Short beard long goatee. Professional Beard Grooming Can Up Your Style

As GQ says, “Beard season has officially begun.” For some, it never ended. Corporate beard styles.

Whether your style is a full hipster beard, a close-cut corporate beard, or a classic goatee, the truth is that all facial hair needs styling. The shape needs to be maintained, unruly hairs need to be tamed, and the neckline needs to be shaved.

This is why it can be helpful to seek out professional beard grooming. After all, no one wants to impersonate a wooly mammoth with a wild, out-of-control beard.

You previously learned beard grooming tips that you can do at home, including which products to use, how to care for your beard, and how to keep your face healthy. However, trimming your own beard is tricky, and an unfortunate error can take weeks of hair growth to correct.

Here are five ways that professional beard grooming can up your style.

Looking Good

Grooming your beard keeps your facial hair under control. At its most basic, a beard trim deals with dead ends, clean edges, and beard length. Even small changes can give you a more polished look.

Beard styles for short beard

While DIY beard trims can be rushed or uneven, getting a trim at a professional hair salon can keep your beard looking good.

Personalized Style

Getting the right beard shape can be difficult, and professional groomers can help.

Your facial hair isn’t limited to how your beard grows naturally. With a stylist’s help, you can create the shape you’re looking for and even add some personality.

Stylists are trained to match beard shapes to face shapes. With professional help, your beard can become a statement rather than an afterthought.

Try New Looks

Visiting a professional beard groomer can also give you a chance to try out new beard styles that might be edgier or difficult to create. Rather than repeating the beard style that you’ve grown accustomed to; a professional stylist can help you try out new looks with your beard. For example, you can try a retro look one time and follow it with a lumberjack beard or a tightly cropped Viking beard.

How to beard designs

When working with a professional beard groomer, you have the freedom to try new styles.

Clean Edges

The neckline and cheek line are easy places to go wrong when you’re trimming your own beard. Because of the angle that you’re viewing your beard from, it’s easy to make necklines too high and cheek lines too low. Plus, both edges should follow the angles of your jawline and cheekbones rather than being unnaturally straight.

Not only can a professional beard groomer get the side view that you can’t, but he or she can also get the edges of your beard to be in harmony with your facial structure. Then, after your beard’s edges are cleaned up by a pro, you’ll be free to use your skincare routine on your newly exposed skin.

Regular Maintenance

It’s easy to assume that regular maintenance at home would be better than repeated trips to the salon. After all, the average cost of a beard trip is $15, which can add up to $390 per year for biweekly beard trims.

A smart alternative is to visit Texas-based Ogle School salon, where a beard or neck trim is only $5. This means that biweekly beard trims would only cost $130 per year.

Cool beard designs short hair

Ogle is able to offer these discounted rates because all services are performed by supervised students in a professional salon setting. While appointments are preferred, walk-ins are welcome, making it easy to stop in for a beard trim whenever it’s convenient.

A beard and neck trim isn’t the only service available at Ogle School salon. Other services include haircuts, hair color, and facial treatments such as MediBac Clearing, which helps your skin look clear and healthy.
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