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Being a beard barber comes with a lot of responsibility. See, men go to extraordinary lengths in growing out and maintaining the perfect beard and all of this can be ruined within seconds of a poor beard trim or a poor style. Selecting the perfect beard involves taking many factors into account. These include, facial structure, skin type, hairstyle, height and even clothing colour. Throughout history, attitudes to beards have been widely diverse. For example, some religions consider beards as necessary whereas some cultures view having a beard as a sign of great wisdom, strength and sexual prowess- isn’t that the truth. On the other hand some cultures view having a beard as unhygienic or savage. This is the beauty of having a beard because if styled correctly, your beard can say almost anything about you. You have a blank canvas to truly groom something beautiful by showing it continuous care and love. Beards types styles.

That’s why, here at Sonder, we provide only the best beard barbers in Sydney to ensure that we maintain your luscious hair. Our integrated automatic check-in system provides you with an immediate scope of our services from the get-go and our experienced beard barbers will provide a service unmatched to anything you’ve ever had before. So here are a few beard types for you to consider before coming in and visiting our beard barbers here at Sonder, 3/701 Pittwater road.

Everything Beards

I want you now to think of men’s beard styles as the holy trinity, broken into three parts. The full beard, partial beards and moustaches.

Full Beard

The full beard is by far the most popular beard cut and includes a number of styles. Some of these include.

The Scruff: This style is universal and it doesn’t matter if your beard is patchy or thick. It usually takes up to three days to grow.

Corporate beard: This beard is for those men who can grow naturally thicker beards which takes from two weeks to two months. However, this beard cut will require a lot of maintenance and trimming at the cheek line

Natural beard: Think Santa clause. This beard style is ultimately determined by your DNA and trimming regular results in thicker growth

Clean beard styles

Verdi: The Verdi includes a neatly trimmed and shorter moustache

Partial Beards

This beard style is perfect for men who can’t pull off a full beard or for someone who likes a bit of flair in their life. Some of these styles include

Sideburns: This is the most popular of this style category. Although this style may be dated, if groomed at the cheek and carefully trimmed so that it doesn’t wanter beyond the cheek. This style can look very appealing.

Goatee: Hate it or love it, the goatee has been around for ages. To look for inspiration type up Robert Downey Jr. and see how he styles his beard

The Moustache

This is a brave beard style to the say the least and it has to be groomed to perfection, otherwise… yea. A moustache will take time to grow as it grows slower than most other facial hairs. In its growth process, use products such as moustache wax to maintain a consistent texture. Here are our favourite moustache styles.

Handlebars: This style is one of the most popular moustaches today which requires moustache wax in order to get the curls. It’s very hipster in my opinion.

Different beard styles pictures

But what is our favourite beard trim as a beard barber? Well that’s easy and it has to be the beard fade by a long shot.

Beard Fade

The beard fade has to be one of the most popular beard trims this year mostly due to its sharp look and easy maintenance. See a beard fade recognises a simple fact and that is that your hair and beard are not two distinct entities. This is an important secret in getting the perfect beard as synchronising the top of your head with your chin is truly the only way to achieve a seamless and attractive appearance. They must be treated as equals and one should not be sacrificed for the other. So the next time you’re in your local barbershop and your beard barber offers you their special – just go along with it. A beard fade highlights this important bond and when blended correctly, you get a very distinct look as the beard its trimmed at the beard neckline which provides perfect symmetry.

Another great aspect of the beard fade is that it goes well with almost every haircut type and style. It also works well with most facial structures as the fade adds an extra layer of contrast to your jawline and cheek bones, adding more definition and tonality. In prepping for a beard fade there are a couple of things you can do at home to provide your beard barber with the best canvas to work on. These are:

Beard trim with trimming device at the longest length

Brush beard downwards to sharpen your neckline

The Verdict

The fade beard is a fantastic choice of beard style as it allows you to maintain a manly full beard while at the same time showing everyone that you have what it takes to go the extra distance in your grooming care. Plus, the girls love it!

Beard shapes and names

Come and visit us at 3/701 Pittwater road, Dee Why and speak to some of the most passionate beard barbers in Sydney. Our years of experience, our love for continuous learning and our appreciation for the finer art of grooming beards make us a great choice to help you improve your beard. All of our stylists are male image specialist who will perform whatever cut you need with precision and talent as well as recommending only the best products for grooming and style. You won’t be disappointed..

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