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Some are born to great facial hair, some achieve great facial hair, and others have great facial hair thrust upon them – either way, it is unarguable that mankind has developed some great facial hair styles over the years. Facial hair is a clear indication of a guy’s manliness. Oftentimes, a man looks more rugged with a little bit of stubble. Bushier styles tend to give a man a more mature look, though this would depend on how the facial hair is styled and the facial features that compliment it. Facial hair styles how to.

Facial hair also symbolizes a person’s social standing and maturity. The modern man has realized the importance of looking good and keeping clean. Although many young men prefer to shave off their five o’clock shadow, there are still a many males who favor a little (or a lot) of hair on their face. Facial hair styles give a man character and enhances their facial structure if done right.

Types of Facial Hair Styles

Five O’clock Shadow – or stubble. Basically just really short hair that is a result of one or two days of not shaving.

Horseshoe – known as biker moustache because it is largely favored by leather-wearing men who ride big bikes. It’s a long moustache that forms a horseshoe shape starting for your upper lip down to the sides of your mouth.

Pencil Moustache – a thin line of hair on the upper lip

Van Dyke Beard – chin hair and moustache aren’t connected

Neck Beard – hair grown under the jaw and/or on the neck

Men's facial hair styles 2016

Mutton Chops – hair on the sides of the face that do not form a complete beard. Not to be confused with sideburns. Mutton chops get larger down the chin.

Soul Patch –hair just below the lower lip

Chin Curtain – long hair grown along the jaw line

Sideburns – hair that extends from the hairline down the sides of the face

Chinstrap Beard – sideburns that connect to form a beard

Best Facial Hair Styles

If you’re planning to sport some facial hair, you should take into consideration what type of face you have. Different types of facial hair styles suit different face shapes. Not everyone is meant to have a full beard or a funky moustache. Determine what the shape of your face, its angles and curves, and also the best hairstyle that will compliment your facial hair. That way you’ll be able to recognize what type of facial hair style is best for you.

Various beard styles

Facial Hair Styles for Men

Men usually grow facial hair to look more manly and rugged. The type of style depends on what the man wants to look like. Generally speaking, all types of facial hair styles make men look more muscular and rough compared to boys with bare faces. But if you really want to have that alpha-male presence, it is highly suggested that you go for full but groomed beards.

Cool Facial Hair Styles

While thick and bushy styles are wild and spontaneous, they’re not particularly trendy. They’re eccentric and look good only on those with a equally unconventional personalities. Cleaner and simpler styles like the round beard, the five o’clock shadow, or the neat moustache are much more fashionable. They’re easier to manage and gives the wearer a more calm and casual appearance.

African American Facial Hairstyles

For African American men, gruffier and thicker styles look good on them. Full beards, in particular, are popular among dark-skinned men. Goatees are also recommended for these men. They’re edgy but not over the top.

Facial Hair Styles for Bald Men

Men who don’t have much hair on their head are recommended to compensate with facial hair. Of course, one shouldn’t go for full facial hair styles. It would mess up the person’s facial symmetry. Lighter styles are more suited. The humble circle beard is an example of such style. They could also go for the modest five o’clock shadow. Just keep in mind to even out everything.

Popular Facial Hair Styles

The obvious stubble is a popular facial hair style. It gives the man a more refined look yet subtly emphasizes his boldness. Other clean but masculine hair styles have also gained popularity. The goatee, for instance, has been around for centuries but continues to be a favorite.

Modern Facial Hair Styles

Full beards, groomed and styled properly, are perfect for any modern man wanting a sharper, sexier look. Beards are often associated with virility. The overall scruff is for younger men with something to prove. It makes the man appear more creative and cool. Goatees, on the other hand, give a man a more mature air.

Facial styles 2016

Asian Facial Hair Styles

Although some might say that Asian men don’t typically grow facial hair, that isn’t true at all. Asian men are just as able to grow facial hair as easy as western men. They are able to sport all kinds of styles and each style gives them a certain characteristic look.

Hot Facial Hair Styles

Some women might prefer their men without facial hair. It makes them look cleaner and younger. However, many women do consider facial hair to be sexy. The hottest male celebrities nowadays have flattering patches of hair on their faces that maximizes their sexual appeal. Well-groomed facial hair styles are much more preferred than wild, unkempt styles that, although look tougher and more exciting, are a tad too outrageous and unmanageable.

Trendy Facial Hair Styles

Nowadays, young men are getting more and more attracted to growing out their facial hairs. The latest trend is growing unique facial hair that will make them stand out from the crowd – not too much though… the idea is to be unique, not tacky. However, they’re basically just variations of the usual and common styles that the world has already seen. Combinations of different styles are tried out and modified.

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