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Short beards look distinct and smart provided a man completely understands the right procedure of growing short beard styles and maintaining them. Majority of men in these modern times and especially the ones who are not able to carry full beard styles go for the classic short beard look. They maintain their beards to a completely trimmed-down shorter length. There are different varieties of short beard styles that can be tried out by men. But with such an assortment of styles, it becomes very difficult to determine the most favorable length of a short beard.

For example, stubble might be considered a short beard style but then it is also a chin strap. Hence, there is a rule that applies to men with short beard styles. The rule is short beard should not be longer than minimum one to two inches below the chin. Beards longer than this literally do not qualify as short beards.

Can You Carry a Short Beard Style?

There are many men who refrain from growing long beards. On the other hand, there are men who are unable to grow full beards for a number of reasons. This is the reason why short beards are existent. If you are apprehensive of growing a short beard then might be the advantages that come from growing this kind of a beard would convince you. Prior to learning what goes into making the choice of short beard styles, it is important for you to know that these styles do not work for every individual. Whether this style will work for your face and your personality will largely depend on the growth pattern of your facial hair.

It is necessary for you to note that short beard styles work best for men with a uniform growth pattern of facial hair. If you qualify for this style then it is important for you to know the advantages of short beards.

Benefits of Short Beard Styles

There are several benefits of short beards and they are worth considering if you do not favor the idea of going for such styles. The benefits are as follows:

Easy maintenance comes as one of the most basic advantages of short beards. It takes very little time to groom and maintain a short beard.

Men with short beards do not need to worry about bad weather conditions or the wind. This is because their short beards are cleaner than the longer ones.

You do not have a lot of hair that needs to be controlled properly when you are going for a short beard style. This means that you would not have to handle any kind of mess with the most prominent one being food getting stuck in your beard.

If you are fully convinced on growing a short beard by going through these benefits then it is time for you to know some of the best short beard styles that would work best for your face shape.

Factors to Consider Prior to Going for Short Beards

As has already been mentioned, short beard styles do not work for every individual. There are some important factors that determine whether a short beard is the right style for you. The factors are as follows:

Your Facial Features

Your face length, cheekbones and jaw have an important role to play in deciding whether a certain beard is the right style for you. This tends to be even more important for men who are going for short beard styles. This is because you might not be able to hide the different features of your face underneath the beard that you are carrying.

Your Face Shape

Not all face shapes are made for the short beard style. Just as for all the other beard styles, the shape of your face will specifically tell whether the short beard style is for you or not. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to be tensed about because the list of short beard styles is quite long and you can easily find at least one style that would go with your face shape. There are endless possibilities in this category.

If you have a round face then a diamond-shaped short beard or stubble would look best on you. Sharp lines encircling the cheeks are the best way of shaping the stubble.

Trending beard styles 2016

Stubble will also suit men with long faces. However, short beard types that are full at the sides and short at the bottoms tend to suit perfectly well for men with long faces. Long-faced men can also pull up an extended goatee very well.

Men with diamond-shaped faces should go for beards that are short at the sides and long at the bottom. The shorter versions of full beards also look good on men with diamond-shaped faces.

Men with square faces look fantastic with beards that are short on the sides and full on the chin.

Your Skin Type

Although it is quite easy to maintain a short beard, it is necessary for men with these styles to remain aware of the fact that they might experience some kind of irritation or discomfort when they trim or shave their beards.

The Coolest Short Beard Styles

For all those guys who are fond of keeping things short, professional, trimmed and neat, the following short beard styles might be the ultimate choice. Perfect for almost any work environment, these beard styles are sire to give men plenty of elegant and manly looks to choose from.

Short and Simple

The short and simple beard style features a beard fading into the sideburns and a close-shaved goatee. A side part and a faded cut can also go with this kind of beard. This style is perfect for men who are in the look out of elegant and classy appearances.

Prominent Definition with Thick Soul Patch

This is a beard style that comes with a soul patch that is quite prominent and with hair above the lips. The style also features thicker sideburns for bringing out a definitive look.

Thin beard and thicker sideburns is a short beard style that offers a very classic look to men. This style is better than tapering and fading but is not suited to all face shapes. It works for men who want their faces to appear short.

Defined Lines

This is a style where the goatee needs to be shaved partially whole leaving a small soul patch of facial hair under the chin and the lips. This style defines perfection and accents the manliness of the chin and the jaw line.

Little Effort

For pulling off the little effort appearance you need to shave your beard closely for outlining your face. Allow your beard to grow naturally on the neck and this will give you a 5 o’ clock shadow look throughout the day. This is the dream short beard style for every man.

Hint of Some Fuzz

This is a short beard style that is left completely alone allowing the face to appear as if you have put in some effort in shaving your facial hair. This fun look can be mastered by letting the beard grow a little and then trimming it down in a way that it is short enough and too close to the skin.

Chin Strap and Moustache

This style works best for men who are unable to grow full beards. This look can easily be achieved by shaving most of the face while leaving hair along the jaw line and the moustache. The outline of the chin strap needs to be trimmed in such a way that it appears even and straight. The moustache should be trimmed to the length of the chin strap.

Classic Short Length Beard

This is a beard style that is trimmed very close to the facial skin. The neckline and the outline are left to grow naturally with the sideburns and the hairline trimmed to appear clean-cut.

