New hairstyle with beard. 18 Long Goatee Styles and Tips How to Grow Them Rightly

Long Goatee Styles and Tips. Goatee beards are one of the trendiest facial hairstyle in men currently. Why these are named “goatee” is simply because the chin hair are pointed just like that of goat. The great thing about it is that it can be styled and worn in several ways, whichever suits your face and style best. Long goatee styles.

Ultimate Guide to Growing & Styling a Long Goatee

With different combinations of mustache and beard you can achieve hundreds of different looks. So we bring you 18 stylish ways to carry long goatee and how to maintain it.

# 18: The Rugged Look

If you want to achieve a rugged and still look handsome then go for a full long beard. This not only gives a rough and tough look but looks extremely hot.

# 17: The Cool Dude

Want to look as awesome as the Rock? Well go for a cleaner and sleeker look, and this type of goatee suits very well on square faces.

# 16: Goatee Style for Teenagers

Like Robert Pattison opt for goatee beard only and clean up the mustache. This adds more charm to the entire look and personality. Do have a look at Stylish Beards-21 Beard Styles for Teen Guys to Look Cool

# 15: The Case of Curious Gentleman

A Van Dyke goatee is a nice way to look in style yet be able to carry yourself with the gentleman charm. Go ahead, and experiment!

# 14: Bolding in the Bald Head

The idea of moustache and beard is similar to the one mentioned in the previous one but to rock the look even with bald head. For more ideas, check out Beard Styles for Bald Guys-30 New Facial Hairstyles for Bald Heads

# 13: With the Mohawk Hair

Another fascinating way to pull off your goatee beard well is to combine it with Mohawk hairstyle and wear it with a gentleman look.

Different types of beard styles for men

# 12: The Casual Way

Guys usually carry themselves around all casually. They run errands or even if they’re out with friends they want to dress in a comfortable style, so a beard with a tee shirt and a jacket is an easy way out. Hairstyle is also as important as styling your beard so don’t forget to look at 2016 Hairstyles for Men | 25 New Styles to Try this Year

# 11: The Pointed Goatee

For a more precise and sleek look, men can also go for a shaved beard which makes the face appear even slimmer.

# 10: The Elderly Man

The combo of natural grey hair and similar facial hair colored goatee gives a mature and a charming look to your face. It’s important to choose the goatee style that goes with your face shape, for help with this, have a look at out guide on Goatee Styles-25 Popular Goatee Beard Styles for Different Face Types

# 9: Long Hair, Don’t Care

Well some men can pull off long hair really well, so a goatee beard, some long hair and suit and pants. You’re all set to rock!

# 8: The Innocent Look

Men with short hair cut and very light facial hair, shaped into a goatee look sweet, innocent and charming.

# 7: The Businessman Look

Benedict surely knows how to carry a serious look and make it look more intense with a very light goatee. For more such ideas: Professional Beard Styles-20 Facial Hairstyle for Businessmen

# 6: Black and White

Middle aged men should not worry whether they can or can’t pull off a goatee, they can carry their natural hair color with the beard.

Goatee cuts

# 5: The Extremely Pointed Goatee

To look more fashionable men can also go for a more sharp and pointed goatee.

# 4: Highlighted Hair

Facial hair which are highlighted but blends in well can be worn as full goatee.

# 3: Age with Grace

Grace and age may seem synonyms, but a lot of men think they can’t wear goatee with age, but a white facial haired goatee looks wonderful, wear it with confidence!

# 2: Mr. Gentleman Look

Well the concept is absurd that you can’t have a gentleman look with the latest style. Who says having a pointed goatee can’t give you a gentleman’s look.

# 1: The Absolute Cool Dude

Yes tattoos, grey hair and a casual tee rocks the entire goatee look. Isn’t that so?

How to Grow a Goatee Beard

• Make sure before going for a goatee beard, leave razor completely. Let the facial hair grow out completely.

• Once you keep a goatee, make sure to trim it very regularly, don’t let it be messy.

Beard shaving ideas

• Try and understand your hair type and the length it can grow to. Then decide which shape of goatee you want to grow.

• Also have an outline of the goatee first and then shape your facial hair accordingly.

There you go, all set to rock a goatee beard!
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