Classic beard styles. These Are The Best Trending Beard Styles In 2019

Facial hair gives you more maturity and rugged look that will attract the attention from females. Want to grow a beard? Then, 2019 is the great year to embark into growing the facial hair that will make you look stylish and sophisticated. You wear it in different styles that will make a fashionable statement. So, you can opt from the bread style trending 2019 to make an impactful statement from the visual appeal. Your face is different from the next person. So, you need to choose beard styles that look great on your face. Opt the right style based on the different needs of your face. With a little TLC, you can look great with the beard irrespective of the attire you wear. Top 10 beard styles.

Named after the best generals of Italy, General Guiseppe Garibaldi, it is the perfect beard for people with an oval face. With the style, you need to have a full long beard. So, you need to allow it to grow. Men with a round or oval face can achieve roundish beard. You can complete the look with a mustache that looks messy and unkempt.

Want a cool and hip look? Then, opt for the faded beard that can reflect your stylish personality to the world. It is perfect if you have an oval or round face shape. You can rock the chic look obtained by tapering the beard and sideburns into your hair. So, the beard mostly appears shorter. The beard has a square cut, which you can grow down the chin. With the help of a stylist, you can trim its tow for a flat bottom that creates the clean and fresh look that will attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Beard options

If you work in the corporate world, then the short-boxed beard will give you the professional look with an air of confidence. It is the bread style trending 2019 that provides you a purposeful and refined appeal. So, the beard can help you make a strong impression on others. You need to grow it at least 1 to 2 inches in length. The obsessive detail makes the beard look perfect. So, the well-kept facial hair will make you stand out from the others for sure.

It is the perfect beard that ca fit people of any facial shape. Your stylist can achieve it by starting with your sideburns. You can allow it to grow into a beard. It is the style that needs constant attention and maintenance as you need to trim the sides of the burn.

Beard styles for long beards

Made famous by the entrepreneur, Bandholz Eric of Beard Band, which is famous for its facial hair grooming products. It is the striking style that will urge people to notice you. The beard style appears good on people of all facial style including round, triangle, oval or diamond face shapes. You need to take time to grow your beard completely. But, it is worth the time as you look impressive.

Take your beard to the next level by opting from the bread style trending 2019. The cool and stylish designs can make you look classy and sophisticated. The different styles of facial hair will complement with your cool hairstyles to make you look drool-worthy.

Facial beard designs

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