clean cuts. Same as the motor, it outshines other best vacuum clippers To supplement its high quality, the Wahl Senior vacuum clipper comes with 6 combs (1/8″ to 1″.)

Here’s the thing, though: Wahl’s system here might feel a bit unintuitive. The hose connecting to your vacuum cleaner might feel flimsy and require a more effort than other vacuum hair cutters. You are also limited to a corded-use only here.

If you’re looking for power and barber grade action in the best vacuum beard trimmers and clippers, though, this is your best option. A must have if you feel smaller vacuum compartments won’t catch the locks you’re about to chop.

If you have never used a clipper with a vacuum hose attached like this, it will take some getting used to. Until you do get used to it, then it will be quite awkward to use.

The hose is a bit on the rigid side of things and doesn’t stay out of the way easily.

It is worth putting up with if you hate sweeping up.

And it does save a ton of time in clean up since you won’t be sweeping. In essence this can actually make you more money as you spend less time cleaning and more time cutting hair.

Your customers will love not having hair fall on their collar and having them feel itchy all day.

The 3 best vacuum beard trimmers

Best Vacuum Clippers for Babies

Life Basis Wireless Kids Hair Clipper

Cutting a baby or toddler’s is one of the most challenging things you can do as a parent. And it isn’t as if it is any better letting the pros do it. In fact, some shops, like the one where I work won’t cut kids hair if they are less than two years old.

When they are really little you can’t reason with them or expect them to follow directions. Not just because they are stubborn or just don’t like getting their hair cut, but also because they forget that they should sit still. You can’t even get toddlers to sit still when they are watching a cartoon on their own nevermind getting a haircut!

This makes it pretty dangerous since you’re handling sharp objects and never know when they plan to move.

That’s why I think these vacuum clippers are great for using with little kids under two or three years old.

First, they are cordless. There is no cord to end up getting in the child’s face and set them off on a tantrum or decide that the haircut is over.

You can get about 45 minutes from a full charge before you need to recharge it. That should be several haircuts because I really don’t recommend taking more than 10 to 15 minutes per cut. This is to save your sanity and to reduce the chance of an accident as kids can’t really sit for longer than that.

Charging it is convenient as it can plug into any USB slot or a power adaptor. To get a full charge from a dead battery takes about three hours.

It really gives a good haircut. First, it does a great job at cutting those thin wispy hairs of a toddler or baby. The blades are really sharp, but they have sort of a buffer so it will never nick the skin or even feel uncomfortable for the baby.

Then it has some plastic comb attachments to vary the length. You can do a regular tapered haircut with the only the clippers eliminating the need to bring sharp scissors into the equation.

All of the combs are two sided so you have two different length available on the same attachment. This makes it very convenient since you won’t have to go looking around for the next size up. All you have to do is flip it over.

The shortest will leave it either 1mm or 9mm. The next one up has one side at 3mm and the other at 6mm and finally one that goes from 9mm to 12mm.

Without the combs it goes down to 0.5mm which is pretty much bald.

Mens short beards

The blade itself, besides being strong ceramic that stays sharp pretty much forever, is really wide. At 32mm it makes quick work of the child’s haircut by cutting wide swaths of hair. Anything that speeds up the process is always welcome!

Now the best part is that the hair all gets sucked into the chamber so it isn’t falling on baby and getting them irritated.

The chamber is quite large so it can handle a lot of hair before it needs to be emptied. The one downside is that it is hard to empty the chamber without making a mess. The plastic body attracts static electricity so the hair tends to stick to the inside of the body when you try to dump it. It comes with a small brush to help push the hair out, but honestly it is kind of a chore getting it all out.

Aside from that, I think this quiet, comfortable and easy to use clippers are perfect for any household with little children.

Though it isn’t quite at the same level as the Life Basis it has one big advantage in that it is waterproof so cleaning it up after is way easier. There is nothing to fuss with. Just run it under a faucet and it only takes seconds to clean.

If you’re looking for a professional vacuum beard trimmer, it doesn’t get any better than the QT4070/41. Sure, it’s more expensive than the other two models I’ll introduce to you. However, you receive a full suite of features for truly deluxe grooming sessions.

Let’s start with the important part: the trimmer lengths. This Norelco beard trimmer with vacuum comes with 18 settings, starting from 1/32″ (1mm) to 23/32″ (18mm.) It’s perfect for anything from 5 o’clock shadows to more substantial beards, all along with mustache or sideburn grooming.

The Norelco vacuum trimmer features two combs: your basic stubble comb and a more sophisticated “contour following” comb. The latter follows the curves of your face for neater trims that save time and are way more efficient. QT4070/41 also has self-sharpening steel blades that will last you a long time without the need to oil them.

Here’s one of the best things about this luxury model that makes it to our list of the best vacuum clippers: not only is it cordless, but it also has two operation modes. The Turbo power boost button will net you more professional trims and will increase the fan speed of the vacuum function. If you have thicker facial hair this is a godsend that will simply make your grooming sessions way quicker and pleasant.

The Lithium-ion battery will run for a spectacular 75 minutes and will charge in only one hour. Note that if you use the Turbo function you’ll get up to 50 minutes of cordless vacuum trimming. A display will both indicate the battery life remaining and your picked trimmer length.

