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Iago Garay turning it down

Style is subjective, except it's not. But it really is.

It's not just speed, and it's not just tricks, or riding the unrideable. But at the same time, it's more than just throwing whips and doing good tables. It's as difficult to define as it is fun to argue about. So we polled the office and some pro riders, and came up with a list. I'm sure we've missed a few stylecats, and I'm sure you'll let us know.

This is a "most stylish of all time" poll, so let's judge the older riders as they were in their prime, and give them a few extra points for innovation.

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Thomas Vanderham, whip legend

Brendan Fairclough with pure freeracer style

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Kade Edwards is ridiculous

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Jasper Penton is the king of Instagram edits

Brandon Semenuk, like a scalpel on a bike

Sam Blenkinsop with one of the most stylish race runs ever


New poll tomorrow for the worst

Its ok there seems to be a lot of confusion between tricks and style. Think Mike Aitken and Chase Hawk, not Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist when submitting your answers.

The fact that Darren Berrecloth is not on this list shows this is a shit poll.

How many people came here for this comment?

Be honest its gotta be more than the current upvote!

@H3RESQ: So a Vanderham tabletop beats a Rogatkin 1440? I can get behind that...

@brianpark: I think it's fairly simple. Wade has the best style

I clicked other for "rockyj" as well.

@plyawn: take a deep breath then closely read his comment again. Where did he (or the original poll) say style is better than tricks?

@plyawn: Yeah Rogatkin throws loads of tricks fast but lacks style. Same with Laconaguy. I like the guy a lot but he lacks style style and finesse.

I have changed my answer to other as I’ve contemplated this for a long time. Olly Wilkins IS the best mountain biker for style.

Phil doesn't win it, but he needs to be on the list.

@blackapturphotography: I’m definitely winning worst style.

There’s a lot of guys that can make something look steely or stylish ie fairclough, ratboy, Dave Macmillan, kade. We all love the speed and wildness of Danny hart and Sam Hill. But for all riding. Hands down. Semenuk is the bible.

I clicked on semenuk and proceeded to scollmdown to the “vote” button - thinking the entire time “why is this even a poll - it is semenuk no question.

The results did not disappoint

Dave McMillan is a good answer who should be on here, but yeah no one touches Semenuk

@meathooker: same here... No guy out there on his level... Emil Johansson is definitely on his way too!

Yeah for sure, whenever I watch someone like Brett Reeder pulling ludicrous slopestyle tricks at the top of the game yet he’s just missing that special something that Semenuk has. For me it’s all the little bits and pieces like drifts and nose bonks or funky body position or whatever that make it look so good.

It's hard to argue against a guy who makes his career around perfection of style but Fairclough doing the freeracing thing in Rampage will always be some of my favorite riding

@psyickphuk: still think Brett does better cork 7s because of how he'll dump his shoulder and head so far

@psyickphuk: I would says hes missing it. Just didn't take it too the same level. Hes not that far off in comparison to most other riders. My no 2! Fatboy is 3!

The real poll is who people think is the 2nd most stylish; Brendog is silky smooth on a race-track, and Kade pulls the biggest whips I've seen on a bike without an engine to recover it.

I think the only rider who comes close to Semenuk is Danny Macaskill, who else can get millions of YouTube views per edit?

Surely it's gotta be Johannes Von Klebelsberg...

“Clearly a man who doesn’t mind denim on the bottom half.”

I'm pretty sure his legal name is "The Denim Destroyer" now.

Randy is the most stylish in our hearts.3 3

Phil Atwill should be on the list

+1 for Atwill. Serious style!

Flow, speed & style... this is the dream team

Jeff Kendall-Weed’s riding career is based around styling trails.

Aside from him, Cedric Gracia has effortless style that many can’t pull off.

Semenuk is hands down number 1 for me.. But kyle strait and gee atherton should have at least been on the list

@dancingwhale yeah he could easily be on the list. Had to draw the line somewhere though.

@ninjatarian: Thanks Ninja! My career started off from racing first and foremost, believe it or not! Haven't seen a starting line in 3 years now though.

@JeffWeed: Looks like staying off the race courses is working out just fine! love seeing your vids; always makes me want to get out and just have fun on a bike.

@ninjatarian: also Kirt Voreis may not have "the best" style but he certainly has a lot of it...

@JeffWeed: Okay, I totally pictured Jeff smiling when I read his reply.

There is nothing more stylish than Ryan Howard's "In the know". I don't believe anyone who says differently. Prove it to me and I still won't believe you.

Damn. You might have a point tbh.

Thanks for that! Not watched this in a while.

Cheers - i just watched that again and wow that has aged well!

Facts, I can't believe how few votes he has

I voted for R-Dog... he's not doing the biggest or hardest tricks, but for style points nobody can beat his dumped 360's.

Goodness. That was steezy indeed.

Great rider, great segment, but side by side with his competition, he loses (no shame in that, everyone else does too).

@nzstormer: Semenuk and R-Dog together in a segment is almost too much to compute..

I agree 100% and he got my vote. Every time I see R-dog throw down I'm blown away by how stylish and effortless he makes it look. Most stylish rider IMHO.

@barney-foobar: he's maybe the most creative, but certainly not the most stylish

Him and vanderham for sure.

Didn't see Kirt on the list, didn't vote.

Yup - KV should have made the list at least. Fontucky's Most Stylish.

@RedBurn: Most stylish is just another way of saying "style I like to watch the most." It's completely personal. Kirt's goofy, skatey, inventive craziness, and his ability to make total nonsense on the bike make sense and seem doable is way more fun to watch (for me) than the built in smoothness of a DJ spot or a purpose built flow line.

