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Men's Haircuts and Hairstyles

For over the past 22 years, Prestige Barber Shop New York has been New York City's premier location for men's haircuts and hair styling. Our top quality services and affordable prices make us the most desirable place for men to get their hair cut in New York City. Barber Shop NYC have constantly maintained a great reputation with our clients because we provide them with the highest quality of lavish services. New shaving style.

Many of our clients have left us glowing testimonials about all of our different services. You can read what a few of our many satisfied clients by simply clicking on the testimonials link to the left of this page. Our constant attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction has allowed us to remain successful and attract many new clients. In addition, we’re proud to have kept many of our loyal clients for many years.

Old School Straight Razor Shave

Prestige Barbers New York use European styling techniques, providing top quality haircuts, hair styling, old fashioned straight razor shaves and traditional wet shaving; while using some of the most advanced men's grooming tools on the market, leaving men of all ages looking clean, fresh and perfect.

Haircut Styles for Men

Whether you’re looking for a simple shave or a complex styling, our experienced NYC barbers will be happy to help you. The professionals at Barber Shop New York have experience with virtually every type of hairstyle from the traditional to the modern, and everything in between.

Best male beards

Popular Hairstyles for Men

This year has seen male celebrities adopting some amazing hairstyles for men that have become widely popular across the fashion-conscious youth. And if you are looking for the best in modern hairdos book an appointment with your hair stylist at Prestige Barbershop NYC to get one of the best hairstyles for men that suits you most

Haircuts for Men

In between your regular haircut you can stop in for a quick hair line clean up as well for a very affordable price. This is a great option when you have a formal event and want to look your best, but don’t yet need a full haircut. This will include a shave along the neckline and a quick evening out along your hairline to give you that great fresh haircut look at a fraction of the price.

Our barbers NYC are committed to not only providing each of our customers with the best haircut, styling service, or shave, but also with the absolute highest levels of customer service. When you call us to set up an appointment you’ll be greeted with a pleasant voice and professional service. When you walk in the door for your appointment, we’ll be ready for you.

Beard styles for less facial hair

Barber Shop Open Late

If you don’t have an appointment, however, don’t worry! We gladly accept all walk-in clients and will be ready to cut your hair or give you a great shave as soon as possible. We are open early and close late and are working on Saturday & Sunday. We’ll also give you an accurate estimate of how long you’ll have to wait so you know what to expect. While you’re waiting you can relax in our comfortable chairs and flip through a magazine or look through our full lineup of professional hair care products which we sell at an excellent price.

Quality Haircuts

The only barber shop in New York City that gets you world class quality haircuts and hairstyling for affordable New York City prices is Prestige Barbershop of midtown Manhattan. When it’s time for your next haircut, make sure to check out the specials section on this page to check out our latest deals and you can save some money on your next visit with us.

Optimal Beard Style

Not many men know that they can’t just pick a beard. In fact, there is a science behind picking a beard style, much like picking a men’s hairstyle. Which beard style will you look best boasting? We can advise you on the style that fits your face, square, oblong or oval.

Types of mens beards

Next time you are due for your next hair cut, remember, great services, professional barbers, affordable New York City prices, Prestige Barber Shop New York, midtown Manhattan's ONLY choice for men's barbering.

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