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Choosing a beard style can be tricky. Not just your face shape but your comfort factor is also important. And then there is the issue of grooming and trimming which is really necessary. Some men do forget about it! Also, sometimes it happens that hairstyle can steal the thunder of beard. Not that a man bun with a long beard doesn’t look sexy (it looks hot!) but given the time and hard work you have invested on your facial hair, I’m sure you would want someone to acknowledge it as well. Side beard style.

Let’s start with stubble that doesn’t make you wait for longer to appear. It’s something that even teenagers can rock. For a man who is fond of short beard styles and just doesn’t have the time to take of his long beard – because long beard does need some extra attention – you can totally count on your light stubble beard to give you a dapper look. And undercut hairstyle to go with it will make a perfect combo.

Now, there is no such thing called smart beard but I’m calling it one because it certainly looks like it. A clean and tightly groomed beard paired with a side part hairstyle looks classy and stylish. It can be the beard on the fuller side or it can be thick stubble, it is totally up to you. But in both cases, you need to have a smartly trimmed beard. That’s why it looks sharp and smart. Got a round face shape? Then there are these perfect beard styles for you.

Uniform beard is one of the most classy beard styles that give you the perfect rugged look. The mustache and the beard will be of the exact length which why it’s called the uniform beard. It is another great option if you are looking for a beard that oozes professionalism. An undercut or side part hairstyle will definitely up the game. Here are some more hairstyles for short hair that you will definitely love to sport.

Garibaldi is that type of full beard that will never go out of style. It is the perfect combination of bold and dashing. It’s got that wild, unkempt look and the rounded beard at the bottom gives out a groomed vibe as well. You can style your hair in a slicked back way or go for the messy hair. Even if you have a shaved head, you can keep the full beard and rock it like a pro.

Latest beard design

The name says it all. Yes, the end of your beard will be trimmed in such a way that it would resemble a duck’s tail, subtly. But don’t let the name stop you from trying it out. It definitely looks sexy and you can try it with the length that you are comfortable with. A quiff style will definitely complement this style.

Short Beard Styles

Beard with defined lines and goatee.

Full beard with clean outlines that makes the goatee prominent.

Tapered beard where the facial hair is faded on the sideburns.

Beard styles for small face

Short beard with a handlebar mustache.

Full beard with N-shaped mustache.

Best Beard Products

The beard takes a lot of time and attention. If you can’t keep up with its demand you shouldn’t even try to grow one. Trust me, a beard is a hard work but the best things always are. Beard needs pampering and that’s why there are some beard products that you must have. First, invest in a nice beard comb. Next, make sure you get some good beard oil that will keep dandruff and itchiness away. Beard balm will condition your beard smoothly. For styling, you can use beard wax that works wonders really. You can also try some good beard shampoos and then you just can’t miss a good pair of trimmer and scissors. Check out here to know more about how to get the perfect shave.
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