Yup. Seriously stupid that Kirt Voreis is not on that list or Dave Cullinan

Who forgot to put Voreis on the list?:banginghead:

@bizutch: Not having Cullinan on here is a crime. At least this generation's gloveless wonder, Blenkinsop, made the list.

Also, not sure that anyone else survived such a gnarly injury and returned to racing, let alone at the top like Cullinan.

Finally, who else on this list taught Duff from Guns 'n' Roses how to ride?

He deserves a spot on this list no doubt.

@aaronjb: time you think you have the slightest clue about who to put on a list like this, pull back and let us create the list. Such a poorly thought out half ass for reference, Voreis on 2 footed seat manual on FADE TO BLACK:

Amazing rider but horrible style. What he can do on a bike is unreal but it’s not stylish.

@thenotoriousmic: horrible style!!!! a rider who has made a career from his amazing, smooth and flowing style.

@betsie: I think your confusing him with Chris akrigg.

@thenotoriousmic: Danny MacAskill has so much style it's turned into stacks of cash. Sorry his style is so Advanced that you don't even recognize it.

In trials world both Danny and Chris definitely belong to the most stylish riders having their own smooth riding styles that inspire others (not just the incredible tricks). For me Chris especially has that very unique way to ride his bike.

If trials isn't stylish for someone is a completely different story.

@pinnityafairy: confusing style with ability. Style is winning the x games without pulling a trick not riding through a puddle with your back pack filled with weights or doing a wibbly wobbly on a hay bail and it’s definitely not doing a front flip by slamming the front brake as amazing as all that is.

This is the most stylish man to have ever picked up a bike.

@thenotoriousmic: style is blazing A New Path and doing something no one else is. Sheep ilysm is following the path and doing what everybody else does. I'm very sorry you cannot recognize a follower from a style creator.

@thenotoriousmic: Not at all. Chris has a different style to Danny completely.

Both amazing riders and totally different types of riders, but Danny has a crazy smooth style, where Chris is more about brute and ability. Danny caresses his bike and Chris abuses his bike.

@jtrials: Chris Akrigg makes everything he does look easy even though if you watch the outtakes he’s screaming his head off and throwing his bike after 30 failed attempts. That’s style. Danny Mac makes it look difficult and it is but it isn’t stylish. You can see the graft in his riding. Not a criticism he’s doing mad stuff that doesn’t make sense.

A lot of people here are conflating creativity with style. Think of style like the rider's 'flair'. If two riders were to ride the same trail; which one would make it look more natural, more effortless, more playful.

Because MacAskill is so unique that no one even rides the same things he does, his style can't be measured in a poll like this in my opinion. If I visualize Semenuk and Fairclough ripping down a trail, I can easily pit them together while MacAskill is in the field next to them, rolling down on a bale of hay.

@IronJockey: I think style IS making something unique. Danny has a lot of contemporary street trials competition, but while guys like Ali C (still my personal favorite) are super capable, Danny brings something extra to his videos. A playful style that's engaging and fun to watch. Watch 20 downhillers all hit the same corner, which one make you want to watch it over and over? I bet whoever that choice is, it'll be because they did something unique and different from all the others.

It says "Most Stylish Mountain Biker of All Time"; I'd argue Danny is a trials rider. He certainly can MTB better in his sleep than I ever will, but that's not his focus.

Yep but we can’t compare 20 people frontflipping off a exercise ball to compare style. Can’t compare 20 people bonk to front flipping. Makes it hard @hangdogr:

I guess you could compare the way he rides to other trials riders, but he is bringing trials to the enduro Bike a lot of the time so not a lot of people for comparison @hangdogr:

@jtrials: Akrigg is his own category & style. I am forever tuned into his videos. I watch the ride to the pubone where he just pedals that rainy ditch over.

I really was hoping for Rick Astley.

@ejopdahl: You can’t front flip off a exercise balls and make it stylish but it doesn’t matter. It’s a totally different approach to riding. Front flipping a ball is next level lets see if this is possible shit which Danny mac is the best in the world at. I can’t say for certain because I’ve never met the guy but I can’t see him looking at a pulled trick and redoing it to make it more stylish.

@ismasan: Haha chase hawk though next best thing. Tier 1 style merchant won the x games on style alone. I think he did one footjam in his run and won gold.

Solid point!@thenotoriousmic:

@djm35: still the most stylish rider ever by a long country mile. Bmx riders are in whole different league when it comes to bike control and style. Just using him as an example.

Style isn't subjective in the slightest... It's Vanderham.

If you like I'll introduce you to him.

You’re nearly right. He’s second but don’t beat yourself up about it.

Thomas has rational, scientific style, perfected to the level where it looks like he was born doing it. Andreu L looks like he can bite you... he looks dangerous. Like a South American demon from the jungle requiring blood sacrifice, chopping of heads, cracking carbon rims or mounting aluminium bars to a Yeti...

His part in Season still get me fired up.

@nyhc00: i know, he is super stylish and extremely consistent.

Kurt Vories was pulling 360s during races before before your parents met.

@thenotoriousmic: because I mentioned mounting alu bars to a Yeti. Unforgiveable

@WAKIdesigns: Gotta love watching Lacondeguy. For my mone Semenuk is still #1 but A.L. is a close second with Ratboy in 3rd. All awesome riders (as is every one on the list!).

@radek: "It's nearly the end of the month, we need more views/clicks/comments NOW!!!"

