Best simple beard styles. Best long hairstyles preferred by men’s hairdressers

The world has reached a time when personal grooming is considered one of the top priorities and skin health, hairstyle and dress code have been registered in everyone’s daily schedule. And yes, men are no exceptions. From the ever-evolving fashion industry creating waves on international ramps to a host of grooming products for men, grooming experts today, are successful as never before. Men's stubble styles.

Meticulous attention on personal grooming has led to men’s hairdressers and stylists becoming a part of a booming industry. Whether long hair or short, people flock to the local barbers and salons to follow the latest style that is in vogue.

Even if you have long hair, salons have the most appropriate hairstyle that would suit you the best. But before you make it to the nearby salon, here are a few hairstyles for long hair that are quite in vogue.


Believe it or not, the retro slick-back hairstyle for long hair is very versatile. You will still have the option of flaunting it with either a wet look or by keeping it dry.

Different shaving styles

Back brush

There is a very fine difference between slick-back and back brush. Back brushing doesn’t necessarily mean you need the wet look. Moreover, you can adorn the back brush style even if you have wavy hair.


Ponytail has been prevalent for decades and never seems to go out of fashion It is still the go-to hairstyle for people who have started growing their hair for the first time. Neatly maintained ponytails seem to be perfect for any occasion, be it a casual or formal.

Casual over-the-ear

You might have seen a lot of celebrities flaunt the messy over-the-ear hairstyle, which looks like a combination of back brush and waves. It looks the best with a thick stubble or casual beard.

Mens best beard style

Long hairstyles can never go out of fashion and people do feel very confident with it. In fact, growing long hair has become more mainstream than it has ever been in the past. So, if you are looking for the best advice on men’s hairdressing and a more customised discussion based on your face type, the Flex Barbers in Leamington Spa is where you should head to. After all, why should women have all the fun, when it comes to fashion!
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