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Highlighting the best features and balancing the less salient, to style the beard gives you the opportunity to reinvent themselves every day. It’s a great way to treat the image is synonymous with virility, elegance and seduction, and can make you look adventurous, sophisticated or businessman. Do not be afraid to experiment with your own according to the shape of your face. Beard face shape.

There are different styles and cuts of shaving, each adds a touch of personality and says a lot about who uses it, but we must be careful to recognize that he is better at his face. A round face with populism large and broad forehead requires a longer beard on the chin in order to shorten the features: in this case, full beard and goatee are appropriate. The top line of the definition must be low to show more skin and optically lengthen the face and the neck line.

If you have a long face, fill your cheeks and hold short beard on his chin to shorten the features. The oval face and symmetrical between the front and care prefer a discreet goatee under the lower lip or sideburns situation: the faces so they can afford the look they prefer, give it all. If your face is square, pulled whiskers on the chin and keep the length to add more depth.

Goatee designs

In the case of a face shape rather than triangular, that is, with a broad forehead and a small chin, it is best to use a beard a few days, bringing a style carefully disheveled, clean on the cheeks and neck. If you are one of them with a thin face, opt for beards short and well defined, especially do not go beyond the lower area of the neck or the face you will see more elongated than it actually is.

You have the upper part of the neck voluminous? Choose a full beard to refine the face and conceal the true dimensions of this area. Depending on the effect you want to create, cutting the cheeks must be straight or round: the first gives an air more aggressive and attractive. If you like to bring the scraggly beard, and low abundance of a few days, can you dare upset hairstyle and shabby. An abundant beard instead be tamed with a gel and never combined with long hair.

Best beard types
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