Stylish shave style. Finding the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape, Top Beard Products and Grooming Techniques

Not all beards are created equal. Your facial shape can greatly affect how certain beard styles will look. Another important factor is how you take care of your beard. Organic beard products, such as Lovely Beard's vanilla beard oil will help keep your beard looking healthy. To get the most out of your facial hair, you want to take into account the shape of your face so that you can grow your beard accordingly. Best beard styles 2016.

For men with round faces, you generally want to accentuate the chin. Grow the hair out longer on the bottom while keeping in mind to trim on the sides. You will also want to keep the neckline trimmed because you can end up looking too shaggy otherwise.

Men with square faces will want to be mindful of keeping it short on the sides. Hair on the chin should be kept full. You want to be mindful of your sideburns or else your face will be too blocky. Goatees tend to work nicely for men with squarer faces.

Beard types and styles

Oval faces are generally the most versatile when it comes to beards. Most types of beards will look nice, but you need to make sure you keep a uniform appearance. Try to keep the hair at a consistent length on both the sides and chin.

Longer types of faces are the best-suited for anyone wanting to bring back mutton chops. This is because keeping your beard longer on the sides but shorter on the chin will look ideal. The chin and neck will need to be maintained a bit more than the sides.

Cool beard and mustache styles

Ultimately, you should grow out whatever type of beard you like best. You can try out different ones to see what you think matches best with your facial shape. No matter how long your beard ends up being, you need to maintain it to keep it looking great and fully moisturized. Lovely Beards has all the products you need to achieve that, so fill out this contact form when you need more information.
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