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There are many beard styles that you can keep but here we are showing our 4 favorite beard styles: Full beard styles 2016.

Men had beards to keep their faces warm while hunting in winter and help keep sweat off in the summer.

This beard is well trimmed and a perfect look for the professional persons who are doing Job.

This beard is for men who want a beard but don’t like the long look.

Style of beared

This beard is a perfect rectangular shape with the mustache curled up perfectly on both the ends.

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With every study hastily pointing to the ‘peak beard’—the concept which states that beards become less attractive to people when they become popular—I decided it was time to cut straight to the chase. While beards are not going anywhere out of sight, they are significantly lessening in both bulk and length! So, ubiquitous or unattractive, beards will very much be a part of your life in 2016 in the form of these trends from Best Celebrity-Inspired Beard Styles for Men in 2016, 20 Cool Full Beard Styles for Men to Tap Into Now

Most popular beard styles

Van Dyke was popular in 2015 and it’s going to be huge in 2016 too. It’s basically a goatee with a twist where the moustache and the chin hair do not connect. Van Dyke needs to be achieved on a clear canvas, so wait for a week after shaving off completely. Let your stubble grow and then shave a circular beard i.e. by shaving your sideburns and cheeks. Shave the bottom and the sides of your neck too but leave your moustache and soul patch as is. When done right, it’s kind of artsy so regular upkeep is a must.

This one is more tricky than tedious, but one that has the potential to give you a seriously sexy appeal. The shape of this beard will be on the lines of a hipster beard, but it’s still essentially shorter in length. The lines on your cheeks will be sharper—a major contrast to the natural growth below. So you let your beard grow for a month or two and just trim the lines of your cheek, if they are growing too high, and let the bottom beard grow upto two inches below the chin. Take care of it as you would of your full beard, with a beard shampoo and a conditioner, nourishing it with oil and applied with your hands when wet at least twice a week.

Growing a beard requires patience and resilience. There is an incredible number of beard styles that you could experiment with and from these roster of beards, come 5 latest beard styles for men that are the ultimate sensation this year

Best looking beards
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