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The feature graphic from the archives of the Library of Congress demonstrates the timeless nature of most popular beard styles and establishes our Then and Now theme. Essentially, what existed many years ago still exists today with personal variations at the whim of the wearer. Good looking beard styles.

The popularity of beard styles is driven by many factors including time, societal acceptance, personal fashion statements and most importantly, the ability to grow them in a cultured, well-groomed manner. What seems to be the overriding consideration for the most popular beard styles is that the well-maintained and meticulously groomed beard gets the nod. The full beard takes the top spot for the most popular beard style of all time. It’s not just me stating an opinion either. Scientific research says that men with full beards are perceived to be healthier and have better parenting skills than men with stubble, other most popular beard styles or cleanly shaven.

I chose this image to demonstrate the idea of what is meant by well-maintained and meticulously groomed. Please note that the hairstyle supports and enhances the overall appearance of the beard. The hair blends and infuses with the beard in a natural and authentic manner. The mustache also acts in concert with the beard to present and even, measured appearance and compliments the shape of the face and jaw. The trimming of the beard itself is even and in this case, trimmed to accentuate the shape of the face. Even the full beard comes in many different appearances that are longer and fuller but they still adhere to the basic need to be well-groomed and neat in appearance. Don’t hesitate to use beard dye to suit your look just avoid getting it on your skin.

In these images, you can see the full beard in all its glory where the length of the beard can elongate the face while a more bushy appearance can round out a narrow face. In the image to the far right, I think intimidation was the desired effect. In all cases, the right level of sophistication and distinguished appearance was achieved and demonstrates why the full beard is the most popular style back then and now.

Keeping the Full Beard Tidy and Well-Groomed

Once you decide to grow a beard, there are tools of the trade for home use that will keep your beard looking great and impressing the ladies. There are quite a few to talk about but, we’ll keep this to the essentials with maybe a few favorites of my own. For the record, I have a full beard myself and do maintenance on it just about every day. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and any unruly hairs trying to make their own statement drive me crazy. If I can’t groom them into place, more drastic measures are taken.

The chin is the feature of the face you can readily alter. The masculinity of the beard in its own right makes a strong case for changing an otherwise “weak” chin to a strong one. It can also tame the protruding Adams apple behind the curtain of hair. The issue here is to sculpt the beard to accentuate the features of the face you like and deemphasize those that you don’t like. You do have a full view of the beard when working with it in the mirror but, there are those of us that are grooming challenged. If you’re one of them as I am, find a real barber and let him or her do the honors of keeping you handsome.

So, what are the right tools? Well, scissors are preferred over clippers to trim and adjust the shape. Why? First off, you can do much less damage with a pair of scissors as you snip and cut individual hairs. Clippers require a steady hand and good eye. Otherwise, you’ll keep trying to even out the length or width until you’re back in the position of having to cut it all off and start anew. You are after a beard in final form that is both flattering and symmetrical. Clippers in the hands of a professional is a recommended action if your skills are a bit lacking.

Trendy beard styles 2016

So far as products are concerned, I’ll list a few for you that are available online. Beard hair is usually more coarse than the hair on your head and tends to grow in different directions on different parts of the face. You must bring it all into compliance with products made to fix what Mother Nature gave its own free will. These products have an excellent reputation and good reviews; Bluebeards Original Beard Saver, 4 oz or another favorite of mine, Honest Amish Beard Balm. The Soft Goat Scruff Softener is a disc that softens hair and do not neglect to clean the skin beneath all that hair using products like Bluebeards Original Beard Wash, that cleanses the skin underneath the beard.

The Rest of the Story

Let’s limit our discussion to what’s anticipated to happen in 2016 to identify modern most popular beard styles for our immediate future. Who knows? You might just be motivated to embrace facial hair and go off your individual journey to see what’s right for you. There is one thing for sure. Growing a beard is an iterative process that requires some patience and fortitude.

The trends for 2016 are leaning more to longer hair and beard styles mostly geared towards the Millennials and younger set. If you were to do a behavioral analysis of that generation, you could easily see why. They are a dress-down, do what comes naturally generation. The formalities of style and a maintained appearance are not their first priority. There’s nothing wrong with that and as time goes on, their personas will continue to develop further. But, for now, long hair and long beards are the popular choices. In some cases, the hair style supports the beard and in others, the hair dominates the beard to the point of not being relevant. Millennials are very visual and look to make it known that they are independent and not influenced much by what had been considered normal before they came of age. They are setting their own path which includes their tastes in beards and facial hair. It’s their rules that count.

Then, there are specific hairstyles that are coming into vogue that sort of demand a beard as a counterpoint. The topknot hairstyle with a full beard of varying lengths is an attractive choice. The opportunity to do a stylized hair design tends to influence the desire to maintain the beard a bit more formally. It enhances masculinity while letting it be known that you have a wilder, more unpredictable side as well. Personally, I like it but keep in mind what I said earlier. As the years wear on, a rethinking of what works is needed as the hair thins and disappears from key spots. Hey guys, it’s just a fact of life. Always remember to style the beard to the things that work for what you got. There is a cool variation of the topknot and beard. Move the topknot down to a bun using a bit longer of a hair style. If you grow the hair to the right length, you can create a few different looks for various occasions. Flexibility in style and appearance is always a good thing.

The hipster beard for 2016 is a set it and forget it kind of style. This is pretty much a go crazy and do what makes you happy kind of beard. It has its niche audience. Not everyone will love it but then it has its own popularity among a fairly narrowly defined group of people. In this category, there are also the extreme styles as well as the more conservative ones which in the overall scheme of things looks a lot like a well-groomed full beard with a bun, of course.

The winter beard is developed along more practical lines. It’s a full beard that changes its appearance with the turn of the seasons. In summer, you would wear a full beard trimmed very close to the contour of the face. As summer turns into fall, it becomes a bit longer and thicker protecting the upper neck from an unseasonably cold and windy day. As fall turns into winter, it takes on the length, width and thickness of a matte of hair that stops any wind, rain or snow from slipping down the neckline of your coat or jacket. We’ve seen those styles in the course of this article so we won’t show them again.

Goatee styles

Of course, stubble has not disappeared from the scene. The ladies seem to like it and it gives you that bad boy image that has a soft and sensitive side to it. But, keep in mind that stubble is not an easily maintained look. You can’t just let it grow because then, your stubble will grow into a real beard … style to be determined based on how long you let it go. Stubble requires periodic clean shaving so it can turn back into stubble at the right time for the right occasion or person.

Most Popular Beard Styles Conclusion

I think the best way to put this is that what has been before will be again with unique slants and twists so we can call it by another name. We all seek a unique identity, relevance and respect for who we are. Most popular beard styles are one way to make that distinction. I encourage you to try one on for size. Experiment with one and make it your own. Yes, your friends will poke fun at you but once the beard is mature and well-kept, their tune will change.

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