How to beard. 8 Guys Who Are Killing the Facial Hair Game Black Wolf

Guys who can grow facial hair are like little style chameleons. All it takes is a little time, patience and grooming for these guys to transform from youthful baby face to a face full of rugged wisdom. Nice looking beards.

We’ve assembled some of our favorite examples of guys who’s facial hair game is on point, as well as some we’re less sure about. Our list runs the full spectrum from bearded actors to moustachioed musicians.

Whether you'll want to try these styles yourself to plus up your look or simply give a thumbs up to those who don't fear the beard, we hope you're on your way to feeling your best in whatever look you're rocking.

Chris Evans

Chris Evan’s recent look as Captain America 2.0: Rugged Edition, reminded us how a nicely trimmed beard can turn a young and innocent looking guy into a humble bad-ass.

Ryan Reynolds

Razor witt pairs well with some stubble. Don't be afraid to embrace those emerging grey strands. We look to Reynolds for our exclusive "cool dad" inspo.

Donald Glover

When you’re an actor, musician, writer, comedian, director, guy-who-does-everything-and-does-it-well kinda dude, you need facial hair that is equally multi-talented. Whether it be a full beard, moustache or all the styles in between, Donald Glover does not disappoint.

Men's long beard styles

John Krasinski

Exhibit A: John Krasinski demonstrating how a fuller beard can magically transform the class clown into a seriously respectable guy.

Will Smith

Doing every form of facial hair right since his days in Bel-air. Then, now, forever, the facial hair styles of Will Smith can do no wrong.

Chris Pratt

Making a rough beard look this well groomed and effortless at the same time requires...well, effort. How do you take the comic relief and make him the hero? A touch of stubble. We tip our hats to you sir.

Whether shadowed or thick, Drake’s perfectly sculpted beard would make Michelangelo weep with joy. We recommend leaving this chiseled masterpiece to your trusted barber.

Chris Hemsworth

Apparently Chris’s have nice beards. (We promise this is the last Chris on our list).

Goatee shapes and styles

Chris D’elia

JK, one more Chris. The long hair with beard combo is A+.

We don’t want to be jerks, so consider this section like a short, constructive critique of celebs who are usually doing a great job. We all have our off days.

Zayn Malik

Generally speaking it’s not super recommendable to dye one’s beard. But who are we to judge? Key Learning: tread with caution when making post-breakup facial hair decisions.

Brad Pitt

An old Pitt style that’s since been banished. We suppose the ultra rich and famous don’t need to concern themselves with little things like trimming their billy-goats-gruff-chic beards. Key Learning: if you have access to a trimmer, we recommend using it.

Justin Bieber

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Key Learning: King Joffery meets Draco Malfoy is never a good look, even if you're the Biebs.

Short beard cuts

Chris Evans

This one’s another oldie that proves even our good examples can be our bad examples. Just goes to show there’s always room for improvement. Key Learning: Let's leave the porn stache to the porn directors.
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