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Short hairstyles for men refers to any haircut with a little length. It may vary from above the ears to near the chin, also the top usually blends with the sides. If a man’s hair reaches the chin, it may not be considered short. Different styles of short hair include the fade taper undercut, slicked back, side part, brushed up, short back and sides, etc. Short hairstyle with beard.

1. Wavy Short Hairstyles for Men

From time to time, men prefer to adopt a loose style when it comes to arranging their hair. The wavy short haircut gives movement and it requires the minimum to none styling products.

2. Long Hair Undercut Hairstyle

This haircut has it all – medium length hair on top, a thin shaved part, and sides that finish in a groomed beard.

3. Afro Curly Faded Short Hairstyles for Men

Besides what makes an Afro man stand out due to remarkable features, there is also the perfect haircut. With faded short sides and a curly top, you get harmony from top to bottom.

4. Short Haircut with High Fade

For men that own robust forms the only way to obtain the befitting look is to choose a very short haircut with high fade accompanied by a full grown beard.

5. Fade Taper Undercut

This hairstyle consists of close to the skin fade sides with a very short back that is tapered upwards. It is easy to achieve and as easier to maintain.

6. Slicked Back Hairstyle

The slicked back hairstyle is brushed up from the front to the back of the head and is styled by using hair gel or creme. It blends well with sides connected with the beard.

7. Ivy League Hairstyle

The Ivy League hairstyle is made of sides and back that are cut short and tapered across the top of the hair. Then it becomes longer and fuller toward the crown and front, making it easier to be arranged with styling products.

8. Short Sides with Comb Over

A very common haircut met in the short hairstyles for men sector is the short sides with comb over. Easy to maintain, it suits any face and any style.

9. Spikes Short Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is easy to obtain and you can wear it in various ways. The spikes are achieved by applying wax or hair gel while running your hand through it.

10. High and Tight Hairstyle

The high and tight hairstyle requires shaved sides and back leaving short hair on the crown that you can comb over to balance the haircut.

11. Cool Blonde Hairstyle

Any hairstyle can look cool on you but having blonde hair would make it even cooler. With short graduated sides and a wavy top, it is a remarkable style that will draw attention to you.

12. Butch Cut Hairstyle

This hairstyle consists of getting your hair cut at about 1/4 inch with a clipper and afterward use it to adjust the hair to the same length.

13. Side Part Hairstyle

Side part refers to the division of the hair. It is the natural division of the hair, although sometimes the hair is helped by shaving the sides all the way near the top.

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14. Short Taper Hairstyle

The short taper hairstyle is suitable for a square face, the sides balance the wavy slicked back hair arranged in a natural way, giving you a fresh yet serious look.

15. Caesar Cut Hairstyle

The Caesar cut hairstyle is created starting with the hair on top of the head or crown arranged in layers while back and sides are tapered. Short bangs are also combed forward.

16. Side Part Pompadour

This is a modern alternative of the usual brushed up pompadour. On this style, pomade is applied to the hair, parted on one side and styled by combing it over to the sides.

17. Mid Length Messy Hairstyle

The mid length messy hairstyle combines two opposite techniques. With buzzed sides made with the hair-clipper all the way to the crown on the head, the top is cut in a messy way so that it can be arranged as wanted.

18. Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Faux Hawk is achieved by cutting the hair but not too short. The sides and back are cut at the same size while the crown is having a longer length for styling.

19. Short Haircut for Thin Hair

This short haircut for thin hair is awkwardly fashionable because you have the same length on your sides as you have on the top, giving you a bit or an eave at the back.

20. Natural Wavy Hairstyle

Having wavy hair makes you exempted from the sea of choices regarding your style. You can leave it as it is with just a few adjustments on the edges.

21. Short Shaved Side Hairstyle

The short shaved side hairstyle is a major choice during the summer season. It gives you the balance between the cool neck and a bit of length on top to work with.

22. Short Shaved Side Long Top Hairstyle

As can be seen, the short shaved sides with long top hairstyle is very common, mainly because it is easy to take care of and it also gives a fresh and elegant look.

23. Dark Faded Hairstyle

The dark faded hairstyle fits very well with a full grown beard. The top and sides blend perfectly giving the fading illusion.

24. Classy Pompadour Hairstyle

Having a classy pompadour style accompanied by a beard with a mustache is going to make you look even more classier. Keep it neat with styling products.

25. Short Back and Sides Hairstyle

This hairstyle is best for all face shapes. The sides and back are cut and shaved leaving a longer crown for styling. To balance the hairstyle better, a full beard or mustache will do it.