@endlessblockades: none of Pinkbike journalists looks like they are into soy Latte. More of a double cream latte vanilla on top, toffee at the bottom, sprinkled with chocolate chips

@endlessblockades: save Daniel Sapp and Mike Kazimer who are obviously malnutrioned as a sign of protest against the Squamish way of doing things

@mtbikeaddict: I drink up my my milk shake with two espresso shots by dipping donuts in it. Sometimes it takes 10 donuts, sometimes 20.

Eh, you know, and we all know, who has the smooth one of a kind style, that will never be copied and never be matched and it’s Semenuk,

@DH17MTB: yeah. But he looks like he’s straight from Apocalypto

Why Connor Fearon is not an option?

Because there’s an epidemic of hating pinkbikers who haven’t seen his gamble section.

@thenotoriousmic: or his old sram part. i still hear the sound of his tires slapping corners in that video

Anither vote from me for Fearon. Huge oversight.

Moustache and goatee styles

Why are there options other than BS?

@jrocksdh: I mean come on I'm a reasonable man, of course I voted for him. Connor Fearon still tears it up though.

@connorjuliusjohnson: having a special place in my heart for Bromont, that riding, and the very last shot has made this my favorite bike video of all time

@jrocksdh: because if you are more into DH than slopestyle, someone like Fearon or Blenki seem to have more style as we watch them in the chunk, flat turns etc. Most slopestyle riders are incredibly stylish on their nicely shaped berms, jumps and rollers.

@special-jLeslie: I haven't had the chance to ride there but this video makes me want to... also a top vid of mine.

So many ways of looking at this...

But the one I really miss not being in the spotlight anymore is Martin Söderström. Anything I see him do on a bike looks good to me. Single trick or whole run.

Also, sped up insta videos are definitely NOT stylish.

Söderström was the only guy who could give Semenuk a run for his money style-wise (and often trick-wise) during their slopestyle battles, and he still makes everything look amazing

John Tomac made cross-country riding look cool.

hahah John Tomac and Sam Blenkinsop were two guys that came to my mind when I saw the title

i used to have a picture on my wall of him doing a tweaked table on his Raleigh USA, Disk Drive on the back. Awesome.

Nowadays its common to see people with an awesome style because they've seen vídeos or learning from others, in the era of Tomac, Cullinam and others, they were pioners

@tropical4130: Tomac had style for miles when no one else had any at all. That’s why he should be in the list. Like you say, nowadays even 12 year olds have style for miles, because everything has been passed down. Plus now, the bikes lend themselves to getting loose. 50mm fork travel, hard tail bikes with 130mm stems and 21” bars did not!

Same with Missy Giove. Most racers at the time (like me!) looked like a right bunch of dorks.

@jaame: I saw Tomac at Mt Snow, VT a ton of years ago. He had drop bars and a Tioga disc back wheel that you heard before you saw him come through. The cross country course was typical northeast of the time: tight, muddy, rooty and rocky. He danced right through it all while everyone else tip-toed. IIRC - Tomac did pretty well in DS and DH that weekend too.

Like you said modern bikes (and trails!) make it a LOT easier to get loose and look stylish. It wasn't that way when we didn't know any better.

@defconfour: he was a beast. When I was eleven years old I wanted to be him. Then when I was 15 I wanted to be Jason McRoy... who has made the list!

Johnny T had the best racing style of all time. NOBODY can touch him for style at speed on any terrain but Semenuk takes the cake for pure style.

The first one that came on my mind, and the guy that inspired me since the beginning. Look at his son Eli!

How Shaun Palmer didn't make it on this list is absolutely beyond me. He is the dude that made us mountainbikers look cool! 20+ years on and we're still rocking the same look when he showed up in full MX gear.

Yeah, I'd say Shaun and Missy did more to define the style of mountain biking for a whole generation of mountain biking. You whippersnappers need to respect your elders, and get of my lawn.

Shaun palmer is thé f*cking best rider ever!

@Telomartius: even on the 90s Nico Vouilloz was way ahead of Shawn Palmer

@norfiril: i know i m French but palmer is much more rock n roll and crazy!

Came here to say the same. I think there are too many young'uns now that don't really remember what Palmer represented, both for snowboarding and mountain biking. He was THE bad boy of mountain biking.

Brett Rheeder's look-through backflips

I never really thought that look-through was very stylish to be honest. Always made that trick look harder than it needed to be whereas the more stylish riders make it look easier than it really is.

Smoothest backflips in the biz. When everyone else is doing neck cranks, Rheeder breathed an old trick new life.

@shjsy: because Rheeder is a less fluid version of Brandon Semenuk. Not a knock on Rheeder, he rides just like Semenuk. Same tricks, same everything.

@Biocoug1: Yeah I agree, Rheeder is better at tech stuff tho, he has been in the slope game for a long time now. Semenuk is the better all round rider though for sure

"of all time" but don't include John Tomac, Jason McCroy, or Greg Herbald.

It appears only the last few years have made up the annuls or all time. I must have dreamed all or existence pre 2000...

Pssst.. Jason McCroy is there

Someone kick me for not mentioning the 1, the only, 'Missile' Giove.

He’s the best mountain biker ever. You can’t have it all.

Only scrolled the commentd to see if someone mentioned Jeff Kendal weed, nobody styles a trail like he can.

Same here Ended up voting for Brendan Fairclough but Jeff was the guy I was looking for while scrolling down. JKW is just a different level of style and flow

I would definitely put JKW on that list before a lot of the other riders listed.

You can't see him or his style because he never puts the front wheel down

I think he has a really awkward and ugly style. Just because he can manual doesn’t make him ‘the best mtber ever’

Thanks Jonny, I appreciate it!!!

