Different beard styles. Facial hair styles goatee, FACIAL HAIRSTYLES

We will tell you how to grow a facial hair styles goatee and how to better care for the beard. Of course, the beauty and density of the hair depend on the overall health, as well as a healthy and nutritious diet. Goatee facial hair styles.

In order to grow a really thick and neat facial hair styles goatee, it is necessary to take care of it. For proper care of the beard you need to get special brushes that help to properly comb the beard. In the skin of the chin under the hair you need to rub the oil on a natural basis, so that the skin is moisturized.

A beautiful beard is great!

If you do not have a facial hair styles goatee yet, we will help you to understand the choice of the beard shape.

New hair and beard styles 2016

If you are lucky and you have an oval face, then you can afford a beard and mustache of any shape.

What form of facial hair styles goatee to choose if you have a square face?

This is also a great and courageous face, which will fit the facial hair styles goatee visually brings your face to the oval shape. To do this, leave short hair on the sides and lengthen on the chin.

What form of facial hair styles goatee to choose if you have a rectangular face or elongated?

Everything is fine, you need to do so – leave more hair on the sides and a small length on the chin.

Cool goatee styles

You will love your reflection in the mirror!

Below we consider the most common forms of facial hair styles goatee and mustache for men.

1. The full beard or a classic style

Its classic! You need a little time and effort and after about 4 weeks you can turn to Barber for beard decoration.

2. Short stubble

The most simple and convenient facial hair styles goatee for men. The required length of hair grows in 2-3 days. With the trimmer care for such a beard will not be long. This style assumes the absence of an extra $ hair on cheeks and neck.

Beard shape ups styles

3. The balbo beard

To your beard was in the style of the balbo beard and accordingly resembled an inverted letter T, leave a small mustache over the upper lip, patch under the lower lip and hair on the chin, which is shaped like the bottom of the Classic beard style.

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