Best beard hairstyles. 10 Best Professional Hair Clippers Trimmers for Barbers Updated November 2019

The best professional hair clippers for barbers and stylists include a few key features. First, you’ll want a powerful motor. Second, it’s important to have the right accessories. Lastly, you’ll want a clipper or trimmer with a sharp blade. Nice beard cuts.

Most barbers need more than one set of clippers to get them through the day. Every customer has unique hair. It might be thick and curly, thin and fine, or balding. Whether it’s fades or blends or balding cuts, there’s a set of clippers that will work in that situation.

To be successful as a barber, you need the right tools. Experienced stylists and barbers know that their clippers are the life of their work. A barber’s clippers have to be the best. The trimmers and clippers have to be reliable and durable to last for years, too.

Best Barber Clippers & Professional Trimmers – Comparison Table

Top 10 Professional Barber Clippers and Trimmers Reviews

The Magic Clip has the ability to be corded or cordless. The lithium-ion battery holds the charge for 90 minutes. The beauty of the Magic is that it doesn’t need to be fully charged before being used. Use it either corded or cordless depending on your needs at the moment.

It’s a lightweight clipper that weighs approximately 10 ounces. That amount of weight shouldn’t be a burden in the hand when cutting hair for hours at a time. The Magic measures around 6 inches long. The dimensions of the clipper make it comfortable in the professional’s hand.

Included in the kit are attachment combs for providing customers with any length haircut they could want. The combs range from 1/8

of an inch to 1 inch. There’s the 3 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm, and 25 mm.

Along with the attachments, the clipper set comes with oil for maintaining the device in the best shape possible. A cleaning brush will remove hairs from clogging the blades. That’s included with the clipper, too.

The best thing about the Magic Clip is the fact that it’s cord/cordless cutting option is so versatile. While you’re working, you can plug in the device or remove the cord for the best movement possible.

While it has a variety of combs, you can also use the taper lever on the device. It is a no-fuss way to get a great fade for your clients. Blending is much easier with the lever, too. It beats having to stop and change out to a comb midway through the haircut.

This is a professional-grade device that offers experts the performance they need for client work. It has a rotary motor that stays cooler longer. The rotary motor is one of the best kinds for professionals who need to rely on the clipper throughout their day.

The blades of the Magic Clip are incredibly sharp. If you plan on using the device without a guard, you’re going to have to be careful. Professionals have experience to cut hair without the guard. You will have to be extremely thoughtful and easy when cutting your hair this way.

The Classic 76 has a comfortable handle that will fit in the hand without producing hand fatigue. It has a durable housing that won’t break. The handle is textured for an extra-secure grip, too.

As far as the weight and feel of this clipper, it’s pretty substantial. It comes in at around 1.7 pounds. It’s long at 7 inches, too. The weight and length can make the clippers feel luxurious and expensive. The cord of the Classic 76 is extra long at 9 feet, too.

This corded clipper is meant to remind you of classic clippers you might have seen in the barbershops of your youth. It’s a classic design that will make you feel nostalgic for the neighborhood shop. There’s a powerful motor inside the durable case, too. It’s noisy, and that actually helps bring you back to the old clippers back in the day.

The clippers come with two blades; the #000 and the #1. The #000 is for leaving hair at 0.5 mm and the #1 will give you 2.4 mm. Oil and grease for maintaining your clippers are included in the box. It comes with a guard and cleaning brush, too.

The Classic looks like a classic. It’s a vintage-inspired design in appearance. It also behaves like clippers back in the days of your youth. The substantial buzz of the clippers will feel like a roar of love. The case is incredibly durable and has a textured grip for easy handling.

Included in the box are two blades. They will cut at different lengths, but they’re both extremely sharp. Even wet hair isn’t a problem for these blades. The heavy-duty motor helps the blades work through thick, wet hair quite easily, too.

The power cord is longer than most standard cords. With 9 feet of cord, you can easily move around your clients. You won’t feel held back by the cord. Everything about this clipper makes it great for dealing with clients.