@brncr6: Thanks BMC!!! Tons of crazy stylish riders out there, but what's cool is that we all have our own, unique styles.

@hangdogr: lol Maybe 2019 needs more wheelies? Will do my part to try!!! Thanks man!

@rstokes: Fair enough, one rider's style will never appeal to everyone!

@JeffWeed: yeah sorry man, you are obviously a real good rider but the style isn't my cup of tea!

Yup. "Other: Jeff Kendall-Weed"

Maybe not best ever. Hard not to vote Lacondeguy or Semenuk or such... but love JKW's skills on the trail bike.

@rstokes: I wouldn't say JKW is the best but he deserves to be on that list as many other stylish riders that didn't make the list. Look at some of the names. Don't get me wrong all the names on that list are amazing riders, but "stylish". Stylish is not how I would describe several names on that list.

He has possibly the goofiest/ugliest riding style i've ever seen

Came looking for the JKW comments. What he does actually looks like mountain biking (to me), and the trails he rides are recognizable as MTB trails (again, to me). He makes trail riding look so damn fun.

Did I make any comment about my own riding? No.

And if you're trying to imply that my opinion isn't valid because I'm personally not a top level rider, then consider this:

Are the opinions of music critics/food critics/anyone else irrelevent because they aren't personally skilled in those areas? No.

Also, it's beside the point, but that is a pretty old picture and not a reflection of my current riding ability.

@its-joe: mate check the winky face... I didn’t mean to make you cry.

The dude has an incredibly rare style of riding with many foward-rear body shifts, fantastic boosting, complete body turning that has been at photografers attention ever since he joined the EWS.

Most riders on the list might hace sick scrubs and flow on paved trails, but trying to ride jank with Flo’s rythem is damn near impossible. Add line choice to part of a riders’ style, he many times finds gaps, corners and different combination of trail features that not only look great but are so much faster. He’s been a top 10 rider for a good while now and alot of it is because of how differently he expresses his riding.

Nicolai is unreal. I rode with him during a Rocky Mountain launch years ago and was blown away by what he does with the trail. Haven't seen anything like it since.

@mikelevy: and he does it at race pace... New set of skills pack on MTB. Also leading EWS GC... If we would measure style and speed he is the guy for sure now...

Life's too short to not go big. You gotta go big.

Jason McRoy is the most stylish of all time - ALL TIME PEOPLE! Without a doubt, mountain biking may not have been what it is today without JMC. Sure the others are stylish in their own way but they've only contributed to a scene pioneered and optimised by JMC.

Bret Rheeder is missing on list?! WTF

But to be fair semenuk invented style - reeder has spent the last several years catching up while Semenuk is out willing rally races.

Yep, style is subjective - we have to agree on that. But in my opinion, style personified is Kovarik drifting.

Amazed at lack of support for Jason McRoy. But then again he was a 90s icon and many people on here werent even born then so wont know who he was.

Dirt is on YouTube. It should be required watching.

John Cowan hands down. Not even mentioned in the list, but those one hand slightly offset flips were the smoothest thing ever.

Gotta be Jasper Penton. Having seen in person how he throws his bike around at Windhill, he's damn impressive. And Kade Edwards for being the best all round rider currently

he consistently makes crazy lines out of nothing. and on a 29er. the slopestyle and rampage guys throw down huge and have a lot of style, but as far as all around style goes its gotta be Jasper

Hans Rey. John Tomac. Tinker Juarez.

Some of the names being mentioned in the comments section is hilarious! Its funny what some people think style is nowadays.

Vanderham is superb. You could add Jeff Kendall Weed to the list, too. But Semenuk just has something... special. Not only the creative flair and technical ability... I've need seen anyone land a jump so *smoothly*. His head barely dips. Just so graceful.

Thanks RJ! Semenuk has incredible bike control, I love watching him ride. Thomas has such a cool, classic style, too. Been enjoying watching his vids since I was a kid (and we are the same age!)

Jeff Kendall-Weed He may not be throwing giant tricks but his style is amazing. Smooth, controlled but aggressive. Fun to watch. I get it if your idea of style is watching a lanky knock-knee'd guy on a tiny bike throw twisty tricks. JKW can wring everything out of even a mundane trail on a normal bike and make it exciting to watch.

Thanks geartech, that was awesome to read this morning, made my day!

I was thinking the along the same line. So much bike control and flow.

@JeffWeed: heal up quick Jeff and get back out to south mountain AZ!

Phil Atwill is looking super sick these days

@adzrees - Aaron Chase and his fufanus, 360's and crank flips in the old East Coast Hardcore videos helped set the stage for riding street on a big wheel'd bikes. His fuf's in those vids still look stylish and his 360's were one of the first ones I saw that dipped the front wheel.

@defconfour: Yes mate! He's just put out a new video....i believe its on pinkbike's movies for monday

That's a fuckin cracking call!

How soon you forget "the GODFATHER", and all he's done to create your sport with huuuge style!!!

A lot of great names mentioned, that said...

A little surprised Kelly Mcgarry hasn't been mentioned (or maybe I missed it?).

For me, "style" isn't just about technical ability, it's also about "steaze".

Kirt Voreis also rolls that 24/7/365

Bryceland is on of the few doods who's vids I'll actually click and watch through. Emil was a close second.

Hey @brianpark not only is @JeffWeed a sick rider and a whoot to shoot photos with (miss those days Jeff) but he is the only rider in this thread of comments replying to literally every comment he’s mentioned in, even if they didn’t tag him, which means he’s putting in serious effort to acknowledge his fans. #hatsoff #addjkw #jkw2020

Scott, thanks for the nice note!!! You got some super nice shots back in them days, thanks!

