Dadhi style for man. Perfect Fade, Great Clips

Guys, are you looking for a timeless look that’ll never FADE? (See what we did there?) Names of men's facial hair styles.

Fade cuts are stylish, versatile and flattering. With so many different types of fades available, you’re guaranteed to find a look that fits your hair type, face shape and personal style.

Need a little hairspiration? We talked with Great Clips Design Team Master and stylist Michael Mealey and got some tips and tricks to help you find the perfect fade.

High Fade

The high fade leaves more fullness higher on the head and blends to tightly clippered sides, creating a dramatic look. This look is great for putting emphasis on the top of your style. It's also a great fade for men whose hair is starting to change.

"One of the biggest complaints that men have, especially as it's starting to transition and grey, is that it starts to stick out, it starts to get puffy," Mealey said. "So, they're going with tighter fades, and the fade is starting a lot higher up on the side of the head. It keeps the cut lasting longer and it helps with smoothing the face."

Short hair and beard styles

According to Mealey (and Instagram), tighter sides and a longer top are all the rage right now, and the look is flattering and easy to maintain for men with a variety of hair types.

Low Fade

For a more rugged look, the low fade starts low on the head, creating more texture on the side. Have a beard? The low fade blends into facial hair seamlessly.

"The style of facial hair that men have and how their facial hair will go with a certain fade makes up about 50 percent of their consideration when it comes to fades," Mealey said.

Low fades are versatile and blend well with beards, both long and short. A low fade helps define facial features and pairs well with the crop style or pompadour.

Stylish beard look


Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Check out some of the most popular styles below to help get your hairstyle wheels turning!

Get a little edgier with a disconnected look, adding some texture to the longer top and a clean, high fade underneath.

Pompadours were made to go with a nice high fade!

And nothing says stylish like a well-groomed slick-back look.

Mens grooming beard styles

Great Clips stylists are up-to-speed on the latest styles, so make sure to get in to a salon to find a fade for you!

Our hair stylists are also skilled in beard trimming and other haircutting services to give you the look you want.
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