Beast beard styles. 35 Staggering Beard Styles To Complement Your Look In 2019

A Beard Only Makes Things Better!

In men’s fashion, a beard is nothing but a signature that a man puts to make his style complete. As a symbol of pure masculinity, this facial hairstyle has been popular with men of different lifestyles, evolving and getting more diverse with the time. In fact, there isn’t a man who would look bad with a beard. On the contrary, there’s a great variety of facial hairstyles to choose from so that every man can find his own unique style finish. Amazing beard styles.

Whether you’ve already let your facial hair grow wild or are thinking about it, you will find today’s ideas super inspiring. Besides spectacular long and edgy short styles, the most iconic facial styles spotted on famous men with beards are waiting for you. Dive in!

When Does A Beard Look Good?

The History Of Beard Styles

Beards, being the oldest style detail, have walked through many different places and epochs to become what we see and wear today.

In Ancient times, when people couldn’t even dream about a razor, men would pluck their facial hair with improvised sharp tools. In Egypt, a the facial hairstyle was a symbol of connection with gods, and the Royalty would wear a postiche, metallic beards.

Latest men beard style

As for Ancient Greece, beards were thought to be a sign of puberty. And, let’s don’t forget that barbarians from Northern Europe, such as Vikings and Lombards had long beards, too.

Afterward, since the 18th century, the image of long beards has been associated with Russian culture.

Short Beard Styles

Short beards, whatever they are, are designed to give a neat and sophisticated finish to their wearers. While being pretty short facial styles, they give a lot of character and individuality. Once your hair is no longer than 2 inches down the chin, you are ready to give a shot to one of our awesome ideas.

Different type of shaving style

Circle Beard

Goatee Beard

Scruff Beard


Simple Yet Short

Prominent Definition

Full Beard Styles

It’s no secret that full beard styles are a huge commitment that requires patience and passion that go hand in hand. Needless to say, they’re worth it.

Long Beard

Trimmed Beard With Long Mustache

Viking Beard

Red Beard

Mustache + Medium Beard

Spiked Locks And Sexy Stubble

Short Textured Beard

Beard Styles Ideas Rocked By Celebrities

What distinguishes actors with beards from actors without them? The great visual impact brought to their appearance, of course. This facial hairstyle can change one’s life for the better, and male celebrities know that like no one else.

The Royale Beard

Balbo Beard

The Short Beard

The Beardstache

Full Stubble

The Short Boxed Beard

The 3-Day Stubble Beard

Corporate Beard

Bold And Thick

Prominent Goatee

Heavy Eyebrows And Stubble Beard

Masculine And Simple

Naturally Full Fledged

Long Hair Short Beard

Full-Length Beard + Long Hair

Shadow Beard + Edgy Hairstyle

Patchy Beard + Short Spikes

Gray Beard And Spiky Hairstyle

Full Beard + Medium Wavy Hair

Buzz Cut And Goatee Beard

Some call it facial hair, and we call it awesomeness that escapes through a man’s face. Having seen our beard styles pictures, you’ve got to know the variety of options you can play around with. And if you still have doubts, lets us tell you something. Beards don’t make a man smarter; smart men just grow them.

Latest hair and beard style 2016
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