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Keeping beards is becoming more common place and are trending today. People have started to keep beards to sport a macho look and if you take a look around you, you can spot the fascination for sure. Care products specially designed for beards and facial hair are becoming available today. There is a diminishing generation gap when it comes to sporting fancy beards. More and more millennials and generation X guys are keeping beards and checking out the best beard styles of today. Though people around mostly do not like unkempt beards (with people, parents, employers and people who matter in life are implied), properly groomed and well-kept beards are always favored.

Let us, without further ado, find out what are the best 15 beards according to popular trends and see how to do them. The following are some of the fanciest beard styles but they are not in any particular order of favoritism.

The Royale Beard from the Square Styles

If you find a moustache with a chin strip, you could be looking at the Royale Beard or the Royale Goatee. This look works best on square faces. The starting point of this beard is probably the medium stubble. The look would not go with everyone and facial structure is quite important. The hair on the sides gets trimmed. You would even need to grow the moustache properly. You need to let the hair grow for a week or two before you can start shaping it.

When you start styling, pick the right comb length on the trimmer. First, trim the facial hair and even the length. The tug and pull will be reduced and you won’t be facing clogged blades. Start by creating the proper goatee shape. The hair on the neck and cheeks should be shorter. Keep a proper symmetry as well. Rinse the face with warm water and hydrate the hair. While shaving, remember to use light strokes to get the close shave. Remember to use a precision blade to give the shape. You can get the perfect Royale look with this style. This one is among the best beard stylesof all time.

The Balbo Beard from the Round Styles

You can easily spot the Balbo Beard among celebrities. This is because it is one of those styles which make you look smart and let you sport a beard at the same time. But before you decide to grow this, realise that you need to grow your beard to its full length. This might take anywhere from three to four weeks. The Balbo is an old school beard look and it can give you instant recognition. You need to be good with your trimming skills if you want to sport this beard all by yourself.

Select a fixed-length comb as you start trimming and trim the hair on your face that would not constitute the beard. Define the shape of the beard next and keep checking the symmetry as you move forward. But make sure that you never trim too much in order to look even. Rinse with water and lather up the hair. Shave the parts of the beard that is not to be kept and then trim the parts near the edges. Use proper precision trimmers to get the perfect styling.

The Mutton Chops Beard from the Rectangle Styles

This is one of the old hairstyles that are coming back. The best thing about the old school beard looks is that you can put on a nice rugged leather jacket and sport a cool vintage look. This style is not just on trend. It’s a classic and has been around for ages. There are long sideburns in this style that connect to the moustache. It would always be on the top 15 best beard styles list no matter which century you are in.

As you would see, the mutton chops style does not have anything under your chin. So first start out with a comb length of your choice and trim the parts that are not in the beard. Take care to trim the edges properly otherwise you would miss out the sharpness that is a characteristic of the Mutton Chops Beard. After you have made a proper outline by trimming, proceed to lather and a proper shave with the razor. The sharpness would depend on how you deal with the hair on the chin.

Anchor Beard from the Round Styles

The Anchor Beard can be featured the best if you have a triangular chin. The beard would not work that well if you have oval features. You would not let the beard grow for as much as a month before you can lay your hands on them. Proper grooming is a must for this type. The razor would not do you any good and it can be shaped properly only with a flexible trimmer. It is advised to meet a barber if you would like to get the proper shape. It is among the best beard styles for any occasion.

Short beard styles 2016

While creating the anchor beard, you would be trying to maintain that jawline and hence it is advisable to use a trimmer that can precisely shape your beard. The thin strip might be a little difficult to curve. You should trim it by properly aligning the trimmer. A proper symmetry would bring out the best looks of this style. It is one of the fanciest beard styles of the day.

Chevron from the Oval Styles

The Chevron is a moustache style where you can guess everything from just the name. It is shaped like a chevron which covers the entire top lip. You can achieve the look with a proper trimmer in hand. Though you can visit your hairdresser, it is not that difficult to trim. With a little practice, you would be able to curve it just the way you want to. Keeping a good pair of razors is also recommended.

The style can be deceptively simple. Though there are countless others which might difficult to design, this one does not need much effort. The only thing you would need to do is to maintain it over the days. Always use fixed length combs for trimming and trim the hair. Define the shape of the moustache and do not go swinging blindly. Also, keep checking for the symmetry. It is of primal importance.

Horseshoe Moustache from the Oval Styles

The Horseshoe Moustache can be combined perfectly with hair that is medium-sized and well-shaped. The look is according to the latest trends and it is featured by some famous celebrities. It looks particularly good if you have angular features in your face. It is one of the best beard styles that you can design in recent times. If you think horseshoes are any reason for good luck, then the horseshoe moustache facial hairstyle would be the perfect thing to have.

The horseshoe facial hair style is much like a moustache but the two long strips protruding from the Stache point downwards and extends to the chin. After trimming the unwanted parts, make sure you have got the perfect symmetry. Then use the razor to get the clean shave on the remaining parts.

Goatee from the Square Styles

Featuring a goatee without a moustache is becoming a trend in modern times. This facial style does not require moustache but you can have the moustache in the Supreme Goatee St. You would need the trimmer to reduce the volume of hair and thin it. This style is good if you would like to elongate the chin.

