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We’ve got ten great haircuts for men with beards that we think you’ll really like. So you’re looking for a new haircut that matches your beard or your “to be” beard. Either way you’re going to want something that compliments you and your style. Hairstyle for men with beard.

A new haircut can make you look like an entirely new person. It’s important to get something you’re comfortable with but, don’t be afraid to try something new. We often get tied up with the same old style. Especially us guys! We find a cut and stick with it for years.

So lets make a change and freshen our look to this modern age. Below you’ll find 10 amazing haircuts for men with beards. I’m sure one of these cuts will be something to interest you. The guys below may have a different beard than yours but, that doesn’t mean it won’t look great with your beard as well. Lets get started!

Haircuts for Men with Beards

The (1)parted hairstyle is not only a classic but, very much in style today. This style compliments the longer & fuller beard styles. Your beard is a sign of masculinity while this haircut keeps you looking very fresh and clean.

It’s a happy middle ground during a time where beards are becoming more popular. There are variations to the parted haircut as well so make sure to ask your barber if you’re considering this style.

Another great thing about this haircut is it’s timeless. Like I said earlier… we often get into a routine and keep the same style for some time. This style won’t become outdated so if that happens to you you’ll be safe. Nothing worse than walking outside and still seeing guys sporting the mullet. Just let it go man!

The (2) disconnected faded hairstyle is quickly becoming a popular haircut for men with beards.

It’s definitely a more bold approach and a big leap if you’ve never tried this style before. However it’s very stylish and very modern.

This style is easier to achieve if you already have longer hair. The top needs to have length so if you currently have short hair you’ll need to look for something else before attempting this.

Try growing your hair and using a longer hair style until it’s long enough to try this one. If you’re lucky enough to already have the needed length then definitely go for it! It’s such a great style and it’s also very popular with the women.

The (3) long sidepart hairstyle is the big brother of our first listed haircut. You’ll need some hair length for this one as well but, definitely worth it.

This one compliments longer and fuller beards as well and looks great on a wide majority of facial shapes etc. I like this one personally because it’s easy to maintain and hard to go wrong with.

Its one of the best haircuts for men with beards. It’s just such a great over fit that goes for just about anyone. Having this or any other haircut on this list will have you being one of the most stylish people in your area.

Most guys don’t care enough about their appearance but, women appreciate a man who does care. Just keep that in mind!

Latest beard style 2016

The (4) full hair backed hairstyle is great for a small or thinner beard. It goes well with the thinner & shorter facial hair because it makes up for less hair on the face.

This keeps everything very modern and in balance with the current fashion style. It’s also a great hairstyle for a goatee or Vandyke.

This hairstyle does require more maintenance than most. You’ll need some good hair products to keep your hair looking great and if you’ve never grown your hair slicked back than some additional hair products to get it that way may be required.

Eventually though your hair will begin to shape this way more naturally. It just takes time to train it to do so.

The (5) short with front butch hairstyle is a timeless short style. Looks great with both full & short beards and remains in fashion pretty much always.

If you want a short hairstyle this one’s highly recommended. Very simple and easy to maintain. Doesn’t take much effort in the mornings to get looking great and you’ll always look fresh and stylish.

It’s one of the best short haircuts for men with beards. The “ butch ” term sometimes gets confused but, it’s simply the front upward turn of the hair. There’s different definitions of course but, that’s the one that coined this style.

Another bonus to this style is it works great no matter what age you are as well. Young or old this style will work for you.

Short Hairstyle Video

The great thing about a great hair salon or barber is not only the great haircuts for men with beards but, the experience. It’s very relaxing and enjoyable. It may be just me but, someone else washing my hair and massaging my scalp is very relaxing!

More Modern Bearded Hairstyles

The (6) man bun is new and very trendy right now. You’re definitely going to have to grow your hair out for this one! It’s a good style as you can do multiple long hair combinations. Wear it down if you’d like or keep it up in a bun.

The man bun also has different variants. Some have shaved sides with the top bun and some are full buns like the one I’ve pictured here.

It goes well with any beard style as well. I’ve seen them sported on all different beard shapes and sizes so it’s also a very safe pick.

Also the women right now REALLY like this one! Women love it, a lot of celebrities are sporting this, and it’s easy to maintain. Just throw your hair up in a bun and you’re good to go.

Top facial hair styles

The (7) buzz and beard is a classic look that the easiest to achieve and the easiest to maintain. It’s a quick cut with a low guard clipper.

One of the best haircuts for men with beards and matches any facial hair. It’s also an ageless haircut that you can sport no matter what age.

It’s also a haircut you can do yourself. If you don’t want to pay for a hairstyle professional then this style can be a do it yourself haircut. This is the style I have and choose to go with. I’m a lover of simplicity!

The (8) fohawk looks great with a beard! A good short hair style that with a little bit of gel is easy to achieve.

You only need medium length hair on top and the rest can be shaven to your desired length. Easy to style in the mornings and matches mostly all beards very well.

Definitely a more outgoing hairstyle and usually takes the same personality to sport this all day. Not really a con against this style but, just a factor to consider.

It’s a lot more conservative to the full mohawk although both are great for beards! Personal opinion the fohawk does look best with a thicker fuller beard. That’s just my opinion though but, it can definitely be done with all sorts of styles.

The (9) full mohawk is a completely viable option.

The full mohawk is the wilder side of a fohawk. If you like to live a little more on the wild side this may be a good option for you. The one good thing about a mohawk is you can wear it straight up or wear it slicked back.

Out of the haircuts for men with beards this one is probably a more viable option that a lot of people give it credit for. Of course it greatly depends on the person and their personality but, it’s an epic hairstyle.

Although if this doesn’t suit your taste we still have one last of the great haircuts for men with beards.

The (10) bald with beard look is a super saute after look that few actually attempt. I think it’s the fear of what the outcome may be if they shave their head.

In reality you shouldn’t be to afraid to attempt this look. Your hair will grow back right so, if it doesn’t work out just grow it back out over time.

Men in beared

This haircut isn’t only for those with thinning hair. Even if you have thick hair you can still shave it all off. Don’t be afraid of this one!

Another great thing is if you already have long hair you can donate your hair to charity.

So in conclusion I’ve given you ten great haircuts for men with beards and you should hopefully be able to find something you like. Please leave me a comment and let me know if you’re someone brave enough to attempt one of the more adventurous styles. Thanks for reading

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