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There was a time when a mustache used to be a man’s pride, his display of machoism while having a long beard was something that people used to frown upon. Well, it’s the 21 Full beard styles 2016.

century! Today, both the beard and the mustache are kept as a style statement. While mustache is common to have, long beards are trending these days. And here we have brought Long and Full Beard Styles that you should totally try. After all, the beard is, and always will be a man’s pride.

Long and thick beards are in fashion and look classy but only if they are kept in an appropriate way. The unruly, messy beard is still frowned upon. So, if you are taking inspirations from celebrities and planning to sport a long and full beard, then you need to tidy up your facial hair and give them an appealing and intense manly style. We have brought you a few ideas for a long and full beard that you can sport with poise this year.

Garibaldi is the easiest style of beard. You just need to let your beard grow as long as you want. When the beard is long as per your wish just round it off and you have Garibaldi beard. In the meanwhile, you must trim the mustache from time to time.

Dutch beard is almost similar to the Garibaldi except for the mustache. You can either keep it or not. The beard is grown outwards and the growth of the facial hair on the side-burn is also kept thick but in a sharp way. It will be an ideal style for oval and diamond face shapes. Guys who have just come out of their shell, don’t get intimidated with these long beard. Here are some cool beard styles for you too.

The Arabian beard looks the most graceful with its sharp lines. This type of beard is a perfect choice for men who don’t want to hide their faces behind the beard but still want to sport some chic beard style. The sharp lines of the beard will make their face more appealing.

For a working man, this style of beard will be a perfect choice. In this style, the length of the beard is uniform throughout with a maximum of 2-3 inches long. It does not take much efforts to pull off this beard. Neither will you be needed to trim your mustache time and again

You can have a great look with a thick stubble rather than barely there facial hair. It’s not like your hair will grow up to its full length in no time and you can pull off the long beard style. You must have a beard before you could style it. That’s where the thick stubble comes in. This beard style looks smoldering hot.

Best hairstyle with beard

In Amish style, the beard is grown shortly from the side-burn and jaw area. The length of the beard can be determined as per your desire. You can either keep the beard short or long. A mustache curving downward with the short Amish beard will look great. And if you like that look of suspenders on that guy then you must see these cool ways to wear them.

Line up beard is one of the sharpest styles of facial hair. In this style, the mustache needs to be smartly trimmed in a downward curve but it never meets the beard. Whereas the side-burns are to be kept short that further extend to the beard. The style needs a bit more time and care since you need to make sure that all the lines are defined sharply but it is totally worth it. Try the style with a man bun for a more polished look. Speaking of poise, look more dapper while wearing the suit with this very vital information that every guy who loves his suit must know about.

Having a cool and dapper beard style is not easy at all. Read more to know how you can make the process easy.

How do you Trim a Full Beard?

For a perfect trimming session, make sure that you have the tools such as:

Beard Oil (Yes, your beard needs an oil treatment too!)

You must start by softening your beard that will make it easier to brush it and detangle it. Use clipper to trim your beard whereas use a scissor for the mustache. Since it will be a bit difficult to trim the mustache with the clipper.

Beard Styles According To Face Shape

The beard looks great only when it is grown properly and on the befitting face. Here are some beard styles for the different face shapes.

Mens long hair and beard styles

Round Shape: For round faces, beard styles such as Uniform beard and Line Up beard will be perfect.

Oval Shape: Dutch beard, Faded beard, Razor’s edge beard are suitable for the oval faces.

Square Shape: Square shape faces look more handsome with styles such as Thick Stubble beard or Uniform beard.

Diamond Shape: For diamond faces, styles such as bold and thick beard, Bandholz or Dutch beard will make an ideal choice.

What is the best oil for the beard?

Just like you take care of your hair, you need to pamper your beard too. Use these oils that will make your beard softer and stronger. Also, they would benefit the growth of the hair too.

A Few Tips To Groom Your Beard

First of all, decide the beard style that will suit your face.

Keep your beard moisturized with the different beard oils that were mentioned before.

Mens latest beard style

Keep washing your beard at regular intervals with shampoo and conditioner.

Just like your hair, your beard needs nourishment too. So better eat food that is rich in vitamins, proteins, and nutrients.
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