While shaping the goatee, you do not need the hair on the cheeks or your throat. Trim the additional hair or the unwanted portion using a razor. This will help to get the goatee look. The goatee has some other styles as well. These are among the best 15 beards you can try out.

Van Dyke Beard from Round Styles

The Van Dyke Beard shows a sign of power and is one of the best styles. This makes people wear it till date. The Van Dyke Beard is much like the goatee look and can be created in a similar way.

If you want to create the look, there are just a few simple steps that you would need to follow. First of all, select a fixed length comb for trimming the beard. Now use a razor or a trimmer to remove all the facial hair. It would help to define the shape of the beard. This is the most important step while creating this look. Though the symmetry would not be creating many problems in this case, you should still keep a lookout.

How to shave your beard

The Short Boxed Beard from the Round Styles

The Short Boxed Beard is one of the fanciest styles and its presence cannot be ignored. This look is easy to maintain. But you would need to have a square face for this look. A good amount of hair would be needed on the skin as well as on the sides. It is true that you can trim it on your own but it is advisable to visit a good salon for the purpose.

Start defining the look by trimming the facial hair and defining the beard shape. Prepare the face by forming lather and then start trimming. Keep in mind to use light and gentle strokes so that there would not be any unnecessary cuts or mistakes. Rinse the blades so that they do not get clogged with additional hair. Use precision trimmers to get the exact effect of these best beard styles.

The Gunslinger Beard and Moustache from the Rectangle Styles

The Gunslinger Beard and Moustache would get you a cowboy type look. The look is quite deadly and would make you look quite attractive. The features are very attractive and it does not involve a goatee at all. The emphasis lies on the sides of the beard. It is one of the old school beard looks and is quite famous among those who like to keep a heavy beard. It goes quite well with those who have oval faces.

Start by growing medium stubble. You need to keep the sides below the chin if you want to get a good beard growth. It gets the name for the part where it extends below the chin. Having the correct facial structure is crucial as you would need to trim the beard accordingly. Goring the moustache is also required. You can get the desired look if you maintain it well and sport one of the best beard styles.

The 3-Day Stubble Beard from the Oval Styles

A scruff look or the 3-Day Stubble Beard, as it is called, could be the perfect way to get that manly rugged style. This would keep you from the hassle of growing a full beard. For goring this style, you need to grow the beard up the full length first. It is one of those styles which can be featured on almost all the different face cuts.

For creating this beard style, you would need to select a trimmer and fix the comb length. Once you do that, you can use it to trim the beard to the desired length. You can use a precision razor to shave the parts you do not want to keep. Always ensure to keep the symmetry as you go. Whatever you do on one side, apply the same technique to the other side as well. Defining the beard shape is also pretty important.

The Chin Strap Beard from the Rectangle Styles

This is another one of those styles which can be kept by anyone. It is suitable for everyone out there who would like to style his beard. Also, it is super easy to design and maintain. However, if you have a triangular look, it would fit the best. However, the secret to this technique is that you would need to let the beard grow for as long as a month or even more. If you feel you would not be able to pull it yourself, you can visit your hairdresser.

However, you might need the assistance of a good trimmer. Many men flock to this style. If you have neglected your beard for some time and let it grow, this is the first one to try out. Shave off the unnecessary parts as you start shaving. There is nothing much about symmetry to worry about in this. Just ensure that you give proper shape to the beard. You would need to shave off the moustache at the end. The Chin Strap has to be mentioned while discussing the best 15 beards.

Circle Beard from the Square Styles

If you have a triangular chin, why not try the Circular Beard? You would need to let to grow the beard for about 6 weeks to get a prominent look. The razor has not much of a role to play in this case. This is one of the best beard styles and is kept by a lot of people. It is an extension of the French cut style. However, there is a difference in the volume of hair between the two. It can also be called the standard style for almost everyone.

Coarse beard

It is not that difficult to make as it has both a moustache and a goatee. You should make the hair tidy and maintained before you cut it. Start getting rid of the unnecessary strands to make the beard look presentable. Use a trimmer and shape the beard first. The unnecessary extensions are sure to ruin the look.

The Chin Strip from Rectangle Styles

The Chin Strip would definitely give you a smart look and is really that easy to design and maintain. Just as the name suggests, it is a vertical line of hair in the centre of the chin. Imitating this style from your favourite celebrity would not be that hard. You would need to let the beard grow for about two or three weeks before you take out the trimmer one day.

While creating the look, take out the trimmer or the razor and shave the rest of the beard. Then trim the facial beard. Use the trimmer afterwards to create the right length. Defining the goatee shape is important in this case. Ensure that you make it at the centre. Otherwise, it might start looking a little odd.

Petite Goatee from the Square Styles

The petite goatee is actually a smaller version of the full-fledged goatee. It elongates the chin and can, therefore, be used by people who have an oval facial structure. Creating this beard style does not need that much of an effort but you can do it if you give a little attention to the details.

The beard length can be trimmed as much as you would like it to be. Prepare your face and define the goatee shape. Following that, proceed further maintaining the symmetry all along the way. This is among the best beard styles you can find ever.

Beards are becoming one of the best ways to portray the fashion sense in oneself. You can try out one of these 15 styles which sit at the top of any list.
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