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The popularity of growing a long beard and sporting different long beard styles has returned with numerous beard styles being created. Long beard styles. Perfect beard style.

In order to pull off a great long beard style, you will need to hold on to your patience, allowing the facial hair to grow for about a couple of months. When styling, you must be self-confident and choose the ones that could match the shape of your face without making the hair too messy.

Blessed are those who have natural thick facial hair, as they have the advantage of growing a long beard faster by following some simple steps.

Have a well-balanced diet to supplement the hair growth.

Do regular exercise to augment full potential to the facial hair.

Let the hair grow for at least 4 weeks without trimming, letting the hair grow on its own until it gets the full potential.

Consider applying a premium quality beard oil so that the scalp and the layers of the skin get ample nourishment.

When the beard is long enough, comb the hair regularly in a repeated motion downwards from the chin.

Following these steps, you will be to grow a long beard faster and thicker.

Different men's beard styles

We have selected 20 of the best long beard styles to give you a wide choice of flaunting the ones that could be the best match for your face shape and preference.

Shaving style 2016

Garibaldi Long Beard Style

This is a long beard style for those who have little time to maintain it. Let the beard grow to full length and acquire volume, and then trim and shape the lower part, so that it looks round. The length of the mustache should be tidy and neat. No need for a styling product, as this beard style is created to have a natural look.

The Hipster Beard Style for Black Men

The longer facial hair is styled into plaits and the is fully grown without trimming it. This long beard style for black men is a cool style and can draw attention from others when styled perfectly.

Long Beard for the Bald Man

This long beard style has become popular among the blacks, where the facial hair is grown to full thickness and styled up to join the sideburns. The contrasting style is created due to the baldness and thicker facial hair.

Gruff and Polished

The long facial hair is groomed so that it reaches just above the chest. You have to allow the hair to grow to a full potential, after which you can trim the beard to give it the required shape.

The Bold Long Beard Style

The beard starts high up beside the sideburns and allowed to grow to a fuller length. The bottom is given a square cut and the mustache is trimmed neatly. Overall a classic manicure.

The Boss Style Long Beard

Faded sideburns and trimmed long beard combine to have this boss style long beard a touch of simplicity. The side part is prominent and the beard is grown to a moderate length.

The Harden Long Beard Style

This long beard style can be sported by a basketball player to enable the spectators to spot him. The facial hair grows from the neck and the sides and shaped at the jaw line to look reckless. The bottom has a square edge.

Picture Perfect Long Beard Style

The beard is grown to fall to the chest level and the dark gray roots of the facial hair fades to white color. The sideburns extend to the side of the head where the facial hair is cut short. A neat comb-over coif.

The Polished Long Beard Style

Although the beard is let to grow wild, trimming the edges givs this beard style a controlled look. The clean neck and cheek lines of the beard mixes with the rough edges to give an appealing look. Use of a trimmer once a day is enough.

Short beard styles 2016

Razor Sharp Long Beard

The use of a sharp razor is highlighted in this long beard style, where the hair has been trimmed to a uniform length and the clean lines including the hard part is clear. The ends of the mustache are curled slightly and this beard style is a sharp version no doubt.

The Even Flow Long Beard Style

The facial hair is of chest length and uniformly cut and the hair roots fades from dark gray to white. The sideburns extend to the side of the head where the hair is cut short.

Chin Length Uniform Beard

The beard is of chin length and is trimmed so that it matches the length of the mustache. This gives the beard style a polished look which would not have been there if the hair was allowed to grow shaggy.

Lumberjack Beard Style

After the beard has grown out fully it is trimmed down to a uniform length. The thin sideburns fade at the sides and the most striking part is the coloring of the beard matching the hair color on the top.

Clear Outline Long Beard Style

The facial hair is let to grow as long as possible and also wild, but the edges are trimmed so nicely that it gives a clear outline. Minimal work is required to let this beard style look polished.

Coif and Bush Beard Style

The stylish coif is neatly trimmed and the appearance of the beard looks disheveled. The sides are faded and the neatly combed hair makes this beard style look as though it was purposely styled in such way.

The Gentleman Burly Beard Style

This beard style features a perfectly styled and outlined coif and a dishelved beard. This is a natural beard style which perfectly matches a sleek hairstyle. The beard is let to grow to the chest length and combed to ensure that there is no tangling. The mustache is also of the same length.

Beard Style with Handlebar Mustache

A well maintained long beard coupled with a handlebar mustache can give you the look of a bad guy. Ass more wax to the ends of the mustache to have them twisted more and to match the beard length.

In Charge and Large Beard

In this beard style a trimmed outline has to be maintained when the facial hair and the mustache are allowed to grow to a fuller length. You can add style by shortening the mustache a little bit and curling the ends by using a beard wax.

Mens face style

Carefree and Wild Beard Style

The carefree and wild styling of the beard is eye catching. The beard is grown long and wild and requires no effort in styling. The side part adds to the class of this beard style.

The Bold and Bald Hair Style

This is a bold and bald beard and hair style, where the beard is edgy featuring a thick chin strap and a long goatee. The mustache and the goatee are left to grow out to give the beard a variation in texture as well as in length.

Growing a long beard can provide you with the option of flaunting a plethora of beard styles which are unique. You can opt for the wild yet controlled beard styles or the neatly trimmed ones but be careful to judge whether the style you choose matches your face shape. Compliment with a suitable mustache style.


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