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Its always found that girls prefer boys with nice beard. If you have beard you should know how to trim it. Check new top 10 cool beard styles in 2019. You should be well groomed if you want to look good. You can choose your favourite beard style according to your face shape. And these are the most beautiful beard styles which you can try. Before starting let me tell you there is no such thing like the top 10 beard is the worst and the top 1 is the best. Its all about which one suits you better according to your face shape. Its always found that girls prefer boys with nice beard. Most popular beard styles.

This beard style is the most popular one these days. There is lot of variations in this style according to your beard growth. This simple and amazing beard style will make your outlook better.

As I said its your beard growth who decides which beard style is better for you. And you can try. If your beard is thick then you can go for any styles. Here are some more examples. you can try a faded version of this beard style.

These are the most common beard styles you can go for. And these looks very good and also almost all the girls like this type of beards.

Trim your uneven beard like this. Afterall the main thing is to look good.

Popular facial hair styles 2016

This beard style is also very famous these days. Thick beard on chin looks very good. And line from ear to chin along with beard shape is sharp.

You can style your beard like this if you have this type of beard.

This is also very famous beard style if you have uneven beard on both sides. But have good growth of beard on the chin side. You can definately try this beard style.

Style your beard according to your face shape. If you have long face then you can try this beard style. And also this beard is more thick than the previous one.

Mustache and goatee designs

This style of beard is for kind of mature men. But its all your choice. But it realy don’t look nice on teenagers.

You should have thick beard for this style. Looks kind of messy and more mature.

You can also try this beard style if you have thick beard. This beard also looks better than some other messy styles.

I think this beard style is the most perfect looking style. And for tennagers its the best beard style. But in the end its your choice which is perfect for you.

Trendy beard styles 2016

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