The motor operates as if it were a vintage machine. It has incredible power, but unfortunately, it can heat up very quickly, too. You’ll need to keep spray on hand if you’re handling clients back to back.

This clipper is great for precision trimming. The T-blade has fine teeth for cutting very close to the skin. It’s perfect for edging in small areas like behind the ears. The blade’s fine teeth are ideal for professionals who want to give their customers stylish haircuts.

Fades and designs are easy for this trimmer. The trimmer can be used for neck cleanups, lining and edging beards and mustaches, and outlining. Precision work is what the T-Outliner does best. You can get as artistic as you want with this trimmer.

The blades are made from carbon steel. Carbon steel is a lot harder than stainless steel. Many hunting blades are made from carbon steel because they are more durable. They also give more precise cuts. Carbon steel blades in the trimmer will hold a razor-sharp edge for longer, too.

The trimmer runs an electromagnetic motor that will keep the machine from getting too hot. It’s cool during long runs and from one customer to the next. It’s also whisper quiet. You’ll be able to have conversations with your clients while you’re giving them a clean, precise trim.

The carbon-steel blades are a huge plus. They’ll stay sharp for a long time. That’ll save you money when you don’t have to replace the blades very often. The fine-cutting teeth of the T-Outliner allow for precision cuts in areas like behind the ears and around a beard.

This is a trimmer that will fit in the hand very comfortably. When you’re edging or outlining, a steady hand is key. That’s possible with the cool device that won’t overheat, too. You won’t have to worry about burning your hand with this trimmer.

As a corded trimmer, this one has an 8-foot cord. It won’t keep you locked down to a small area. You’ll be able to move from one side of your client to the other without a problem.

The carbon-steel blades need regular care to ensure they don’t rust. Regular maintenance is important to the health and longevity of the trimmer.

The Balding Clipper from Wahl is a professional-grade clipper. It has a magnetic motor that is more powerful and faster than pivot motors. The electromagnetic motor doesn’t overheat. It will get warm, but you can use it for hours on all your clients.

As far as the blades, that’s where the magic is. The clipper provides a close cut that’s as close to a shave as you can get without a razor. It seamlessly blends bald and fades together. That’s perfect for anyone who is balding to get a really close cut. It’s also great for anyone who wants a really close cut with their haircut.

The teeth of the clipper are rounded to avoid scratching the skin. You can get super close without irritation. That’s important for people with sensitive skin. As a professional, you should assume that everyone has sensitive skin. That assumption will ensure you don’t scratch anyone. The blades are made of titanium, so they’ll last for a very long time, too.

In the box with the clipper, you’ll find attachments, adapter, oil, and cleaning brush. The comb attachments are 1.5 mm and 4.5 mm. There’s also a blade guard. The clipper is solid weighing 1 pound and measuring 6.25 inches long.

Beard short styles

The titanium blades will be gentle against sensitive skin. The tops of the cutting teeth are smooth and easy on the skin. They’re also made to last for a very long time. You won’t have to worry about replacement blades.

The attachments will give you the flexibility to perform many types and styles of haircuts. They work with a variety of hair types, too. The device itself is solid in your hand without being overwhelming. It’ll stay cool longer, too. That will increase your comfort level while working with clients all day.

Attached to this device is an 8-foot cord. It’s long enough to ensure that you’ll be able to work around your client. They won’t need to move at all while you give them the best haircut they’ve ever had.

This is a great clipper for professionals. Home users might find that the clippers are too sharp. That can be due to the fact that they’re not experienced in using professional-grade clippers. It requires more care than some other clippers.

The Fast Feed has a pivot motor that provides a powerful cut without generating a ton of heat. The motor is slower than other types like rotary motors. Still, it’s terrific for professionals or home users.

These clippers come with 4 guides for cutting all different hair lengths. There is one for 1/4” cuts, 3/8” cuts, 1/2” cuts, and one for blending. The tines of the guide are wide enough apart for hair of any consistency, too. There’s also a blade guard included.

