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Although designer stubble seems to be more popular these days than a scrupulously close shave, it’s far from being the only option for facial-hair aficionados. Here are some tips on how to choose a beard based on your face shape. You’ll never have to worry again about shaving too close! Beard styles for different face types.

A fanatic of photography and rare books, Currie Corbin says that what really defines him most is his beard. It’s no surprise therefore that he’s set up his own online magazine that’s dedicated entirely to the world of grooming: Urban Beardsman.

Before handing out some of his morphology advice, Currie is emphatic that you should follow your instinct: “The beauty of the beard is that if you make a mistake it will always grow back.” So you may as well take advantage of that and “experiment with different facial hair styles to discover what works best for you”.

If you have a round face shape

Try and counteract the round shape of your cheeks to avoid making yourself look chubby, in so doing you’ll bring balance to the rest of your features. Currie recommends opting for “a longer hair length on the chin while keeping it short on the sides”. This will help lengthen your chin and counterbalance your round cheekbones. On the other hand, it’s best to avoid very dense beards, which tend to flesh out the face.

Cool beard and mustache styles

If you have a square face shape

A square jawline is one of the hallmarks of masculinity and virility in the public imagination. To emphasize this feature and show off your clean jaw line to its very best, Currie recommends “thick, dense hair in the chin area and a shorter beard length on the sides”. So shave the hairs covering the top of your cheekbones to accentuate your natural face shape.

If you have a triangle face shape

If your face has a diamond shape, meaning your chin is like a triangle, it’s wise to break up these striking features and focus on your favorites. Shaving a beard that forms a line from your ears to the tip of your chin will create an optical effect that serves to soften your face’s triangular shape. You can style this on its own or fade it into a classic beard – if you do, just make sure to keep a close eye on the beard thickness.

If you have an oval face shape

Congratulations, everything suits you! So take the opportunity to try out more daring styles, from a mustache by itself to a long, thick beard. Currie still advises that you think about matching your beard to your hair style for an all-over, well-groomed look. That’s why it’s best to choose “a longer beard on guys with short hair on their heads” and conversely “a longer beard for those with short hair”. Follow this simple rule to look well-polished all-year round.

Beard and mustache styles

For all face shapes, a proper grooming routine is essential!

Whatever style you go for, improve your grooming routine with Currie’s three essential steps: “Be sure to find a wash and softener that have been specifically formulated with the beard in mind, as normal shampoos can strip the hair of necessary oils that support the health of your beard and the skin below. I then follow up with a beard oil, massaging a little into my hands then rubbing throughout my beard, starting at the skin underneath and sliding the hands down the length of the beard. My absolute must-have is a mustache wax that completes that well-groomed beard-man look.”

All you need to do now is wear your beard with pride. As Currie puts it: “Beards are a symbol of confidence, authenticity, and style.”
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