26. Brushed Up Hairstyle

For this particular hairstyle, it is recommended to apply gel or pomade to retain the look longer when brushing the hair up. Usually, the sides are buzzed.

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27. Short Comb Over Hairstyle

A short comb over hairstyle will never let you down. Accessible and suitable for everyone with easy difficulty maintenance, it bring out the best in you and it is very trendy.

28. Natural Short Curly Hairstyle

In the long run, all you want to achieve is a natural look to go on with in your everyday life, without putting too much effort in it. In this case, curly hair wins again. Add short sides and that’s it.

29. Taper Cut Hairstyle

This is a classic short hairstyle for men. It is cut short on the sides and back and it becomes shorter downwards. It has even blending all across the head.

30. Layered Cut Hairstyle

The layered cut hairstyle gives you a chunky and messy look. You can style your hair in different ways with buzzed sides and small length on top.

31. Short Quiff Hairstyle

The short quiff hairstyle became the number one choice for business men. Never getting out of date, the comb over top makes the difference between casual and office.

32. Shaved Sides with Curly Top Hairstyle

Get your sides shaved and add a curly top to it, it will definitely create the bad boy look who grew up in the hood of good taste.

33. Older Short Messy Hairstyle

Growing old in style requires an open mind and a set of choices to be made in the haircut area. Depending on your day to day life, you can adopt a natural look that can be easily switched to wild with the right products.

34. Textured Cut Hairstyle

This hairstyle is achieved by cutting the sides short while the top is point cut with shears or razor to create texture.

35. Short Side Part Hairstyle

The short side part hairstyle matches the shape of your head. Add a beard to your style to create an equal proportion between the top of your head and the bottom of your face.

36. Blunt Cut Hairstyle

The haircut is shaved on the sides and the crown is left longer. It suits men with thin hair types because you can easily arrange it.

37. Short Pompadour Hairstyle

Ultimately, if you are in trends with the latest tattoo designs, your hairstyle is as important. In the short hairstyles for men category, we have the short pompadour haircut.

38. Short Haircut with Volume on Top

If you have a strong personality and a good taste in business outfits, this is the haircut for you. With volume on top and same length buzzed sides that connect with the beard, you get the perfect look.

39. Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

This cut has saved sides that are connected to the beard and back while the hair on top is gelled and brushed to the back.

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40. Short Casual Hairstyle

If you add a smile once in a while, you can make any of the short hairstyles for men an everyday celebration. Arrange your hair in a casual messy way with soft hair powder.

41. Easy Short Hairstyle

If mother nature gifted you with flawless features and above all, you want to make the best out of it, try the easy short hairstyle. The name itself makes a point on how this hairstyle looks like and what are the demands of maintaining it.

42. Casual Faded Hairstyle

With the casual faded hairstyle, you don’t have to worry too much about keeping it in place. Hair wax can help you to give texture and movement to the hair and with the help of a comb, you can arrange it as you please.

43. Short Hairstyles for Men with Comb Over

This particular hairstyle allows you to let your hair in the natural state. Comb it over towards the front, fix your beard, get in your best office outfit and you are ready to start a new day.

44. Burr Cut Hairstyle

The burr cut hairstyle is also an induction cut. The hairstyle is made by cutting the hair 1/8 inch which it gives the scalp a sandpaper like texture and a vent feeling.

45. Brit-Rock Indie Hairstyle

As you can read in the title, this hairstyle is popularized by the British bands. This hairstyle looks gorgeous and you can achieve it by cutting the bangs long and sweep it towards the back.

46. Short Preppy Hairstyle

In the top 5 short hairstyles for men is the short preppy, a mixture between a pompadour and wet look comb over with undercut buzzed sides.

47. Cool Short Comb Over Hairstyle

This cool short comb over hairstyle from short hairstyles for men brings out the shape of your face by giving luminosity and balance. A medium length beard continues to all of the above.

48. Short Haircut for Older Men

49. Design Cut Hairstyle

This is a haircut where expert skills are used to create a balance between the sides and the top while the latter is left longer for styling.

50. Businessman’s Cut Hairstyle

This cut is not too short and yet not too long. You can wear it in an office setting. This is usually tapered on the back and sides while the crown is left long for brushing and parting by using styling products and the comb-over technique.


There are many benefits of having a short hairstyle. It includes that you will be putting lesser effort to style your hair and there is not much need of styling products which can be great for your pocket and also for the health of your scalp. Enjoy your hair, it’s your crown!
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