Inside the kit are other accessories you’ll need for a complete haircut and maintenance after. There’s a cleaning brush and lubricating oil. After every customer, the clipper should be maintained to keep it in the best shape. Don’t forget to sanitize the clippers after each client.

A professional will spend hours holding a set of clippers. They should be lightweight and ergonomic. That’s the case with these clippers. The handle is slim enough to help you avoid hand and arm discomfort. The clippers are solid and hefty, so they feel substantial in your hand, too.

One of the first noticeable positives about these clippers is the fact that it’s corded. That helps the barber work non-stop without worrying that the device might run out of power. The cord isn’t a hindrance. It’s 8 feet long, so you’ll be able to move all around your client without a problem.

What’s really impressive about these clippers are the attachments. The guides have wide tines that work with all lengths, styles, and consistency of hair. All hair types can be cut with these guides even if the hair is incredibly curly or dense.

The pivot motor is very quiet, too. When you’re cutting hair all day, that constant loud buzzing can actually impact your hearing. It keeps you from getting to know your clients while you’re servicing them, too.

There’s no storage case for holding the guide combs and the clipper itself.

There’s much to talk about with this device. It comes with interchangeable heads that give you a huge amount of flexibility. There’s a detailed shaver head, rotary head, detail, and T-blade head. On the facial grooming side, there is also a nose and ear hair trimmer.

The T-blade is self sharpening. It’ll last for a very long time. The technology is why the Wahl brand has been around for decades. The unique self sharpening blades will ensure that you’re taking care of every client. You’ll never worry about blades that tug or nick the client’s skin.

Included in the box are 4 facial guide combs; 1/8”, 1/16”, 3/16”, and 5/16”. There are also 8 guides for cutting hair, too. The smallest is 1/8” and the longest is 1”. In between, there is a 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, and 7/8”.

This is a cordless device that uses a lithium-ion battery. The power charger works globally, so you can take this anywhere. The one-hour charge gives you a full 4 hours of use time. If you run out of battery charge unexpectedly, you can charge for a minute to get a quick 3 minutes.

You can groom your beard, shave your head, or give a client the best haircut of their lives with this. The clippers are also trimmers and a shaver. Professionals will be delighted to have a powerful device that gives an all-over grooming to clients.

The stainless steel body is sleek and stylish. It’s slim and won’t cause any kind of discomfort when held for a few hours. It’s lightweight while also being incredibly sturdy and durable, too.

The fact that it’s cordless means that you have the ability to move freely while cutting. Cordless usually means that you run the risk of losing the charge in the middle of a client’s haircut. This one provides a long run time with a minimal amount of charging. If you get stuck, a quick one-minute charge will get your client finished and out the door happy.

The guides don’t always sit correctly on the device. It might take some wiggling to seat it firmly.

Wahl really packed in tons of accessories for this grooming kit. It has a powerful motor and everything you need to perform any kind of haircut wanted. It’s good for professionals as well as home use.

There are 10 combs included with this clipper. The sizes included are 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, 22 mm, and 25 mm. Each comb has highly visible numbers, so you’ll know the size at a quick glance. They are made with metal parts to ensure they snap into place and stay there, too.

Other features include a taper lever right on the case. It’s corded to provide incredible power all the time. There’s a cape in the box as well as styling shears and a brush to keep the blades clean. The blades are self sharpening, so you don’t have to buy blades for a long time.

All of those accessories will fit in the hard case that Wahl has provided. There’s also a nylon bag to keep all the combs in one place. If you happen to travel with your tools, the case is sturdy and strong. Definitely durable for travel.

Of course, the best part of the Elite Pro is the sheer amount of accessories in the kit. There are many comb attachments for all kinds of haircuts. Each of the combs have easy to read letters and numbers. You’ll be able to see the sizes at a glance.

Those combs have stainless steel attachment points that won’t break easily. It’ll join them securely to the clippers. The tines of the combs are wide enough for all kinds of hair types, too.

Another great feature is the self sharpening blades. You won’t have to worry about replacement blades for a long time. As long as you care for your blades, they’ll last a while. Wahl also includes a cleaning brush and oil for maintaining the blades.

