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A punk hair look is bold, loud, and daring. You would certainly need a dose of bravery to pull off a look that has been a symbol of rebellion and anarchy for more than fifty years. However, there are still tips that you can use to incorporate elements of this style in your own personal style. All beard styles.

Key Elements of a Punk Rock Hair Look

Changing your hair to adapt to a punk rock look may be a radical step, but hair is certainly one of the most eye-catching elements of this style. You can try experimenting with different lengths and textures, such as combining long hair with an undercut or try wearing your hair slick.

And what is more, if you are ready to completely commit, you can try experimenting with different colors. Bright and neon colors are certainly a recognizable detail when it comes to a punk hairstyle.


An easier step in the process of changing your look that doesn’t require as much commitment as the other ones is the makeup. You don’t have to wear crazy amounts of heavy makeup, but a black liner or a black or neon nail polish definitely matches with a lot of punk rock clothes and iconic hairstyles for guys.

Clothes and Jewelry

You don’t always have to incorporate all the popular elements to create a look with punk hair, rather go only for what you find attractive and cool. Also, think of the length and general style of your hair when choosing clothes. After all, the things you decide to combine will define your unique personal style and become your trademark.

Unique beard designs

Piercings and Tattoos

It would be too much to say that you should do a head tattoo just because it would match your new undercut hairstyle, but you can definitely try a disconnected undercut hairstyle to match your new tattoo or piercing.

Piercings and tattoos are something more permanent, so you certainly should not do them when you’re just going through a phase in terms of style, but if you have some tattoos and piercings, or at least have some in mind, you can always think of a good hairstyle, beard style or a clothing item to match.

Punk Hairstyles for Guys

Punk hair is a trend among men who love funky and exotic looks. These are the most popular hairstyles that are used to get punk rock look.

Mohawk hairstyles are among the first things we think of when we think of a punk rock hairstyle. There is no hairstyle to better represent the spirit of a true rebel better than a mohawk with liberty spike hair. But it does take some bravery and a defined style to be able to pull it out.

What beards are in style

How to style: Use a hair trimmer to trim the hair on the sides. You can shave everything off evenly, or you can create a fade to your taste. Use scissors to cut the hair in the center. You can wear it short or long, completely straight and slick, a bit messy or even wavy. You can also experiment with bright colors or bleaching.

We’ve all seen countless photos of Elvis Presley rocking the amazing pompadour hairstyle. Not quite as extreme as a colorful mohawk, but still very effective, retro, and therefore very trendy punk hairstyle for guys.

How to style: Use a generous amount of hair gel to make the hair on the sides slick. Use a styling brush to style the voluminous pompadour that you will then fixate with hair gel.

With a little bit of hair product, you can make any short hairstyle into a spiky hairstyle. That is why this hairstyle is the simplest of all, low-maintenance, easy to style, and it exudes with a perfect punk rock style.

Men's facial hair style

How to style: Just take a bit of hair gel on your palms and fingertips and mess your hair out. Style the bangs according to the shape of your face and your preferences.

You can come up with your own version of a punk rock hair look that you would feel comfortable wearing, but, hopefully, these few guidelines have helped get you on the right path.

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