Mens thadi style. What are the top beard styles trending in 2018

The trends of men’s beard styles are grooming and becoming more pervasive than ever before. It’s so overrated that now beard styles are a peculiar category of fashion theme. More millennials than ever before are now influenced by the vastly changing beard styles and goatee styles like a matter of life and death. So, we will be introducing you to the best-rated beard styles of the year that you could not help but try yourself too. Best dadhi style.

Whether your style is a bit vintage or a modern classic one, we will be giving you ideas on what might suit you and what you might actually end up liking! Outfit trends have huge collection of beard styles

So, the Balbo beard style is the beard style of the year adopted by none other than the flawless Robert Downey. It suits his features well enough that the beard look is known by his name. If you have a narrower chin then this fantastic Balbo look is for you too!

The classy and rather unusual beard look Bandholz is basically inspired by Eric Bandholz himself. He put up the company called Beard brand to give tips to people who are enthusiastic about beards like himself. It is best suited for people with triangle, inverted triangle, oblong, oval or diamond face shapes and looks perfect beard without mustache.

Best type of beard

Yes, the clean shaven look is a real hit these days. According to research, some women actually prefer men who shave. A lot of crazy beard styles might be at the top right now but the clean shaven look is never going to go out of style. And what is great about this beard look is it is going to suit all face shapes.

This is the beard look that will not be going out of trend anytime soon. You want to know why? Because it looks fabulous on men and is very easy to achieve. All you have to do is fade your sideburns to give way to a fully grown beard. Let your mustache grow and let it curl on the upward side.

This unique beard look is basically a combination of a mustache and a goatee. This is actually very different from a usual beard look because you have to take off the sideburns in order to achieve this beard look. It is best suited on men with square and oval shaped faces. Just take the hair off your sideburns and leave the mustache.

Short beard long goatee

The Absolutely Full Beard

Probably the most preferred beard look by most of the men in 2017 and will surely make it to 2018 as well. Because it looks attractive on nearly all men with all face shapes and makes their features appear manlier and rather more handsome. The full beard suits best on the men with Diamond, Triangle or Inverted Triangle face shape but all men are encouraged to give it a try.

Best match for this unique imperial beard is rectangular or oblong faces. This beard look is known from the second empire. For this look, the mustache should be the highlight of your face.

Short hair and beard styles 2016
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