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Goatee is a facial hair style which is grown mainly on the chin below the lower lip. Pictures of goatees without mustache. Mustache goatee styles.

To be precise, the width of the goatee beard is the same as the width of our mouth. Since the beard style represents the chin of a goat, the term ‘Goatee’ has emerged.

However, there is also a debate among different people whether to call it a goatee or van dyke. Even the US president ‘Abraham Lincoln’ used to shave his beard into a goatee style at different occasions.

These days, a lot of men are trying to live a fashionable lifestyle by enhancing their style quotient.

Sporting a cool beard style has become a passion and the Goatee beard styles have been trending a lot now. The goatee beard is directly connected to the shape of our face and so if you copy the same style of another person, then you may end up having a unmatched facial hair style.

So, I’ve updated a few pictures of Goatee styles which might help you figure the best beard style that fits your face perfectly.

Historical moustaches

Best Goatee Styles You Should Try

#1.Original Goatee

The Original version of the Goatee style doesn’t include a mustache. If you grow a mustache along with the beard, then it is called as Full goatee. So, in order to get the pure or original look, you should grow a small chin beard under the lip and shave the mustache and jawline.

Hottest beard styles

This is often referred as the classic goatee and most people mistake it as the original version as it is more popular than the pure goatee. In this goatee style, you basically grow a beard under the chin, a mustache that continuous down and joins with the beard. In this type, the facial hair should be thick like the one shown in the picture.

#3.Pretty Boy

This is same as the full goatee, except that the hair is considerably trimmed. Rest of the styling should be followed to the core.

#4.Landing Strip

Out of the Goatee beard styles, this one is very easy to maintain. All you have to do is shave your mustache & jawline and just grow a little hair aka landing strip vertically down to your chin.

We’ve talked many things about the Van dyke beard style, which became popular, all thanks to Hugh Jackman. It is a combination of a mustache, sout patch and chin goatee. However, the only thumb rule is that these parts should be connected to one another. This makes the small gaps go unnoticed.


This is the thicker version of the Van dyke, where the mustache is thicker and the chin goatee is grown way below the usual style. The whole look resembles an anchor and hence the name.

Few Other Goatee Style Ideas to Consider

How to Style a Goatee?

First, ensure that your skin and the beard are all dry.

How to style facial hair

Set the beard trimmer settings to 5mm and trim the beard & mustache evenly.

Depending on the goatee beard style you’ve selected, just follow the pattern by removing the rest of the beard and mustache (print the pictures & keep it infront of you for reference)

Now, your goatee is ready. But, that’s not the end of it. You’ll need to maintain your goatee often. Remember to trim just your goatee and shave the rest of the beard to make it look clean.

If you’re still worried about getting the right goatee style, this goatee shaving template will come handy. It is available on

Lastly, remember that just because a beard style is popular doesn’t mean it suits all men. So, only pick the goatee styles that best suit your facial structure and maintain it neatly. If you don’t take care of your beard, then it looks fussy.

Do you have anything to say about these Goatee facial hairstyles? Please leave your comments below.

Very short beard styles


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