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Looking for some beardspiration? If you’re thinking of changing up your beard style or growing a beard (welcome, hairy comrade!) Spring is the perfect time to do so. Short beards will be all the rage this Summer. They’re fresh, they’re stylish, and they allow the breeze to waft through your facial hair onto your skin. We take a look at some of the most popular short beard styles for 2018, and types of facial hair they’re most suited to. Short hairstyle with beard.

Short, sparse beard with fade

If you want to combine a slick hairdo with a styled beard, this combination is a winner. Beards faded up into the hairline are pretty commonplace, but this hairstyle offers something a little different. Perfect for guys who find it difficult to grow thick facial hair, this type of short beard will allow the sun’s rays to hit your face, providing it with that life-giving vitamin B. Having beard hair that’s thin enough to allow sunlight to touch your skin underneath can also decrease your likelihood of getting dandruff.

Thick, lush short beard

Got a full, long and luscious beard that you want to spruce up for the warmer weather? Many long-bearded fellows will be thinking of a little trim for Summer, and this style is the perfect way to maintain that glorious mane without it ending in a sweaty, tangled mess every day. The style is pretty uniform in length, with a mustache trimmed to your lip line.

Short beard with killer mustache

If you want a short beard with a little more pizazz, try growing your mustache hair longer and styling it. A short, thick beard with a handlebar mustache is full of character, especially if you use a tiny bit of mustache wax to tame it at the right angle.

Latest beard style 2016

Hardly there short beard

More like a week’s worth of growth than a beard, if this is your first time sporting facial hair, this style is easy to maintain and looks effortlessly stylish. The trick here is to see if you have any patches where your facial hair doesn’t grow and ensure that it’s symmetrical on both sides of your face (you may need to do a little grooming with a razor ). This will allow you to judge what the best style is for your beard in the long run, too. It involves a fair amount of trial and error to begin with but don’t despair! You’ll become one with the quirks of your facial hair soon enough.

Clean, sharp short beard

If sharp and short is your goal, this is the style for you. It’ll require care and attention, and you may need to visit a barber to achieve the look (a steady hand and a straight razor will be needed), but the results will definitely be rewarding. It’s clean, neat and precise; ideal for the office, out on the town and dinner with the parents.

Once you’ve got the style down, you’ll need to know how to maintain your short beard. Head to our blog article “ Styling and maintaining a short beard ” for tips and tricks for keeping your beard in check.

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