The clipper can overheat when used more than approximately 30 minutes. It’s best to have a cooling spray on hand for that very reason.

The Super Taper II has a more advanced electromagnetic motor. The v5000 motor is made to run faster than standard electromagnetic motors. This gives it the ability to perform a variety of haircuts from fades to tapering to blends. It’s meant to perform well with all kinds of hair types.

It comes with 8 combs for all hair lengths. They include 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, and 1” combs. The combs are fun colors that will help you see the size you need without pausing during a haircut.

These clippers are part of the commercial line of devices from Wahl. Everything about these clippers and the accessories are meant to make a professional’s job much easier. The combs are color-coded for easy identification. The motor is powerful for all hair types even thick or curly hair.

Chin beard styles

At 1 pound in weight, the device is sturdy and feels incredibly powerful. It’s 6.25” long and has an 8-foot power cord. Some home users might like a cordless unit, but professionals can work with a corded device better. It’ll never run out of power in the middle of servicing a client.

This device doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s a functional clipper with incredible power. The v5000 motor is faster than a traditional magnetic motor. It’ll move cleanly and smoothly through all hair types without a hitch.

Color-coded combs help a professional identify the combs he or she needs at a quick glance. As you’re doing a fade, you will instantly grab the comb required. It’ll make you faster as a professional with a steady stream of clients.

The device comes with a cleaning brush and oil, so you can maintain the clipper’s blades. Regular maintenance ensures that you don’t have to buy replacement blades for a good long while.

The strong motor vibrates enough that non-professionals might have a problem with the sensation. It can be a bit loud for some people.

These clippers are adjustable between 000 and 1 with a simple lever. This brings the clippers from a coarse length to a fine length with a flip of the switch. It’s in a spot that’s easily accessible with your thumb while in use. It’s great for tapering hair styles.

The magnetic motor is incredibly strong and powerful. It provides 14,000 strokes per minute. That magnetic motor sits behind an aluminum case. The case is lightweight while being virtually unbreakable. You don’t have to worry about this falling out of your hand and breaking.

The clipper is hefty and durable. It’s light in your hand while being ergonomic. You can use this for hours without getting hand or arm cramps. At the same time, it doesn’t feel too light or cheaply made.

The blade is made of carbon steel. This material is one of the strongest, and it’s used for hunting blades as well as kitchen knives. That’s because it will cut without losing its edge. For you, that means that the blades won’t need to be sharpened or replaced for a long time.

The best part of these clippers is the housing. It’s a lightweight aluminum that won’t break. It’s bound to happen that you’ll drop your clippers at some point. This device won’t break apart and become bits of broken plastic. They are virtually unbreakable and look sleek and stylish, too.

While the clippers will heat up, it’s easy to cool the aluminum housing. Every salon or barber shop should have spray to reduce the heat in their clippers. The device will respond quickly to the cooling spray due to the metal case.

The clippers are manufactured with an aluminum case and carbon-steel blades. These are materials that will last for a long time compared to some other devices. They’re made with plastic pieces.

The clippers don’t come with any combs. You’ll need to purchase combs separately.

Wahl’s professional line of devices includes this Senior Clipper. It has a v9000 electromagnetic motor. It’s powerful while being cooler as it runs. Standard electromagnetic clippers are not as fast as this one.

Professionals enjoy the sleek metal casing on the clipper. It’s more durable than plastic casings. At some point, the clippers will fall from your hand or off the table. It won’t be a broken plastic mess on the floor when that happens. The metal ensures it’ll stay intact.

The device is substantial in your hand, too. It’s sleek and won’t heat up like some other clippers. It’s ergonomic and won’t be a burden when you have to hold it all day. Barbers will be holding their clippers all day, and even at 1 pound, these are a comfortable weight.

They come with 3 attachment combs for different lengths of haircuts. Fades and blends can be done with these attachments. There’s also a cleaning brush, oil, and a red blade guard. The cleaning brush and oil helps you to keep the clippers in the best shape possible.

