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As black men, we are the last to be mentioned concerning purchasing beard oils for black men. These days practicing good beard hygiene is essential for every man. It is equivalent to getting up in the morning and forgetting to brush her teeth; your beard game is vital to how you project to the world. Different men's beard styles.

That’s why in this post, I’m going to outline my thoughts on how to properly use your beard kit. As you can imagine, the hair care resource industry rarely caters to our needs. We all have wanted the full beard or have wondered how to make it look fresh or how to style your beard. Today my goal is to shed some light on a few common questions on how to effectively help you during your journey.

Best Beard Kit For Black Men

I have been an avid user of black men beard care products for over 4 years. I have always relied on the help of my girlfriend to recommend the best natural hair products to use. The problem is these creams and oil weren’t design for us, that’s why having a resource for grooming care for black men with beards is esseinial.

So after doing extensive research, I came across many vendors that claimed to work wonders but didn’t work. As you imagine im not trying to have my beard give off feminine fragrances, I needed something that could give me non-nappy quick results.

Overcoming Patchy Beard Problems

To properly maintain your bread, you want products that absorb readily and add a layer of protection. Common African American hair types are very coarse and require extra moisture from all-natural products. These properties Inhibit hydration to stimulant growth and create a barrier against dry and brittle beards.

How To Make Your Beard Softer

Grooming your beard every day could be considered time-consuming for those looking for a quick fix. The routine of managing your beard shouldn’t be stressful, as it takes time to grow it and style it. Here are the best solutions to properly manage and style your facial hair.

Facial hair styles beard

Apply a warm towel to your face; the cloth should be slightly damp at a temperature of at least 70 degrees for best results. The warm rag allows the hair on your face to soften up for treatment absorption or edging.

Make sure that all of your kinky hair has straightened. Properly combing out your beards allows for a clean shave and avoids any mater hair that has cut off unnecessarily.

Have your barber provide a trimmer to properly rapper out your hairline. Since the facial hair has softened this makes for an easy trimming produces, we have found that clippers give a clean, sharp shave. After you have had your edge up, was your face of all access hair that has trimmed off your face.

Apply preferred black beard products in the correct sequence, starting with your beard balm, only utilizing no more than two fingers to be added to each side of your face.

Brush in your balm, with a minimum of 7-10 strokes each side to ensure that the hair has effectively straightened out. Please keep in mind that African American hair is very coarse, and can be matted quickly, so you want each brushing session not to exceed the recommended time intervals. And with brushing your facial hair often can dry it out.

Best short beard styles

Now apply your favorite beard oils with only using one damp, no more than a half a ]spoon. As with beard oils, the liquid is concentrated and can expand around the jawline with only a dense amount applied. Repeat step 5 if needed.

Beard Growth For Black Men:

Like most men, I wanted to find a beard growth oil that would stimulate growth patterns fast. I found a few products online that recommended biotin to help growth. I’ve personally never used Biotin this product. I watched a few videos of average black men with various beard problems document their experiences trying to grow a full thick beard.

Hopefully, this article on tips on growing full facial hair can provide further insight into using biotin and getting faster results.


My girlfriend has a masters degree in chemistry, and here is my brief interview with her about her experiences using biotin.

Well, I used it for six months to see if I could get my hair to grow, In addition to hair growth, I heard it worked well for your nail growth. Honestly, I didn’t notice a difference, but when you combine it with eating healthy eating, you could potentially obtain much thicker hair. I found that biotin works best with other b complex vitamins.

New hair style and beard style

In closing

So many brands claim to work but only leave you searching for a better solution. It’s time to put aside childish things and use a company that’s not only 100% black own, but actually, deliver results. Please use my blog post as a resource and be sure to share it with your friends and family through all social mediums. TAKE CHARGE!! And improve your beards look and style for the new year. Learn more about nice black men beard styles.
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