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There are a lot of beard models you can choose from. Each one has a different style. You have to have a certain style of shave to get them all beautiful in appearance, but remember well that what applies to someone is wonderful and attractive does not necessarily apply to another. So do not rush to choose the shape of the beard directly, but choose a beautiful beard for a person that almost matches the shape of his face with your face. There are a lot of modern styles that have been used this year to design a beard shape which you can try out what you want so you get a perfect and elegant beard. But do not forget to be patient to this end, as the growth period of the beard will make its shape undesirable until it grows fully and gets the desired shape that will add gravity to your appearance. Best beard styles 2016.


Balbo is one of the most desirable forms of beard shape in the world this year. The American actor Robert Downey Jr. is one of the people who has experienced this type of beard and continued for a long time.

This type of beard is suitable for people with narrow chin, and to get to this shape of the beard, you must first in order to make your beard grow fully until you have a sufficient amount of hair to design the shape of the beard required, and this requires not shaving the beard for a period of 4 weeks in addition to Leave the mustache growing with the beard throughout this period.

After the end of the period use razor blades, stand in front of the mirror and begin to identify the edges accurately. You can borrow the blades with the electric razor to shape the beard as in the picture.

2).Clean Shaven

During these four months, you have to throw scissors and razor blades away from you and be patient until the beard grows. After the previous period, all you have to do is to work carefully to cut your hair as in the picture.

Full shaving of the beard

It is known that most people prefer to leave their face free of hair and they are shaving the beard until the face looks clean and tidy. According to some studies, many women prefer men who wear their beards to bearded men.

Is facial hair in style

This style can fit all faces and work very easily. Facial hair can be removed permanently using regular razors or using an electric shaver.

3).Circle Beard

Round Beard Circle Beard Also known as the standard beard. This round beard is made up of a mustache with what is known as the sukkah and the hair that connects them. This style of beard is fit for oval face holders. To get it, make sure that your beard has grown well and that the hair has become thick to avoid any difficulties during shaving.

It is best to visit the barbershop where the barber draws the shape of the circle completely. Because doing the job yourself is difficult, but you can only select and correct from time to time after the barber has designed this shape.

4).Extended Goatee

The extended Saxo is a combination of mustache and suxoca with chin hair that reaches the sideburns and is different from the full beard style. This style fits the oval face and square. After the length of the beard reaches the desired length you should start with the sides where the chin is determined by the required width down, and then start to form and determine the circular knots until the shape is completed as in the picture. friendly mutton chops This style of beard is a complete beard without a walker and is fit for square face and ring.

5).Friendly Mutton Chops

To get this shape, allow the sideburns and mustache to grow until they meet, then shave the chin in the lower lip area, and allow the sides to be made as thin as desired.

Full beard The full beard shape is more masculine and is preferred by most men. A full beard cannot be absent from the best styles for 2016 as it features better than other forms. This beard is suitable for many facets, but it is very suitable for the owners of the triangle chin. Its method is very simple. All you have to do is allow the beard to grow according to the desired length and then select the edges and angles as desired. Garibaldi Garibaldi If you do not have plenty of time to design your beard, this style does not require much work. It is shorter than the Band Holz and slightly fit for the oval or rectangular face.

Beard and facial hair styles

You have to make your beard grow for months, about four months, but it depends on the speed of hair growth, the length of hair must be about 15 – 20 centimeters and then you cut as in the picture.


The short, medium and long beard are the simplest of all beard styles. Since it is short, the pattern can be formed quickly and in a short period of time and it also suggests masculinity to its owners. The full beard is suitable for all face shapes.

All you have to do is stop shaving the beard and mustache for a day or two and sometimes a little more, then the beard pen with the electric shaver to achieve a uniform length. If you notice hair growth on your cheeks, you should remove it completely. Neck hair can also be shaved if present and we can leave the hair to last longer so the beard is medium to long or long. Van Dyck

9).Stubble (Short)

The name of this style of beards is derived from the most popular painter of the 17th century, Anthony van Dyck. It is suitable for men with the narrow chin.

10).Stubble (Medium)

Wait until your hair is long and then using the electric razor slowly and slowly, shave the neck, cheek and side hair, leaving the mustache without ever touching it.

11).Stubble (Long)

Then shave the hair in the form of an inverted T, then leave it to grow and during its growth, select it and cut it down to give you the shape of letter V.

Trending beard styles

This type of beard has been common in recent years. This style was invented by a person named Eric who left his job at the companies and worked on creating blogs and channels on YouTube to teach amateurs how to get the right beard.

He was later able to establish his own brand that produces special products by softening and increasing the length of the beard and taking care of it.

This type of beard is applied to people with a triangular or oval chin. Getting a Beard Band Holz needs a lot of patience. At first, it will look like your beard is incomplete and unattractive throughout its growth period that requires 4 months.
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