The best part of these clippers is the fact that the housing is made of metal. No matter how careful you are with the clippers, they will fall. Customers can bump it from the table, or your grip is lost due to movement. Whatever the reason, the clippers won’t break.

It’s easy to cool down the metal when the clippers start to get warm, too. The metal easily translates the cooling to the motor inside. The metal will feel comfortable and easily manipulated while you’re cutting, too. Flipping the clippers around while servicing customers is how you get the best results.

You’ll get all the accessories you need with this kit. There are 3 attachments to deliver 3 different lengths. It’ll allow you to perform tight fades and blends easily. The motor can provide heavy-duty cutting for all kinds of hairstyles for all types of hair.

This device can be quite loud for those who buy them for home use. Professionals using them in a salon will understand that clippers can be buzzy.

Personal Clipper vs Professional Clipper

There are differences when it comes to at-home clippers or professional clippers. First, professional clippers can be a bit more complicated. The barber or stylist clipping hair in a salon is an experienced user. They understand the various buttons and settings that are needed for their customers’ unique needs.

Clippers for home use will not require a secondary education to operate. At the same time, you might need to gain some basic knowledge to use them properly. Still, the clippers will be easy to figure out and simple to use.

Second, the styling that can be achieved with a professional-grade set of clippers is higher. The professional has a variety of customers coming into the shop. With this in mind, they need a set of clippers versatile enough to deliver complex styles.

That’s not required for home use. When a person is cutting their hair at home, he likely won’t need complexity or versatility.

Lastly, the cost of personal clippers and professional clippers vary widely. Personal clippers are not as expensive because you’re not getting the same degree of difficulty and versatility. Professional clippers come with more settings and attachments, so they cost more.

While they cost a bit more, you’re getting a great value for the money. It shouldn’t be the only consideration, but you often know that you’re getting a good pair of professional clippers due to the price.

Considerations When Choosing the Best Professional Hair Clipper

The professional clippers are going to be an investment in your career. It shouldn’t be the least expensive clippers on the market. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive, either. The cost of the clippers should be comparable to other professional clippers.

Weight and Ergonomics

When a professional barber and stylist is working all day, they need a lightweight device. It should fit comfortably in his or her hand, too. Professionals will find themselves with hand cramps and pain at the end of the long day without a light, ergonomic clipper.

The power of the device is a big consideration. A professional needs a powerful pair of clippers for a cleaner cut, better cutting overall, and faster styles. With a shop full of customers, you can’t be held back with weak clippers.


Professional clippers used in salons and barber shops have to be reliable. A pair of clippers that break down are not going to allow you to conduct business. Disappointed customers are not going to be helpful to your business, either.

Cool beard cuts


There are options like stainless steel or ceramic blades for clippers. Stainless steel blades are usually self sharpening and last a long time. Ceramic are incredibly sharp, but need to be maintained regularly to stay sharp. These are things to consider before your purchase.


Along with reliability, performance is key to a great set of professional hair clippers. They should cut smoothly. Clippers should provide a solid experience for the user as well as your customers. The experience should exceed your high expectations.

The motor you choose for your next clipper should provide power without overheating. One of the best kinds of motors for clippers are the rotary motors. There are magnetic and pivot motors, too, but they’re not as good for professional clippers. Rotary motors work slow but provide incredible power. That’s vital for all kinds of hair types.


Comb attachments and guards are just two of the attachments you might need for your clippers. If you don’t purchase them with your clippers, you’ll likely have to buy them separately. That can increase the overall price of the clippers in the long run.

How Professionals Keep Clippers in Good Shape for Years

Maintain Regularly

A professional set of clippers can be a bit more expensive than the cheaper home use ones. Although professional clippers can be more expensive, they will last a long time with regular maintenance. It’s important that you make time for routine tasks that will extend the life of your clippers.

Blade Cleaning

For hygiene reasons, you’ll want to remove hair and dirt from the blades of the clippers after each use. The clipper set that you choose will likely have a stiff brush and cleaning kit included. If not, you should certainly purchase your own kit for keeping the blades pristine.

