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The right style may define a character – it depicts your personality, and shows a lot about your inner self. So, why choose cliched, that actually wouldn’t even match your personality type? In today’s world being trendy and having attractive hairstyles makes a man look more attractive and appealing. Afro hairstyles for black guys are so cool. To choose one from so many variations at the salon can become a tedious task. Popular beard styles.

Most of the Afro hairstyles for black guys are a combination of texture on top, a lineup, and a taper fade. Before you can try any of them below, please come out of the myth that your color makes a lot of difference. NO! You are unique, not because of anything else, but because your personality stands out. Checkout some Short Hairstyles For Black Men To Try. So, ditch all regular and boring hairstyles this season, and why not try your hands on some really nice Afro hair looks?

Trendy Afro Hairstyles For Black Guys

Box Fade

Box fade is the iconic style that symbolised the golden era of hip-hop. The box fade has made a big comeback on NBA courts. Also, known as“the hi-top or flat top”. This style combines sides that taper down to a short length with a sharply-defined rectangular top. Usually, the length of the top hair is about 3-5 cm. But you may style it the way you desire. Likely, opt for a shorter and tight top with a gradual taper at the sides.

Afro Fade

The afro fade is a witty haircut. It incorporates the taper sides as in the box fade with the top left to natural growth. It is much popular with youngsters.

Short beard designs


This hairstyle can be practiced by men with fine, straight or tight curly hair. It gives you control over the shape your hair takes by shaping the quiff at the front of your hair.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is low maintenance and this is quite famous when it comes to afro hairstyles for black guys. It is the short, military-inspired hairstyle. As in case of any super-short haircut, this look will draw attention to your brow and make your face look more defined and will highlight your jawline and beard.


It is a reimagined box fade, narrower in the middle and rocked with the kind of maverick air. This haircut can be either angular in style or left to grow more freely. The one blessed with tighter curls will have greater control over the shape of their frohawk and can also opt for a bolder imagining of the cut. Here are some Popular Hairstyles For Men To Copy. Let’s check out-

Mens grooming beard styles


This hairstyle takes advantage of thick hair and tight curls. A geometric cut is defined by strong angles, but there is no predefined norm on how it should look. It’s a masterpiece of your imagination. You may use your part line as a guide to creating a right-angle part in your hair.

Twists With Fade

In this hairstyle maintain some length on the top and style twists in the way outlined above. Opt for a length that tapers down, on the side. This haircut looks more profound if the hair on top is a little longer and unruly.

Hair is often hard to manage. The above mentioned afro hairstyles for black guys are trendy and low maintenance and can be pulled up on any occasion and with any outfit. Black guys can even create their own unique cuts and styles by combining a taper fade and design on the sides, shape up at the hairline, and a textured top. Also, with short hairstyles maintained stylish beards work like a cherry on top of the pudding.

Top ten beard styles

Always choose your hairstyle based on a lot of other factors, that would include your personality build, your height and the outfit you choose. Once these are set, your hairstyle is going to add on to your style, and you surely will have all eyes on you. Here you find some cool hairstyles for men with beard. Have a look-
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