Best beard style for small face. Undercut Hairstyle and Beard Style that will Match your Taste

The popularity of the Undercut Hairstyle is on the rise nowadays. Hairstyle with beard look.

Coupled with a rocking beard it emphasizes brute masculinity, and oozing sexual appeal.

The reason why women today adore the Undercut and Beard combination is that it brings out the best features of a man’s face.

The Mutual Relationship Between Undercut Hairstyle and Beard Style

Why Does Undercut And Beard Go Well Together?​

A well groomed beard matched with a neat stylish top creates clean facial balance, making a guy look neat, more dignified and Sexually appealing to women.​

Here are some advantages of Beard and Undercut Combination:

Undercut fits most face shapes and hair types, and beards can hide a large chin or make the cheekbones more prominent.

Undercut and the beard are easy to style and maintain. You’ll look groomed without much effort.

The combination of undercut hairstyle and beard gives a rugged-masculine look on a man.​

Undercut and beard combination is also perfect for casual and formal events.

A Brief History of the Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut became popular during the First World War among German Nazi soldiers. It’s more popularly known as the SS haircut.

It became popular among military men as it kept the necessary parts of the head (sides and the back) cut short, whereas there was still some hair at the top.

This structure was great for a military helmet.​

When allowed, it was combined with a beard, which also was functional because it has protected the skin against low temperatures.

Thus, it’s been both a practical and fashionable solution.​

What Exactly is an Undercut Hairstyle?

The undercut is a hairstyle with a long top hair and buzzed sides and back trimmed with an electric hair clipper.

Men's mustache and beard styles

The length of hair at the top should be from 2 to 6 inches. It’s recommended not to keep the strands longer, but everything is subjective.

If you want longer strands, then go for a long undercut.

Because of different lengths: short, medium and long, there can be a variety of styles for this cut.​

Side part undercut. It is characterized by a prominent contrast between a long top and shaved or faded sides. A side line adds a clean line and it allows to direct strands more easily.

Undercut with a pompadour. The sides are faded and the top is volumetric. It makes a face visually slimmer.​

Messy top undercut includes shaved sides and a long, messy top. This one needs a proper styling to look great.

Slicked back undercut. The sides are buzzed and a long crown is slicked back. Long proportions at the top may be tamed with the help of mousse or cream.

Disconnected undercut. The main feature is that the length of hair on the sides is the same, there is no fade and taper.

Long undercut. Sides are kept short, whereas hair at the top remains long and unrestrained.

Top knot undercut. Sides are tapered, but the top is long and restrained. A knot is perfect for hiding the transitional length.

Forward-swept and side-swept undercut. The top is swept forward and it acts like a fringe. And in a side-swept undercut, the top is swept to one side.

Undercut Styling

There are four major ways of styling, but you are always welcome to experiment and style your hair the way you want. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Generally, among a great variety of styling products, the most suitable for undercuts are hair wax, pomade, cream, and gel. Setting spray and mousse are used as finishing hair styling.

​Each product has its unique characteristics. They are the following:

Beard and hairstyles 2016

Pomades are great for achieving a polished look: a side swept or slicked back undercut. This go-to hair product makes locks shiny and flat. If you want to get a classic flatness, then go for oil-based pomades. If you want to get the effect of clean, but shiny hair, then opt water-based pomades.

Styling wax is a win-win option if you want to have a messy haircut. The crown will be voluminous, but at the same, it’ll be more defined, smooth and soft. If you want to create a volumetric texture, then a strong-holding wax, which provides high shine, should be considered. However, if you don’t need an exaggerated volume for a long time, then pick a low-hold styling wax.

Styling cream is perfect for curly locks, which are styled backward or for a man bun. You’ll get a casual, but trendy look. Strands will be visually denser.

Styling gel fits a spiky undercut, which requires definition and a long-lasting texture. Besides, it’s great for creating the effect of wet hair.​

Facts About Beard and Beard Style

The beard has always been a sign of masculinity and power. A well-groomed beard helps men exude sexuality and confidence.

What Does Make A Good Beard?

The key in the combination of the undercut and a beard is a balance, so if the top is around 4-6 inches, the beard should be less than 10 inches.

On top of that, it should be always clean, combed and styled appropriately.​

Major Styles Of Beard

The term “beard” refers to facial hair in general, however, all beards are not the same. There are several types of beard categorized by their length, thickness and other minute factors.

The Ducktail Style implies a beard, which resembles a tail of the duck. The upper part of the beard is cut short and hair on the chin remains long.​

The Dutch Beard is an old school beard style. There are long sideburns and the bottom is flared.

The Bandholz Style features a mustache that is connected to a full beard.

The Garibaldi Style implies a mustache and a full beard with a rounded bottom. The length may be more than 20 cm.

The Verdi Style has a mustache and the beard, they are separate. The beard should be no longer than 10 cm and the mustache should be not more than 1.5 cm.

Beard shape styles

The Full Beard is a classical style. It starts at the cheek line and grows naturally.

The Medium Stubble Beard Style is around 3-5 mm long. Upper cheeks should be shaven.

A Long Stubble Style means that the beard is around 6 mm long. Any hair above the lower third part of the face should be removed.

Tips For Beard Care

Any type of beard should be well-groomed, so don’t forget to get it trimmed once in two weeks.

Remember that it should always be clean and in good shape, otherwise in a combination with the undercut it won’t look chic.

Here are some helpful reminders for beard care:

Always remove stray hairs and split ends and tidy up the edges around the neck.​

Wash the beard with proper shampoo twice a week.

When beard is dry, use beard oil to add shine. Make sure that alcohol isn’t one of the ingredients as it makes the skin dry.

Moisten the beard and the skin beneath the beard to avoid dandruff.


Undercut hairstyle and beard always adds style and interest to your look regardless the type of your hair. All you have to do is to pick the one style that will enhance your facial feature and suit your personal taste.
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