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Keeping beard is trendy fashion presently. Popular beard styles for black men are inspiring and they are taken from celebrities who don’t hesitate to push the boundary. Such unique beard styles make the personality charming. If you are willing to adopt a beard style to look good, consider your face shape, your personality and the body type. Make sure the style of beard you choose looks great and awesome on you. When you browse through fashion websites, you will find so many different styles of beards that you will be clueless which one to choose. Among so many beard styles, you will find a beard style which matches up with your looks or rather adds to the looks. A suitable beard style can add value and appeal to your looks.

Choose a Beard Style

Before you choose a beard style, do consider the hairstyle. The hairstyle must match up with the beard you choose. This section will acquaint you with the unique beard choices that you may experiment with. By choosing an apt one as per your face shape, your hair style and personality, you can look your best. If you wish to appear stylish and also want to catch up with the latest fashion trend, then there are several trendy and unique beard styles for you to make choices from. This section focuses on unique and trendy beard styles that may be adopted by black men. So, before you even use trimmers and razor to trim or cut the beard, thick twice. You can look your daring best by adopting any one of the beard styles.

The 20 popular beard styles listed here are for different face shapes. You can choose any one of the beard styles that suits you. The best beard style will certainly compliment your personality and make you irresistible to your favorite woman. The haircut should be such that it directs the attention towards your stylish beard.

Full Beard: Popular Among Black Men

There was a time when full beard was greatly popular among the black men. It is great to see that what used to be old is back in fashion. The full beard is the sort of classic beard style which makes great comeback only currently. One advantage of full beard style for black men is that it does not matter what your face shape is. This style of beard may be adjusted to the shape of your face and haircut. You may sculpt it so that it goes with any of the face shapes.

Do you have high-coiffed hair? If yes, then full beard is the style for you. You may pull off the full beard look quite easily. It is also popular among the ones who like vintage beard styles. The aged look is well accepted and well appreciated. So, if you are beardoholic, you should go for this.

Look Irresistible With 5 O’ Clock Beard Style

Any man can look great and irresistible with 5 ‘O Clock beard style. The interesting beard style is popular today. The appearance of this beard is like 5 O’ Clock shadow. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the beard style is easy. This beard style requires proper care and maintenance. When keeping this beard style, you got to shave the neck and cheek regularly to get the perfect look. Use the best quality beard oil to oil the rest of the facial hair. This will give relaxed and cool look. If you trim the beard every 3-4 days, you will maintain the cool look.

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The Goatee Style of Beard

Among so many beard styles for black men, this is the most popular one. Guys go for this beard style just because they have the liberty to sculpt the beard according to their wish. Indeed, you may sculpt the beard in various ways and continue to get the desired look. If you have a round face, Goatee is a suitable beard style. Connect Goatee to the moustache and see the difference it makes. Irrespective of whether you trim the beard edge or let it grow further, the style of beard commands attention of all.

Maintain a Short Beard

In the entire African-American community, the Short Beard is an appealing beard trend. Many men and women prefer the look which short beard gives. You may feel that it is not suitable for black men as the color of the skin blends with the color of facial hair. But, still short beard is popular. The trick here is getting beyond the sloppy stage and allowing the beard to grow longer. After the beard is allowed to grow further for a week, it gets lined up pretty well and becomes more symmetrical.

Basic beard styles

The Carved Beard to Express One’s Personality

Black men love to sport the Carved Beard style for it allows them to express the personality. It is one such sculpted beard style which has well shaped contours requiring a distinct skill or care to master. Here one needs to use the razor or trimmer to sculpt the neck, cheekbone and mustache. If you have dense beard hairs, this style is suitable for you.

But, to maintain the look, you got to work on the beard on a regular basis. The extra work you do will certainly pay you while you get more attention.

The Soul Patch: The Simple Beard Style

A simple beard style for black men is the Soul Patch. Black men acquire a style which gives them imperial feel. The Soul Patch is a variation of goatee only. It is just the strip of facial hair extending downwards from lower lip and moving towards the chin. This may be trimmed about any of the width. To compliment this style of beard, you can keep a mustache. The style of beard extends to center of one’s chin and thus creates chin strap. This is very stylish beard which will surely command a lot of attention.

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Don’t think that Nicholas II style of beard was just popular in the 20

century. It has its resurgence in the current times and the popularity seems to grow. The style of beard is more popular among black men. Here the beard or facial hair peaks in at the center of the chin and then it is complimented with a long mustache. This style of beard is mostly popular among the hipsters and is unique. However, don’t be scared of its uniqueness since it may give a different look altogether.

The Van Dyke Beard: Another Popular Style of Beard among Black Men

The Van Dyke Beard is sharp, crisp and different kind of beard style which is in contrast to the traditional goatee. Named after Anthony Van Dyke, the Flemish Artist, this beard style has made resurgence now. The style is of keeping small beard upon the chin which is connected to goatee. You may either keep a little mustache or avoid it altogether. In order to maintain the imperial look, the beard should be trimmed regularly and only then it can maintain its appearance. It is one such beard style which gives chance to be as creative as possible. You may shape chin beard, widen soul patch and style in whatever way you want.

The Mutton Chops

It is a daring beard style which needs a sort of commitment and bravery from the beard keeper. This style of beard is different from most others. The Mutton Chops beard style gives a complete masculine look whereby one needs to shave mustache, chin area and also the soul patch. Allow the hairs on the sideburns to grow further and further. The hairs on sideburns grow dense, long and large along the jawline and the cheeks. After your beard grows thick, you can trim it along the edge and hence attain a bold, daring and powerful look.