Love Hunter and for that matter Romaniuk, but they both following in Vanderham style

I checked semenuk too but he that much more stylish than some of these other guys and girls or is it that him and his production team have just put out the prettiest, artsiest videos that highlight those moves and make them look good so the only thing we know from him are super stylized tricks and riding, not the jibbing and jank we see on a regular basis from a lot of other riders?

His movies certainly skew his reputation, but keep in mind that we are talking about someone who is a legend in a discipline in which style is an important factor.

If DH had a jury component you would see more style there as well.

I've seen him riding with my own eyeballs many times and can confirm it's not just the videos, his skills really stand out

Well I voted Brandon Semenuk but I'd like to give shout out to Kyle Strait. I mean the guy invented a trick that carry his name. And his lay-back suicide no handers...

Where’s the Claw on this list??

His 360 drops in roam and at that joyride he got robbed...epic

atleast put Hans Rey name on the list

@kawkaw: Not really sure how they could leave him off of this list? He was like the 1st making videos of tricks/stunts on an MTB. A pioneer some may say. When my buddies and I 1st saw his vids we were gob smacked and instantly went out on our bikes trying to emulate him. We learned quick why it was 'no way' Rey!

The bonus for us is he is still making content!

Hans Rey was definitely the epitome of style for me, back in the day.

@yonderboy: This is all time, right? Hans was basically the 1st. He inspired generations. He still inspires. He even had a chimp riding a bike in 1 of his vids! LoL

Would there even be 'edits' and every other kind of MTB video today if not for the early pioneers?

@m1dg3t: true that! though i gotta see that chimp video lol

No Chainsaw? I know there's the emotional vote right there but it's alltime and damn did that boy look awrsome hustling a bike down a trail.

Theres a shot of him in 3 focus or Dirt TV on a Cove in the classic TLD pajamas, going through some huge Maribor whoops and dodging trees but his head stays dead set on rails while his body just flows effortlessly. Its one of the best clips you'll ever see.

The correct answer is of course Semenuk... As others have pointed out, Martin Soderstorm also looks amazing on a bike, which is why I am surprised not to see Fabio Wibmer in the list, who is on a similar to the ones above:

brandon will get all the votes, but those who know, know, that watching Wade Simmons back in his prime was like nothing else at the time. Everyone else was making it look hackish, and then Wade would show up and make the shore look smooth. Wade for PM.

I get that Rogatkin isn’t on here, but how not Brett *humble* Rheeder?

Prime example of how “Born to be Wild” as the ultimate mismatch to your riding being meticulously planned and captured can ruin it all.

why No Tomac, absolute legend, disappointed PB.

He wasn't stylish at all. He was pure fluid. I was at any number of DH & DS Nationals & from a video standpoint, you'd deem his riding boring as hell. But in person, when you saw him come by compared to the competition, he was badass.

Palmer was the same way...nothing exciting to the eye, but faster than a cobra.

I vote Jordie for best pajamas

Blenki for sure. Very fast and is steezy during race runs. always a pleasure to watch.

Ratboy can make riding a E-bike with a dh fork look stylish so my vote goes to him.

Big beard styles

I think Semenuk it's the most stylish for sure, at the same time i believe that every "stylish" rider is like an artist somehow, so it's difficult for mt to make an honest comparison.

I mean i don't think that Blenki,Brendog, Ratboy or Nico Vink etc, are less stylish than Semeunuk, simply he's stylish whatever moves he's doing

In the end we live in beatiful times for mtb

If we are talking true mountain biker, I personally have to cut out the park and slope style riders. So looking across the racing disciplines and trail riders, the first person I think of for unique immediately recognizable style is Blenky.

My personal list of style

DH Racers: Sam Blenkinsop, Sam Hill, Connor Fearon

Slopestyle/Freeride: Brandon Semenuk, Remy Metailler

Instagram edit guys: Bernard Kerr, Jasper Penton, Kaos & Kade

Female: Veronique Sandler

And a few other ppl that I can't think of rn

Who’s looking at this list and not voting ratboy. I demand you justify yourselves.

I thought he was one of the most stylish racers when he was on the circuit - loved a Ratboy run! But as a non-racer, he doesn't quite cut it with some of these names...

@Ozziefish: like who? Who’s on this list that ratboy wouldn’t smoke while looking like he’s not even trying to.

On this list there are two who BLOW away Rat without even trying: Semenuk and Soederstrom.

Not on the list there are others who also give Rat a run for the money: Reynolds, Fredriksson, Fedko etc.

Yes,, yes I think I do. Let's use the term Steeze: the quality of being effortlessly stylish. That simply screams Semenuk and Soederstrom.

Roosting berms and tossing yourself of a hill is cool and all, but if that's your definition of Style it's rather limited.

@Ronkol: No I don’t really know what style is would have been an easier answer.

No, you have trouble reading. I know perfectly well what style is, as is mirrored in the vote.

+1 for how toxic this has become. Pick your most stylish rider and be a dick about it. 3

@Ozziefish: Toxic? I don’t think @Ronkol is getting upset. Semunk and solderstom are beasts. I love watching them ride too. It’s all subjective. Nobody’s going to fall out about it.

@Ronkol haha fair enough I won’t argue with the vote.

Just look at that Semenuk's clip. The incredible precision, speed and effortless style is mountain biking taken to art level.

I’m far from being a fanboy, but Gwin has some serious style. He manages to blend bmx racing with mx. And maybe a reason why the 29 doesn’t look quite right.