Where the model falls short is the door holding the beard trims: it feels flimsy and not that well constructed. You should be careful when opening/closing it. The flexible trimmer combs also need attention – be careful not to push on them while shaving. Otherwise you’ll get a closer trim than the one you’ve set.

These design issues put aside, the QT4070/41 is the most luxurious way to grab the best vacuum clippers for your grooming needs.

Another Norelco contestant, the 7200 series hair trimmer with vacuum is a great balance between affordable prices and optimal performance amongst the best vacuum clippers. Its body is a bit lighter than the QT4070/41 – 0.9 lbs compared to the latter’s 1 lbs. The model also features a very elegant chrome finish I like a lot.

One of the most important things I want to point out here is the 7200’s blades. They are the best option if you have sensitive skin. Self-sharpening for easy maintenance, they are way more gentle than other vacuum beard trimmer models.

When it comes to settings, the Norelco 7200 has 20 length adjustments: from 0.5mm to 10mm. The increments here are closer than the QT4070/41 so it really depends on what you want to achieve with it. The model comes with beard comb and precision trimmer, as well as two additional combs for detailing (at 3mm and 5mm.)

I especially like the precision trimmer feature as it allows for cleaner edge work and finer details. Overall, this Norelco vacuum beard trimmer is exceptional at shaping goatees, sideburns and 5 o’clocks. Outlining a spectacular mustache is also quite an easy job.

The vacuum function is supplemented by the washable heads of the Norelco 7200. You also get up to 80 minutes of Lithium-ion battery on one hour of charging, slightly more than the QT4070/41. An orange indicator will let you know when the battery’s running low.

That said, this Norelco vacuum trimmer doesn’t have a Turbo mode. In addition, it might feel a bit clumsier to empty the trimmings with this model. You have to remove the comb, remove the cutting head and then sweep the collected hair out. Once again the plastic guards also leave some things to be desired.

All said and done, however, the Norelco 7200 beard trimmer with vacuum is the best meeting point of a good price and versatile, quality operation. Perfect for general uses with a slight professional twist to them, and that’s why it’s on our list of best vacuum clippers.

Considerably cheaper than its Norelco counterparts, the VPG6530 still offers you great grooming options. While bulkier than the previous models with its 1.2 lbs, it comes with Remington’s trademark innovative ideas.

The VPG6530 beard trimmer with vacuum is actually a 4-in-1 grooming tool. You can use it as a beard trimmer, nose and ear hair trimmer, a foil shaver, or a detailer trimmer. Quite the suite of uses considering its humble pricing point.

Male beard

In terms of lengths, the adjustable settings go from 2mm to 16mm here. You also get 4 clip on combs at 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm and 9mm to supplement the built-in trimmer lengths. Not as customizable as the Norelco offers, yet plenty of sizes for you to pick from.

Once again, you have a cordless beard trimmer with vacuum function. The VPG6530 doesn’t reach the Norelco’s long charges, but you’ll still get up to an hour of wireless trimming action. It shouldn’t be a problem even if you want to perform more detailed work on your facial hair.

To some extent, the Remington vacuum trimmer is a bit easier to clean, which is why it makes it to our list of the best vacuum beard trimmers. The detachable hair chamber goes off with just a click, unlike the more complicated Norelco 7200 series one. That said, this model does get noisier than some other best vacuum clippers.

Once again you’ll encounter the infamous plastic guard problem, unfortunately. The guide attachments are the Remington groomer’s weak spot, as they feel flimsy. They don’t suit the otherwise pretty great performance considering the VPG6530’s price.

Some shortcomings aside, this is without a doubt your cheapest ticket to a quality vacuum trimming experience. Considering this model’s customization, you can really perform a lot of tasks…without spending too much cash to do so.

Vimdiff Nose Hair Trimmer with Vacuum

You can even avoid clean up when you are trimming your nose hair thanks to the vacuum technology that has found its way to these handy tools.

Now, there isn’t a ton of hair that gets all over the place when you trim your nose hairs, but enough to be annoying.

Now you can trim up and not need to worry about standing directly over the sink.

They are even waterproof so you can rinse out both the hair trimmings chamber or the blade to wash away any nasty bits that might have stuck around.

In addition to the convenience, they are very quiet. Even with a powerful motor that rotates at 6500 RPM. If you have an en suite bathroom and worry about waking your partner while you do your personal manscaping, then these won’t disturb anybody.

And they can even be used on eyebrows, speaking of manscaping.

Since it has a vacuum and you don’t have to bother with any clean up afterward, there is no reason not to use these. It is so quick to just grab it and trim that your nose hairs only need a few seconds to get back on track.

Final Thoughts

A lot of times we think we will do something ourselves to save money or time. Then that thing ends up taking more time and effort than we thought it would and end up not doing it often enough to either save the time or money we wanted.

Cutting your own hair at home or the hair of your family and friends is a great example. You buy a good set of hair clippers and you cut your hair and then you’re faced with the clean up.

This takes way more time than you thought it would and not only that, you are finding hair for days that just seems to keep popping up.

You hardly ever cut your hair anymore after that so you essentially wasted your money on those clippers.

Which is why having vacuum clippers and trimmers is such a great idea. Once you eliminate the hassle of cleaning up, then you end up using them all the time. You save money, time and headache and they end up paying for themselves!

If you need to know more about these clippers then just drop a note below and I will get back to you ASAP!
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