The Chin Curtain: A Popular Beard Style

A popular beard style is the Chin Curtain style and the term only gives you idea what it is. Here the beard is trimmed along the sideburns and in perfect line moving down the jaws and back to the other side. Here the hairline stays away from the mustache. If you want to get it right, you may contact a skilled barber to trim it in the way. In fact, the linear design needs great precision and skill. It may be that you need to trim the beard daily to make it stand out. If you shave off the mustache, the look will be more enhanced.

Beard look 2016

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Anchor Beard: The Combination of Mustache and Goatee

Also referred to as Balbo, the Anchor Beard is fabulous combination of mustache and goatee. If you watch this beard style from a distance, it will almost resemble like an anchor or an inverted tree. Hollywood actors love to flaunt this beard style and it is greatly popularized.

The Anchor Beard style is like having full thick goatee where the section that connects chin beard and mustache is shaved. However, the two missing sections have to be trimmed daily. Regular trimming helps to maintain Balbo beard appearance.

Mutton Chops Friendlier Beard

While Mutton Chops beard style may scare anyone, there is also the friendlier Mutton Chops. It is indeed the watered down beard style which is an outstanding friendlier alternative. This is one such beard style which will make you proud of owning it. You don’t have to worry if it scares others or looks awkward. Its shape and length is just the same as original Mutton Chops. Here you have the option to grow mustache to enjoy a more inviting look. In order to further compliment the beard style, allow your hair on jaws and cheeks to grow out to a medium length.

Barely Shaved Beard Style

Don’t mix up Barely Shaved beard style with not having any facial hair at all. From a distance, it may feel that one is clean-shaven but this is not so. The trick to having barely-shaven beard style is letting one’s stubble grow to exactly the same length prior to trimming. Use trimmer by keeping it to the lowest possible setting while using it each and every day for shaving. When it is late afternoon, the beard will appear as if little sprouts make way to the surface of the face. At the end, what you attain is 5 O’ Clock beard look that may be trimmed, shaved and sculpted accordingly. Trimming is done in a way that the beard grows only in precise areas.

Always In Fashion the Bald Man Beard

Bald Man Beard is a popular beard style which never seems to go out of fashion. Black men who are bald can still grow full beard. The style of beard is thick, luxurious and seems to climb the person’s jawline moving towards the edge of ears. No hair proceeds higher than the ear edge, and the style of beard is really popular and commands attention. Even those men who have full head hairs, they like to shave it off just to acquire this style of beard. The one having this beard style commands a lot of attention.

The Popular Circle Beard

Are you looking for a fun beard style? The Circle Beard is just perfect for men who want an easy and cool look. No matter what the face shape, you can sport Circle Beard anytime. Here you have to create strip of beard following the jawline right from ears and moving to goatee. In this beard style, Goatee is the center of attention, and is allowed to grow longer. Everything here is rounded right from chin beard to mustache. It gives a sort of tamed look and is perfect for black men. The style of beard is popular among men who want to carry sophisticated and neat appearance.

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The Split Beard

This is a popular style of beard whereby the beard is allowed to grow fully and completely thick. When the beard moves beyond the chin, you may just split it into two. The killer beard style is all the rage among popular celebrities and others alike. It is popular with Jack Sparrow and is seen in Pirates of Caribbean Movies. If you want to look wild and spontaneous, just go for it. The look it gives to the person is cool and collected.

Mens beard designs 2016

Flaunt the Mid-Range Stubble

After the facial hair is allowed to grow for at least a week, you need to trim it to acquire mid-range stubble. The trick here is to have a beard which does not appear like a true beard or 5 O’ Clock shadow look. Let the facial hair grow to a certain point allowing it to resemble a beard only to some extent.

Having this sort of beard requires skill and some mastering. Well, the efforts you put in will pay you. The classic look of Mid-Range Beard is amazing. Even if there is ½ inch growth of facial hair, it will do. The style of beard is irresistible and draws the maximum attention.

The Popular Duck Tail Beard

It is not that typical kind of neck beard. Duck Tail beard is popular beard style among black men which is different from typical neck beard. It has exploded into popularity more in the current times. James Harden’s beard commands great attention in the basketball court amid 50000 fans screaming at him. It makes his presence on the court more powerful and imposing. Here the key to having Ducktail beard is letting your chin hair growing out as far as you want such that it seems like duck tail. Further, you may shape it the way you want. You can compliment this beard by wearing a stylish T-Shirt and blue jeans, carrying a sunglass.

The Garibaldi Beard Style: Very Popular Among Black Celebrities

When you hear the term ‘Garibaldi Beard Style’, you may feel that the beard style is out of control where the highlights are chin strap and neck beard. But, to have this kind of beard style needs effort, skill and attention. A man committed to his beard and grooming routine can come up with perfect set of Garibaldi Beard. Here the person needs to grow chin hair longer and longer and then trimming it in U-Shape. The overall look is damn hot and daring.

Mini Goatee for a More Formal Look

Do you want to grow facial hair? It may be that your workplace prohibits you to sport your style. In that case you may start growing Mini Goatee. As the name suggests, the beard is small. You just have here strip of little hairs growing under the nose or even near to the chin. There are guys who just like to have tiny patch of hair only under their chin. It is like having small beard without making the use of razor.

It all depends on your face shapes when you choose a beard style. If the face is long, don’t choose a beard style which makes it longer. Among all the beard styles for black men, the 5 O’ Clock shadow and Mutton Chops are the most popular ones.

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