Exactly, his segments from both 3 Minute Gaps and The Tipping Point both include some seriously stylish riding, with some glorious moto whips and equally good cornering

No Fabien Barel...... John Tomac, Tinker,......

and no Peaty?!? As a racer he was like an enraged dog hunting a bone, as stylish as Blenki, but the old english man was winning at least... ^^

Not all time, but I thought Super T (Tyler Klassen) back in the day was so incredibly smooth with the massive drops hits and jumps. Loved watching his style.

What about Kirt Voreis? Sending it with a backpack??

second place equally: martin soderstrom, blenki, danny hart, brendog, emil johanssen, vanderham, wade simmonds, jasper penton, kade edwards, aggy, ollie jones, bernard kerr, sam hill, ryan howard, kyle strait, myles rockwell, tomas lemoine, nico vink, bas von steezbergen, tommy g

all different yet all amazing

fuck i forgot cedric gracia and andreu this poll is impossible dudes

How did Shawn Palmer not make the list? Everything he did was style?

Well seems this is the list of discordance. Many styles for many flavours. Not fair to get one over others and to pull out of the equation so many legends.... each one contribute at his own time into different way... not all we have to ride like semenuks... many sorrounding things condition your style...

Anyone not following Jasper Penton on IG needs to hop on board.

At first I voted Semenuk, but then I saw Jasper on the list. He's like the Chase Hawk of mtb.

cool to see Nino Schurter get a shout on here, he definitely stands out in the XC field where style is all but non-existent. but its night and day compared to the rest of the list.

I only bothered to look at this because I couldn't believe how many comments there were. Didnt there used to be a guy who did 24hr races (endurance not enduro) with a scraggy beard neked on a single speed fixed gear bike (I doubt he was actually a sponsored pro, but at least he didn't need a clothing sponsor or likely a hair products sponsor by appearance). I would bet people gave him space when he wanted to pass. Anyway he has my vote.

Blenkinsop all day long! Watch the top 25 World Cup racers doing their runs and then watch blenki and you’ll see a completely unique effortless style. Style, speed and flow potent formula!

This has to be the most positive pinkbikes comment section I've ever seen. We're so lucky to get to watch all these stylish riders, but deep down you all know that it's a competition for second.

Everyone on this list has style in spades. That's why they're on the list. Each are all unique to the riders diffrent stykes and how they approach riding. But I've said it a million times before and will say it again.... Semenuk hands down by a long shot..... He is a artist a methodical tactician and combines both on a bike. He litterly is art in motion. This is also not limited to MTB. Put any bike under him and you always get the full style results. There is nobody past or present in biking that rides like him.

Nobody is the MOST stylish, but we all have our favorites. I'd vote for Jeff Kendall-Weed. He makes even the dullest sections of trail interesting. Honorable mentions to Jasper Penton and Ollie Jones. I wish there was more follow-cam of Ollie...

Semenuk is so clinical, so planned I find. I take nothing from his skill and riding here, but i think of style as more of an organic thing. Aggassiz I can pick out in any video in first couple unique so organic so recognizable. Bryceland similar.

My initial thought was Semenuk but looking back and those that are old enough, for me Jason McRoy

Real silly "competition".. its like "whats the BEST color?" How does one choose between Semenuk, Howard, Vink, Lacon, Ratboy, Minaar, Wade and all those others?

ratboy has more style than semenuk change my mind.

Yeah by far, but Craig Evans has that much more again.

What is the primary goal of this post?

to sow the seed of discord

to detract our moaning from standards and water bottles

It's like everybody has already forgotten about Randy.

Its not fair to select one rider really, where is Kurt Sorge? Did you forgot his mad mtx whips and all?! I will just click other but probably Semenuk will take this, he is simply a magician on bike

Imo someone with "style" is someone you can tell who it is just from their riding. There are plenty of people out there with 'flair', however wether or not they have 'style' dependent on the viewer. For racer style I like Jack Moir, Aaron Gwin, Sam Hill and Brooke McDonald. For slopestyle I like Nicholi Rogatkin and Semenuk.

Initially said Semenuk then I saw jasper Penton and now I just don’t know

I get the impression a lot of people think that tricks equals automatic style. Or more style.

I thought Kaos Seagrave should be on the list....

WADE SIMMONS!!!! Remember your roots. The God Father of Freeride taught us the way, with skill and style far ahead of his time.

I would say Jeff Kendall Weed but he's not on the list so probably bernard kerr

Thanks for thinking of me!

Stylish means identification to me, like without looking at his bike, race kit look at the riding style, and I can know who this guy is. Blenkin is the person.

all depends on the discipline, kind of hard to compare a DH racer who is looking for the fastest line, as to a park/ SS rider, and someone else who is just looking to make a video showing flow

Missing in the list (probably a few more I could add too)... Greg Hairbold, Mike King, Jason McRoy, Dave Cullinan..

Can’t believe I didn’t see Loic Bruni in there!

To me, stylish means a top five downhiller that makes it look easy. It was between Dani Hart and Loic...

Wade simmons for sure. Makes even the most sketchy lines smooth and flow. Has a style nobody can copy. There is a reason he is the godfather

Ryan Howard is the most enjoyable person to be in a lift line with. Endlessly generous with his time, overwhelmingly positive as well

kirt voreis was the 1st person that came to mind, and then I saw he wasn't even on the list and other had listed him already, but I'm still saying kirt voreis is the shit for style IMO.

Most of you guys haven’t been around long enough to have seen Wade Simmons and Cedric Garcia styling out every race and Freeride run they have eve done.

Brandon Semenuck hands down is the most stylish rider and amazing to watch in video'. However Brendon Fairclough can do almost the exact same, while racing a WC, so he gets my vote

Did note vote, because is to tricky to pick the right person...

