Mens goatee styles 2016. 12 Short Hairstyles With Long Beard For Rugged Manly Look

If you want your beard to have the maximum level of impact, then it is a great idea to team it up with short hair. Short hair can make your beard look longer and it will also help your look to be taken more seriously. Stylish hair will make it look as though you care about the way that you present yourself, even if you have chosen to wear your beard in a straggly or unkempt style. There are lots of different looks which can be portrayed by choosing to rock short hair with a long beard; from business-like to outdoorsy. Short hairstyle with beard.

Short Haircut Plus Long Beard Styles

You will need to use different products for styling your hair than you would have to use for styling your beard. Trimmers and nail scissors are both good tools for shaping your beard and taking care of stray hairs. Special beard scissors are also available. Mustache wax is good for use on your mustache. Styling gel and holding product for hair are widely available for styling your head hair.

1: Slicked Back and Styled

Although the long beard in this style is looking a little wild, the hair is the polar opposite. It has been slicked back with hair gel and then carefully cut through with a comb to give a sharp style. This look offers the best of both worlds.

2: Fluffiest Long Beard With Short Haircut

This long & full beard is an absolute classic. The style is so completely “beardy” that a version of it can probably be found in almost every single costume shop in the country. To help to give your beard extra fluffiness, you should run through it with a comb to remove all knots. Only trim it if you really need to.

3. Line Up

A sharp line up cut with a long beard is a very trendy choice. Comb your hair upwards and into the middle to create a pompadour. Use the comb and a razor to create a distinctive line in your hair. Complete the look by edging your facial hair with a delicate smooth curve.

Best full beard styles

4. Points and Rolls

This cool style mixes things up. Whilst the hair is rounded over to give a smooth rolling style, the beard has been groomed into a pointed style. This will actually help to create a really eye-catching and appealing shape for your head and your hairstyle.

5. Volume from the Roots

Big hair looks great when teamed up with a big beard because it provides a look of equilibrium and equality. To give your hair more volume, you will need to comb it straight from the roots. Lifting from the roots will help to keep your hair looking light and airy.

6. Sweep over Short Hair with Long Shaped Beard

This is another style where the hair on the head is a little bit disjointed from the facial hair styling. Whilst the head hair style is a little bit wacky and combed over in an unusual fashion, the beard hair has actually been carefully shaped into a rounded style. When putting together, the two looks still work well.

7. Shaved Head and Big Beard

If you want your facial hair to do all of the talking, then you should make this the focal point of your style. Completely shave all of the hair off of the top of your head and then let your facial hair grow wild. Allow outwards and downwards growth to get the biggest beard.

Best looking beards 2016

8. Business Class

Long beards do not have to look unprofessional. A shaped bushy beard can look business cool if it teamed up with the right short haircut. Use product on your head hair to make sure that you do not have a hair out of place for your next professional business meeting.

9. Side-swept style with a Square Beard

A side-swept style is really fashionable at the moment. Put a little bit of styling gel in your hair and then use a comb to neatly style your ‘do upwards and over to one side. A square beard will help to give you a strong, manly look. Squaring off your beard can help to change the shape of your face.

10. Soft Spikes

A soft spiked hairstyle looks amazingly refreshing with a soft, unmanicured beard. To get soft spikes in your hair, run a little bit of gel through it and pull upwards from the roots. Use your fingers or a comb to pull your hair into forward facing spikes which look totally touchable.

11. Greaser style with 1890’s beard

Talk about a melting pot…this style mixes a retro greaser look from the 50s with a facial hair combo which is straight out of the Victoria era. Yet somehow this style works. To make your facial hair look more Victorian, tease your mustache so that it grows separately from your beard.

Medium beard styles

12. Ginger Beard with Dark Hair

A lot of men grow ginger-tinged beards, even when the hair on their head is a completely different color. If you are one of the lucky ones, embrace your inner ginger style, and grow your facial hair out into a straggly ginger style. Slick your hair back for a cool hipster look.

The possibilities are endless if you want to team up short hair with a long beard. You can mix almost any hairstyle on your head with almost any different type of beard style. However, you may have to be patient whilst you are growing a beard because it can sometimes take a while to get it to grow to a decent length. You may even have to go through a few of our different options whilst your hair is growing long enough to make into your preferred style.
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