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The popularity of beards comes as quite a surprise since beards was considered very uncool just a few years ago. In fact, most modern magazines claimed that men had to be perfectly groomed and clean shaved to be presentable and likable by women. The current beard trends come as a huge curve ball because having a big and fluffy beard dis not just acceptable but essential for a modern and stylish look. If you have been battling with razor burn for years then this new beard trend is probably quite liberating because you can finally let go of shaving and give a few trendy beard styles a try. Current beard styles.

A good beard trimmer is essential

Now we all know that beards can look messy pretty fast and grooming is essential unless you don’t mind looking like a complete hillbilly. A good quality beard trimmer is something all men should have because you can trim, groom and perfect your beard style at home and save a fortune on barbers.

Top 7 beard styles to try

There are quite a few beard styles you can try if you are planning to grow it out. The hardest part is getting past the first few weeks of growing out after which you only have to shape, style and maintain. Here are the top 7 beard styles that are trendy right now;

The Bandholz – This beard style will take about 6 months to grow and probably has the fewest grooming requirements. You simply let go and wait. Once your beard stops growing you can trim to your preference and simply comb your beard for a very manly look.

Beard styles for oval face

The Uniform – This beard is more sophisticated and requires a bit of maintenance. You need to grow your beard 2 inches past the chin and shape it rounded. The mustache also needs to blend nicely into the beard and everything is rounded and smoothed down for a sleek but manly finish.

The Razors Edge – This is probably one of the most popular beard styles at present. The razor edge involves fading your sideburns but leaving your beard long with untrimmed edges. The mustache needs to curl slightly upwards and your beard needs to slope outwards as well.

The Dutch – For this look you need to shave your mustache and grow your beard outwards with flared edges.

Male beard styles

The Short and Tapered – This look requires a lot of maintenance because your beard is kept short with defined lines at the edges. Your sideburns are faded at mid cheek and this look can be finished off with a soul patch.

The Thin Beard – This beard is quick and easy. It only involves keeping your entire beard and mustache evenly trimmed but short and maintaining your edges for a defined finish.

The Lines for Days – This beard style involves a lot of edge trimming because your lines really need to be defined. Your sideburns should fade at mid ear and your beard should include a small soul patch. This beard isn’t very long and your mustache should be closely trimmed with down facing tips.

Stylish beard styles 2016

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