Garcia, Semenuk, Fairclough, Blenkinsop, Vanderham, etc... so many people with rad style... is way to difficult for me

Peaty. No Peaty. A stack of relative nobodies and no Peaty. Savage.

Yo literally. What gives? The dude is THE legend.

Hes not particularly stylish though, is he...?

Dont understand if this is the style page they use a weird enduro tweak as the cover pic (nothing against the rider)

That’s what people think style is nowadays, not Sam Hill sending it on an inside line, or Matti Lehikoinen two wheel drifting round a dusty corner without deliberately doing one of those stupid roost flicks

@samdaman1: the incessant deliberate roost flicking ruins most edits for me.

The cool thing about style is that we all have different opinions on it.

@Kickmehard: As soon as I read this article I was going to post the same thing. To many riders try to, for lack of a better term, over style things in their edits. Pumping, tweaking, roosting, skidding etc ever 10 feet when there is just no need too. Just end up looking completely unnatural as no one really rides like that.

The answer is obvious, for those that know. A lot of people do know going by the results haha

It's tough to watch edits where they take the best shot out of several. Of course they are going to look stylish they've been doing the same thing over and over. For more natural style Id go with Sam Pilgrim and Blake Samson. Those guys just make everything look good and easy.

sorry pinkbike, too many to choose from!! couldn't make a decision even if my life depended on it

Joe Barnes of Dudes of Hazzard!

SEMENUK! Nuff said... He operates like a surgeon and he could spread butter on bread with wheels during his gentle skids over bumps...simply amazing.

John Tomac, closely followed by Joshua lester. Legit.

Where is my man Remy Morton?

Steve Smith - Long Live the Chainsaw

Tom van steezebergen should be on here he did a caveman into rampage run one year then a backflip off 40ft drop the next year

Jeff Kendal Weed; Style even on the name!

@JeffWeed: Thank you for responding to a comment. I am actually friends with Haitman Rivas who you were riding with in Toluca, Mex. have a nice one!

Connor Fearon rails berms like no one else.

Steve Peat is a close second

I'm feeling quite nostalgic now! I voted JMC too. I wonder what happened to Scott Dommet.

Jeff Kendall-Weed!!!!! So much style!

Thanks man!!! I super appreciate that!

ALL TIME, some have only just reached puberty, GOAT, really, all time is progressive, when time ends, then post the poll and resulting results.

Time is an illusion, but that's another conversation altogether...

The “Claw” is my pick. I should pick Tinker based on my background, but Darren is the clear pioneer of bringing the coolest tricks to freeride mt biking...

It’s either Semenuk, Bryceland or Vandersteeze

I should be able to vote all three from different groups.

In freeride Semenuk, but.... The style in wolrd cups its other game, brendog is the man!

The poll said ever, so I cannot agree with the highest poll number, close tie between Wade Simmons and Cedric Garcia.

Brandon Semenuk is not a mountain Biker. Talented dirt jumper, but a dirt jumper is a dirt jumper.

Josh Bryceland for sure!! I've never seen Semenuk ride in a non super edited video with lots of effects, Ratboy just got his style everywhere, everyday!! Love live the Rat!

Good choice options in the Poll... But one of the most stylish Rider is Kris kovarik.... Aggressiv, safe, fast, Moto style, sometimes playful

Wade Simmons for me, along with most of the other Godfathers of Freeride. Imagine if they had today bikes back in the early 2000s and what would have been possible....

My choice by far is Semenuk... but in the list you should have put Brett Rheeder and Kirt Voreis... cause they would be leading the top 5 without a doubt...

missing some big names...Rheeder, wimber, pilgrim, maccaskill, vink and many any way semenuk is above all so it don't matter

Is this even a contest with Semenuk? He would outstyle someone just hopping a kerb on a Raleigh 20

Danny Macaskill not on the list?? Semenuk still wins, but not by the landslide this poll will suggest.

Sam hockenhull and Remy Morton

how can Fabian Barel not be on the list??!!

(Clicks on Semenuk) Uh oh.. I'm the 666th vote!

Ratboy all day long; the guy won a world cup going sideways. I'm not a big fan of tricks just gimmie speed and whips.

Semenuk does the best whips too (Kade is close though)

Got to be Semenuk, though pleased to see Brendog in second! Surprised Fabio Wibmer isn't on the list though...

J D Swanguen was pretty steezy.

Are beards in style

The Godfather invented style!

A popularity contest, won by Semenuk *shrug*.

Not saying he doesn't deserve it, but the big name recognition bias is very present here.

this will be probably the most commented article on PB at all

I don´t know, too many superstylers to pick one

Andrew Shandro should be listed????

Semenuk only rides bike path smooth jump lines so of course it's going to be stylish.... But for riding stylishly on more tech trails it's hard to see him doing it

LOL. yeah... Rampage is so buttery smooth.

Wade Simmons, the definition of style.

lol like it was even a question...Semenuk but was surprised and looked twice to double Rheeder?

Kirt Voreis definitely deserves a mention.

Shaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuun Paaaaaalmer the most rock n roll stylish rider ever!!!!

Pre- voting for Brandon- I thought very hard- and hands down- there has only been one Brandon Semenuk.

Missy Giove! Who else lusted after the piranha?

Many a wet dream was had for 'the missile'. Still a beautiful woman

Hahaha Missy has style in far more than just the riding sense- she has a full on lifestyle that no one can replicate! Our sport is honored to have her be a part of it.

Seems to be a pattern devoloping with athletes with more media coverage/social media presence get credit for more style...

