Different types of men's beards. How To Grow A Beard - 10 Tips On Getting The Perfect Shape Style

Whether it’s Jason Momoa taking on his role as Aquaman or the numerous characters in Vikings, our TV screens are painted with glorious characters donning unbelievable beards. Going back through history, the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Confucius and Abraham Lincoln all had great beards. Well now it’s time for you to match up to them, but it can be a complicated mission to start, therefore we have set out some clear tips on how to get the perfect beard. Different beard shapes.

1) Decide What Type Of Beard You Want

It’s easy enough to say you want a beard, but you need to have a Google search of bearded figures to work out what you want the beard to look like, as different styles will require different pruning methods.

You also need to understand that different beard styles can sort different shape heads, therefore it might look great on someone but this doesn’t directly mean it will work perfectly for you. If you speak to a barber who does beard trimming, they can often offer advice on what beard type will suit your head shape.

2) Time Commitment

You need to understand that this is a time consuming task. On average, your beard should grow approximately half an inch every month, therefore if you’re aiming for a 3 inch beard then you’ve got six months in front of you. Most people start to see the beard start to truly come through after one month, but then this simply means the tasks in front of you evolve.

3) Spike Testosterone

Most people don’t understand why they struggle to get beyond a few patchy sections on their cheeks. The reason: dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone and how sensitive your body is to these hormones. Now we’re not saying you need to go off and take some dodgy test boosters, however you can benefit from weight training. However even just going for a run can help. You also need to make sure you have a healthy balanced diet, containing a healthy amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Once again, having an increased testosterone doesn’t directly mean you will have more facial hair, but it is your bodies sensitivity to the DHT

Goatee cuts

4) Maintenance

I’ll be honest and admit this was the mistake I made when I first ever started and it is the common mistake most people admit to making when starting out. You assume that a beard is thick and you just need to let it grow accordingly, however this doesn’t look rugged, it looks homeless. You want to make it look wild but controlled, intentional not accidental.

The first area most make the mistake on is by not shaving the neckbeard. The beard will naturally grow quite far down the neck, however you need to trim the bottom line. Place two fingers above your Adam’s apple, this is where your beard should stop. You then need to make a ‘U shape’, going from the ears to the point you have marked above your Adam’s apple. Everything below this imaginary line needs to be completely shaved off.

This needs regular maintenance, as the stubble will grow through, so you just need to give it a quick trim down.

If you really want, you can then fade the length of beard in so it transitions into a thicker layer, however if you’re just starting then I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

Another area that drove me insane was the moustache, which starts to grow over the lip. You may want to invest in some moustache scissors, which are short and perfectly shaped to neatly trim along the lip line. This allows it to grow outwards, but prevents it from curling into your mouth, something that makes both eating and kissing slightly unpleasant.

Men's facial hair styles 2016

5) Equal Measure

Your hair will inevitably grow at different lengths, it’s just the way the world works, it sucks. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Just set your trimmer at almost the full length of the beard. This way, it can trim down any excessively long hairs. This should be done every 3-4 days, depending on hair growth.

6) Moisturise

As the beard grows, another factor people may not be aware of is the increase in beard dandruff. Just like your head, you will produce dead skin cells which can become trapped in your beard. You could also occasionally suffer from skin irritation, increasing the need for a good moisturiser. Make sure to moisturise once per day, especially if you are going through the ‘itchy period’, something I absolutely hated, which actually brings me on to my next point.

7) Itchy Period

You are warned about the itchy period, however nothing can prepare you for how itchy it will be. But you need to understand this is only temporary and lasts for different lengths of time for different people. For myself, it was two weeks of excruciatingly itchiness. As previously mentioned, you can moisturise to reduce itchiness and discomfort. Once the period pasts, you will feel proud you stuck it out.

8) Eat For A Beard

Nutrition can affect so much in our lives, it is such an undervalued tool in our armoury, so make sure to shape your diet to get optimal results. This should include eating plenty of spinach, eggs, cinnamon, oysters and sweet potatoes

9) Condition & Fragrance

You will find an increasingly large amount of people simply grabbing your beard or giving it a feel as it grows more fuller. For this reason, not to mention general maintenance, you want the hairs to be soft, smooth and well fragranced. This is where a good beard conditioner comes in, sorting out brittle hairs, nourishing the skin and packed with natural oils to make your beard smell great.

Short beard long mustache

10) Social Motivation

Growing a beard can be frustrating, in fact the time when I was most tempted to shave it off was hangover days, when it was uncomfortable and I’m more easily frustrated. Motivation is absolutely critical, yet a great way around this is to document the beard growth and make regular social posts. This isn’t seeking compliments, it is a mental trick to keep yourself going strong. In fact, tag Bullingberg into your social posts and we will give it a share, we want to share your hard work!

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