Short beard with mustache. Clean Shaven or Bearded - Which style will dominate 2019?

Bearded style is greatly popular among men from last many years. They love to keep facial hair, and make various styles with that. But on the other hand, many also like to keep a clean shaven look. That makes them appear more appealing and charming. New beard look.

So what should you do? Are you confused on which style to keep this coming year? Should you go with bearded look, or a clean shaven look?

I know this is very difficult to decide. So here, I am going to help you out pick the one for you.

Bearded Look - So Cool

Over the years, men have donned the beard look with style. And trust me when I say, there are never going to go out of fashion any time soon. While many men might switch and head to the clean shaven look following some trend, but majority of the people will keep this look in place.

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And many will also switch from clean shaven to bearded look. BUT why?

There are various styles when you count on beards. Beard does not mean facial hair in all directions. People keep the beard trimmed, styled and much more to give that a polish look. If you ask a personal opinion, since there are so many styles in beards, men with beards look much more stylish than the clean shaven men.

So, if you are confused on which look to keep, go with the more professional and styled beard than just the plain overgrown bearded look.

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Clean Shaven - Comeback

Clean shaven look will remain forever classic. While bearded look do not go with some professional events, clean shaven look fits best with all situations.

Plus with so many shavers to trim off your beard, such as on Scheerzone, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your skin. The technology has gone advanced, so has the security. Now you won't get any cuts, in grown hair, rashes, etc. when you go with shaving. Probably that is what was keeping you from shaving off that beard from your face.

So while you can keep beard as you like, you can also go for a change occasionally by shaving off that look and coming out clean shaven. Change is always better. And the more you keep bringing variety in your life, the more you are going to love it.

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