Short beard style 2016. Top 10 Beard Styles for Men, Most Popular Beard Styles 2018

Top 10 Beard Styles for Men – Here are we with the top 10 beard styles for men who are having great confusion about beard style suitable for them. Beard is increasingly becoming a mandatory masculine feature in a man. The more attractive, long and healthy beard you have, more girls will you impress consequently. Therefore, the beard has become a most important masculine feature and every man wants to have a full grown beard. Although you may have a good beard, you may be in confusion regarding beard style. Therefore we have come up with the top 10 beard styles to solve your confusion. Top 10 beard styles.

In order to have a healthy and attractive beard, you must do the efforts even for effective results. You can suffer a lot while growing beard. But this suffering will only be there when you don’t maintain the hygiene of your beard. This may look easy for you to have a good beard but the situation is totally different. Whomsoever you see with a perfect beard style, have done a lot of efforts to have it.

It is not fruitful only when you just let it grow and don’t trim it. Yes, it will grow but induce a lot of beard skin problems. Therefore, a regular care is all that you need in this perspective. In addition to it, do the regular beard wash, shampooing, conditioning, trimming and moisturizing. Then only your beard will become ready to adopt a beard style from our list of 10 best beard style for men.

Top 10 Beard Styles List for Men

As the beard trend is back in the scenario, men are looking for the best beard styles for them. They can have different types of queries like small beard styles, full beard styles, new beard styles in trend, beard styles for round face, beard style for different face shapes (heart, oval, diamond, square, triangular, oblong, round) and many more. Therefore to answer all those queries of yours, we have the top 10 beard styles for you. You can scroll down and go through them sequentially.


It is one of the most popular beard styles and is most attractive one. Bandholz falls in a full beard style category. But in order to have this on your face, your patience matters. This bead style needs time and care. In initial 4 months, you may go through some beard problems and irritation. Therefore, the longer time it will take to grow at its best. But then afterward, you will be pleased to have that sexy beard look. After about 7 months, you can start using razors or trimmer to give it a shape.

Beard man


Then comes the Garibaldi style of beard. It is shorter in comparison to Bandholz. In addition to it, it also needs patience for 4 months. After then you can start shaping your beard. Trimming from the bottom will be there in Garibaldi beard style to give it a round shape.

One of the most known beard styles is Balbo. You will easily see many males following Balbo beard style and it gives an attractive look to your face. For having Balbo style beard, the time period will again remain the same i.e., 4 months. You have to grow a more dense beard as well as mustache too. Then give it a proper shape with razor or trimmer. It needs meticulous trimming.

Yeard is again a full beard style. This beard style look is far more patient and dedicated man. It may take about one year to grow it. And after one year, the beard look you will have is Yeard. Then, trim it accordingly.

All Natural

The name itself explaining the beard style. All natural beard style gives you a hot look. In this beard style, grow a full beard and then trim it regularly to a shorter length. In addition to it, trim some of the hairs from sides and front and avoid the neckline trimming.

How to trim a beard

Lined Up

This is becoming one of the beard style trends. Most of the man prefer to go for that lined up beard style. This beard style is for them who can’t handle big beard style. But in this beard style, a lot more trimming expertise is needed. There are very short beard hair trimming and very fine lining up of the beard hairs.

Extended Goatee

It is also a suitable beard style for every face shape. You can try it by growing a full beard and then start it trimming. Instead of floating mustache, the beard is connected with the mustache.

Circle Beard

Circle beard or standard beard is a combination of mustache and goatee beard form. In order to get a circle beard style, grow a full beard and then make it trim in a rounded shape. It gives a hygienic and tidy look.

Short Stubble

There is no hard and fast rule for getting a short stubble beard look. You can just go for growing a full beard. then start trimming it while you feel its a good time to start. In addition to it, you must shave the cheek hairs and the beard hairs growing on the neck area. It will give you a manly and tidy look.

New men's shaving style

Van Dyke

Van Dyke gives you a hot and sexy look. In this beard style, you must grow a full beard then. Trim or shave the hairs from the cheeks, sides and neck region. Keep the beard growing at chin region. Keep trimming the chin beard as to get perfect V shape beard at that area.


Concluding the information here after introducing you all with the top 10 beard styles for men. Now we assume that you are now clear about the suitablebeard style for you. Now choose and adopt the best beard style out of them to have a perfect beard matching your personality.
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