Mike Giese. @steezygiese765. Style and flow for days!

Other ; my local window cleaner, he carries a 3 tier ladder, a bucket of water and sponge and rides with no helmet!

Darren Berrecloth! Legend

Steve Geall in the Spooky bikes days

If it's purely about style, then it's Tomac, hands down.

Palmer changed out the spandex for moto..

Having watched the movie "Rad" a million times, I would say the stars of RAD.

Phil Atwell Has to be up there.

No one could make fast look as good as Nico!!! Just the way he attacked a WC course... was art!!!

Where's Olly Wilkins? Ticked other for the man

Missy the Missile Giove of course!

Timo Pritzel gets my vote

Well that was a close one lol, long live the king! We're not worthy, we're not worthy!

Just change this poll to, who is your favorite rider.

Only 54 votes for Nino and his mad whips?? What is wrong with you people?

This comment section is gold

wHeReS NiChoLi hE's So StYliSh

This might be the DUMBEST pole Pinkbike has ever done.

Remi Gauvin's "Flow Down, Speed Up" edit might be one of the best, most stylish of all time.

I voted Semenuk but don't know why Rheeder is so far behind. I said it before, Chuck Norris banged both their Mums.

Richie Schley invented style, but r-dog is definitely my favourite by a long shot

Am I the only one to remember the pumping and compact attitude of Steve Romaniuk on his bike? So pure and natural...

I'm tired of jump videos. I'd vote for Josh Lewis, but this poll is hugely incomplete.

Bryn Atkinson is my favorite rider to watch. The Sound of Speed edit has so much style.

Shouldn't it really be a poll for the second most stylish rider of all time?

Holy Crap. This has to be the most comments I've seen in a post! But, yeah, The King!

She was a doper, but also an actual model.

Other - i couldn't choose but wanted to see the results

Bender!!!, he plumited with a style all of his own!!!

Aggy in life cycles. End of contest.

Thomas Genon, have you heard about him?

And what about BRIAN LOPES?

Yes! My thoughts exactly. Saw him at the Mammoth World Cup in 1999. My friend has video footage of his stylish dual slalom run against Shaun Palmer-in glorious 480p. LOL

alternative pick Martin Söderström on Style Filter

Matt Hunter is the obvious answer.

... as well as Steve Romaniuk and The Claw, The Collective spirit!

So hard to choose between Fairclough and Semenuk

no love for cody kelly or sam pilgrim?!

Cody Kelly is so fun to watch, manual machine

phil atwil should be on the list, but the king is undisputted

Who is the Most Stylish and why it is Bra(e)ndon!

Aaron Chase. Hello Pinkbike?

Chris Akrigg slightly in front of Mr Gwin

They forgot rob warner, he makes style look stylish!!!????

PB content pump, at it again.

hahaha biggest balls, for sure

I had his diamondback dh frame in ‘96. So sick!!

Guess I have a weakness for Rheeder’s style

Brian Lopes is not on this list.

Shit, that's a miss from me. Matty is one of the most stylish people on a bike for sure.

Sam Pilgram, Thomas Genon

Trick Question: Mike Montgomery

Shaun Palmer brought style to the sport.

Missy The missile! Maybe more off the bike than on, but, Dang!

My personal two favorite are James Doerfling and Curtis Robinson.

I clicked Semenuk, but my second choice would be Remy Metailler.

Bruni impersonating Blenki, 10/10

How do you miss Brett Rheeder and Nicholi Rogatkin on such a list?!

Was going to put Kelly Mcgarry

In another five or ten years it could very well be Kade.

Brage Vestavik should be another option

why is this even a pole? cleary semenuk is gonna win any style comp! lol

Ratboy and his pack of rat buddy’s

Define 'stylish', each rider has their own.

There are a ton of really smooth good style riders out and about for question However, they nailed it here

Jason McRoy! He made mountain biking what it is today!

Tyler "super t" Klausen... close second is andreau lacondeguy

Come on no love for Hans Rey! Possibly the best overall rider.

time is not over so i cant say its time to cast votes

Josh Lewis Loosedog gets me most pumped to ride my bike!

What about Kyle Strait, been crushing da style for over 20 years!?

How is Missy Giove not on the list?

Where the heck is bernard kerr...

Is this the biggest landslide victory in a pinkbike poll?

Semenuk is king, its already decided... Penton gets my runner up!

Park - Semunuk Flat Land - Fabio Wibmer

quite some riders missing in there... to Name Erik Fedko at least...

Brandon Semenuk won i think lol

Where are Shaun Palmer and Kirt Voreis seriously???

Kade is good, Sam pilgram too, but gotta go old school with Dave Cullinan.

Palmer back in the day... kinda Dennis Rodman meets mountain biking

Phil Atwill has some serious steeze imo.

Ajay Jones..... no style like it, no style at all.

Other: John Tomac (what the hell is he not on the list?)

Shaun Palmer - style was legit way back when

Of course, Brandon has the most votes. all the squids voting for the 1 rider they know of

STEVIE SMITH! #Longlivechainsaw

From the racers Danny Hart, from freeriding/slopestyle Semenuk hands down

Poll says Most stylish, not oldest

Connor is like if you mix Sam Hill with Sam Blenkinsop

It's a good point IMHO.. Sam certainly has a distinct style. His forward/upright position is not the most attractive though. Just like I would argue that Peat also has spades of style... but it's the BRUTE FORCE style (which is really cool in it's own way!).

In this poll they are more looking at Steeze and that's where Sam and Peat just don't really fit... it's anything but "effortless".

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Is this poll even Sirious? S E M E N U K

Are you even serious! BITCHING!!

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