Hair, dirt, and oil can become gritty. That grittiness can actually damage the blades. At the very least, it’ll dull the blades. Dull blades can become a huge problem when taking care of your customers.

Blade Alignment

Before each day, it’s good to check the alignment of the clipper’s blades. A crooked blade can cause nicks and cuts on your customers. They won’t come back to you if they are in pain from the clipper.

Hold the blade sideways and look down the length to ensure it’s straight. You are also looking for parts of the clipper blade that stick out from the rest. In case you see any parts that need alignment, have a screwdriver handy. It’s easy to loosen the screws and align the blade.

Attachment Washing

This can be done at the same time as cleaning the blades. The guards and combs that are attached to your clipper can become dirty and oily. It’s vital that you clean each guard after use. You don’t want to transfer dirt and oil from one person to the next. It’s unhygienic.

All you need to clean the attachments is a soap to remove the oils. Once they’re clean, lay them out to dry. They can be air-dried, or you can use a soft, clean cloth to remove the water.

Oiling the Clippers

After cleaning the blades and the attachments of dirt and oil, you want to oil the blades. This isn’t the oil you’ll get from the hair of your customers. This kind of oil will keep the blades working beautifully.

Every time you use the clippers, they should be oiled. The oil can often be included in the kit, or bought separately. Even if your clippers don’t come with oil, that doesn’t mean it isn’t required. Place oil on each end of the blade as well as the middle. Start the clippers and let them run to spread the oil. Use a cloth to remove extra oil.

Keeping the Motor Cool

Salons and barber shops should be keeping spray on hand to cool down the motor of the clippers. Spraying the clippers to cool them will prolong the lift of the clippers. It’ll also keep your customers from getting burnt.

The spray has a few benefits. It’ll keep your hand cool as well as protecting the clippers from rust. Spray can disinfect the clippers between customers, too. Overall, the life of your clippers require you to spray regularly to maintain them.

New Blades

New, replacement blades aren’t regular maintenance, but it’s vital for a great haircut. If you’re washing and oiling your clippers, you won’t need to worry about replacements for a long time. Still, you’ll need to change the blades when they aren’t cutting as well as before.

Keep a spare blade on hand in case you find that you need one. You never know when you might drop the clipper. Damage to the teeth due to accident or normal wear means you can’t use the clippers until you get a new blade.

Is a Professional Hair Clipper Good for Home Use?

There are many clippers for casual users who want a good trim at home between salon or barber visits. If you want to be able to ditch the salon, you can invest in a professional clipper. It’ll give you more options and accessories than the at-home versions.

You might need to brush up on how to use them properly. It’ll take some time to learn how to cut hair like a pro, but it’s certainly possible with a professional hair clipper.

The professional hair clipper will have many things that you need to give a great haircut. Items like a cleaning brush, ergonomic grip, lightweight handle, and maintenance oil keep the machine in the best shape possible.

Should Professionals Use Corded or Cordless Clippers?

Corded clippers have a few advantages over cordless versions. Clippers that are battery operated will usually come with a charging base. An indicator on the handle will let you know how much battery life you have left. You’ll need to keep an eye on that before starting your customer’s haircut.

Unfortunately, a cordless clipper won’t last an entire day. At most, you’ll have 2 to 3 hours of juice for all your clients. A cut won’t take long, but if you have a busy place of business, you’ll never get through the day without a charge.

Corded clippers don’t have the same flexibility as cordless. It can be a little awkward to work around a cord while trimming a customer’s hair. Most professionals don’t have a serious problem when they have experience with corded devices.

A corded clipper will never run out of juice in the middle of a haircut. You could cut hair all day long without pause. All you need is some cooling spray to give haircut after haircut without worry.


The best professional hair clippers are ones that have a powerful motor. The clippers will most likely have a cord or a technologically advanced battery. It should have accessories like combs for all kinds of hairstyles.

Barbers and stylists will want the best professional barber clippers. We have provided 10 of the best for your review. They all have something special about them that make the clippers a valuable asset for your salon.
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