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Beards have been around since Humans started growing facial hair, or rather, since humans stopped growing hair everywhere else. In fact, beards have been everything from an emblem of manhood to a fashionable accessory. The styles have in no way remained static though. Indeed, there are as many varieties of beard as there are varieties of men, and here are a few of the most impressive beards around. Mens beard shapes.

Hugh Jackman

No, he's not even preparing to shoot a film about Vladimir Lenin. He's just pulling off that beard. Hugh Jackman is not only a master of disguise, but, it seems, a capable beard farmer as well.

Originally known as Jeff Bridges, The dude rocks a ten gallon goatee that could make a conquistador go weak in the knees. It takes a lot of hair to get going, but a goatee of this magnitude signals to everyone that you're running at the head of the pack.

Best shaving style for man

Idris Elba

It's a conservative style, but on Idris Elba's face, it looks rugged and weatherworn, Like he's just stepped out of a post-apocalyptic hellscape and into a boardroom.

Chris Pine

Lastly, nouveau Captain Kirk shows us an example of immaculate grooming. Well-trimmed and with straight hairs that slightly curl in toward the face, we can see how a well-trimmed beard can really square up the jawline.

Most popular facial hair styles

Growing a beard is a little like committing to an arranged marriage. You have no clue what you're getting yourself into until the ceremony's long over, but with grooming and guidance, you can blaze a beard trail of your very own.
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