Cool beard ideas. 8 Best Beard Conditioners Reviews - for a Smooth, Soft Silky Beard

Of all the beard related purchases conditioner is definitely in the top 3 tricky ones. Best beard.

The reason is that a lot of people believe that beard conditioner is not a separate category of a product at all. There’s even a Reddit post that says that a beard conditioner and beard oil are one and the same giving rise to the ‘Oil IS the conditioner’ myth.

So I thought it's about time to write an article about beard conditioners and review some of the best ones.

Any bearded gentlemen worth his salt should know that a beard conditioner is different product from beard oil. I will come to that in a minute. For now, here’s my pick of the top 9 beard conditioners in the market.

Not all beard oils have a variety of oils. (but some nonetheless have such a variety, a quick note on this: more oils doesn't necessarily mean better product).

Further, it has a blend of fruit and nut butters in Cocoa, Aloe, Shea Butter and Kokum butter making it extremely rich and spreadable. Non greasy, mind you, but very spreadable.

Last but not least; it has gentle aromatic essential oils for all-day fragrance in your beard.

Different types of beard cuts

Now let’s take a closer look at bestselling beard oil.

This bestselling beard oil on the other hand has a blend of oils the number is not constant of course, but it's a blend of carrier and essential oils.

I'm not taking anything away from the beard oil here. This is just an attempt to compare the two products. The oil is very effective at what it is meant to do. It will nourish the beard hair, keep it soft and prevent beard itch.

The beard leave-in conditioner on the other hand is clearly designed to make it easy for you to apply on the beard and the natural butter blend ensures that every single beard strand is coated and hydrated. Since it also has a blend of carrier oils and essential oils, it will serve all the purposes for which one typically uses beard oil.

There you have it. It is now up to you to pick what works best for you. If you want to use both the products separately, then you can pick an in-shower beard conditioner and use your favorite beard oil. Either way, the importance of a good conditioner in a beard care routine cannot be undermined.

For starters, Honest Amish has been around forever. And their recipes for their beard care products have remained largely unchanged over the years. This beard balm leave-in conditioner is one of their best offerings till date.

How to trim beard styles

It takes their all-natural organic formula and infuses it with some new skin-friendly ingredients to create a complete beard care product that softens, hydrates and styles your beard - the hold is not strong, but it will definitely be able to hold your beard a bit for styling puprposes.

Remember the best selling leave-in conditioner that I've used as a reference earlier in this article? That’s Honest Amish for you.

Take a little of the conditioner in your palm and rub it between your fingers to watch it melt away allowing you to apply it easily to even the deepest hair strand on the beard. It has a delightful aroma that is comparable to a musky, spicy perfume. Not feminine at all.

Honest Amish retains its retro inspired tin packaging which is way better than leaking bottles and nozzles to be fair. It slips into your pocket allowing you to groom on the go.

Smooth Viking has been as popular as Honest Amish in the past few years, with each brand commanding its own loyal customer base.

The leave-in conditioner differs from the rest because it contains a hint of beeswax that gives the beard firm hold. This makes it a very versatile product that styles along with nourishing and hydrating.

Best hair styles with beard

The aroma is a mild citrusy one that you’d barely notice.

You can completely cover the beard even with a tiny bit of this conditioner making it a value-for-money pack. Like Honest Amish, Smooth Viking also uses a tin instead of a bottle for packaging which is great according to us. The tin is portable and leak proof.
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