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Many people are saying that 2018 will bring the termination to the current beard resurgence, there continues to be plenty of men who have no intention of shaving their face fluff anytime soon. If you’re counted in in that group of gentlemen who choose to have some facial hair, you’d better be ready to keep it in optimal condition from here on out. Having said that, check out our comprehensive guide to keep your beard in style. Types of facial beards.

Let’s talk about important things first, while you might simplify things and basically let your beard grow wildly – we’d always recommend you look around to determine the best style of beard that will suit your face. There’s a lot of diversity out there, but the general rule of thumb is that your beard and your jaw must work in sync to realize a nice, uniformly graduated oval shape.

Oblong / Rectangular:

You’ll need a bit additional length on the sides and less below the chin or else just an all-round stubble. This will create the impression of a fuller face, preventing your face from appearing disproportionately long.


Avoid going for the dense & full beard styles and choose instead to grow your beard downwards on the bottom in order to convey a face shape with longer silhouette.

As with a square face type, you ought to grow your beard longer on the bottom to extend the face. A thicker beard is merely going to emphasize the width of your face. At the very least, you must trim the sides and accentuate your beard’s extent, but you might also reflect on sporting a goatee.

Types of modern beards

How to Style Your Beard

Like we discussed in the preceding section, you’ll want to trim specific parts to highlight different features depending on your face type. Whatever hair length you choose, trim it down a degree or two when you reach below the jawline, then trim it down a little bit more again when you reach your Adam’s apple to make that fade look.

You’ll want to keep your edging technique sharp, too. You can use a typical wet-shave razor to eliminate any wandering hairs from the tops of your cheeks and around the area of your neck, all while being certain to follow the organic lines of your beard. If you desire a slicker shave then feel welcome to use an oil, gel, or creme – but pick one that doesn’t make a lot of foam so you can see what you’re doing.

I’d recommend paying a visit to your barber when your beard is growing in, and then again to spice things up every now and then. If you do it like that you’ll learn that it’s much easier to preserve a well-groomed appearance, as you’ll only have to stick to the lines and traces that your barber puts in. which takes all the guesswork out of it!

What Tools to Use on Your Beard

In case you’re reading this, it’s a safe bet that you like to let your beard loose, right? so this means acquiring the right tools for the work. How do you pick? Well, we can assist you with that with some of the finest beard products out in the market.

Short beard styles for young men

Best Beard Trimmers

Remington Barba Beard Trimmer is a robust, entry-level shaver, apposite for cutting your beard, shaving your head, or trimming 5 o’clock shadow stubble. It has 9 length settings (1.5mm – 18mm), and the blades are covered in a ceramic coat for additional toughness – we might even dare to say, it’s very probable that it’s one of the best trimmers for men at present.

Another great option is the All Purpose Gillette Styler. A convenient multi-uses small tool that can be used with 3 modes, first as a razor, second as beard trimmer, and also an edging blade, and can be picked up at a very inexpensive 19$ on Amazon.

Best Beard Styling Products

If you’re intending to keep your beard looking round, shiny and healthy a beard oil is an excellent investment. Urban Prince Beard Balm is simply among the finest beard oils out there. The frivolous mixture of Argan oil, jojoba and apricot seed oils will not only have your facial hair appearing at it’s finest – but will accelerate growth too!

This dexterous beard moisturizer form will not only provide your beard with a gentler look, but the nutrient dense cream will also get absorbed into your skin – saving you the time of having to work on that by yourself.

Popular facial hair styles

And finally, Nivea’s sensitive post shave balm can simply fold up as a beard treatment with camomille flower and calendula plant to calm irritation among a overabundance of other moisture fertile ingredients to keep you looking your best. drop some into your beard for 30 minutes, then wash out for a nourished, joyful beard!
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