Short facial hair styles

Prominent Goatee

If you are going for this beard style then you would have to trim down your entire beard leaving the goatee to grow out. With this style, the main focus is on having a face full of hair except the goatee that grows out thicker than the other areas of facial hair. This way the goatee will look prominent on your face.

Thin Goatee

Dissimilar to the prominent goatee, hair on the face is completely shaved while the goatee is trimmed down close to the skin. Sideburns will have clean lines and the soul patch is extended down towards the chin for pulling off a trim and neat appearance.

Simple and Masculine

Simple and masculine are two opposite words but they help in creating a classic short beard style that is quite powerful. For making this beard style work, you need to have a full beard and then clean the outlines lying close to the skin. The goatee needs to be shaved for emphasizing the chin.

Tapered and Short

The hair on your face should fade gradually to the sideburns in order to make this short beard style work. This is probably one of the best short beard styles for guys with round faces. This is mainly because the chin shall get elongated instead of being cut-off by the sideburns.

Patchy Goatee

This is the perfect short beard style for men with patchy beard. The style involves shaving most of the face and having a goatee. Facial hair should be left on the cheeks while shaving off the rest of it including the hair on your chin. With this style, the soul patch extends to the chin beard.

Full Goatee

This is a short length full beard style that features the goatee containing maximum amount of hair in comparison to the other styles that have already been mentioned. For making this short beard style look charming and elegant, the soul patch should be outlined within the goatee while leaving the remaining hair to grow to its full length. The beard outline should be touched up with straight lines along the cheekbones.

Thick and Bold

This is basically a full beard style that is cleaned up a little for keeping things short and real. There is a defined chin and a clean outline that highlight the jaw bone. This is one of the best short beard styles for men who can grow a luxurious and thick beard.

This is a beard style with moderately thick facial hair that offers a very natural appearance. The goatee can be shaped the way you want leaving it connected to the beard so that it does not create a detached appearance.

Short Textured Beard

In order to carry this classic short beard look, you must have a beard that grows naturally without the use of a beard brush. Your moustache should grow long and curl up at the ends for some additional texture.

Full-Fledged Natural Beard

For men who are in the look out of carefree beard style, the full-fledged natural beard is the best choice. With this style, you can have your beard growing naturally while you need to shape the goatee to the outline of the chin.

Burly Gentleman

This is one short beard style that sounds manly and looks elegant. It is not more than having clean trim lines for giving the beard a very natural appearance. You do not need to brush or comb your beard while carrying this style. The only thing that you need to do is allow your beard to grow and curl naturally.

Perfect Uniformity

Trim and brush your beard down in a way that the hair on your face is uniform and flows in the same direction. This is an appearance that comes with a very polished feel with the same length. It works for men who do not like going for short beard styles that look too conservative.

Long Chin Curtain

This a more tapered and fashionable short beard style that features an extended chin curtain and soul patch. The moustache is left long for texture and personality.

Cool goatee designs

Fuller and Longer Short Beard

The fuller and longer short beard style is for men who are not afraid of sporting a masculine beard. This is a less conventional beard style that works perfectly well for men in the corporate world. It is also one of the best short beard style for guys looking to flaunt their moderately long and full beards.

Shaped Moustache and Short Beard

This style involves having a horseshoe moustache or an upside-down “U” moustache. For making this style work, you must keep your beard and your moustache disconnected. This will offer a complete effect.

Full Throttle

For carrying this short beard style, you will have to grow out a thick and nice beard but ensure combing the hair in the same direction always so that everything is kept uniform. Your hair should get a side part for creating the perfect edge while the sideburns should be slightly thinned out to be separated from the hairline. This will help you in maintaining a very classy beard style.

New Age Charm and Elegance

Having a full beard in combination with a slicked-back coif offers you the edgy and the new age elegant look. Instead of combing your moustache downward, you must make use of good quality curling wax for curling the ends of your beard. Make the choice of a moustache style that offers this beard style some personality.

Manly Woodsman or Lumberjack Beard Style

The lumberjack beard style is yet another classic and one of the best short beard styles that make use of a long beard in combination with sideburns that are thinned out. This is a modern twist to the full beard style and offers great masculinity to the look of the guys.

Stubble Beard and Heavy Eyebrows

This is one short beard style where the eyebrows have an important role to play. The heavier the eyebrows, the more intense the stubble will actually appear. With this beard style, the focus starts at the eyes and then works its way downwards.

Fade-Out Hair and Thin Beard

This is probably one of the most perfect short beard styles for men with faded or tapered haircut. It works perfectly well for guys with thin beard growth.

Line-Up Cuts and Tramlines

This is an elegant and charming beard style that features crisp line-up cuts. The lines and the smooth curves work in for both casual and business environments. Adding a few tramlines in facial hair can really take things a little higher to look more fashionable.

Patchy Beard and Messy hair

One of the best ways of complimenting a beard that is patchy is going with the messy hair look. Messy spikes help in maximizing the effect while offering a manly appearance.


These are some of the most distinct and exclusive short beard styles covering the full spectrum of different choices available in the category of short beards for men. Select one, work on it and maybe you would be able to get hold of one exclusive way of styling your beard.
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