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Beards stands as the symbol of manly and classic supremacy. Over the years, men have taken great pride in letting their facial features achieve great elegance and charm by growing the top beard types. Nevertheless, these modern times have actually brought about complete rejuvenation to the different beard styles worn by men. Nowadays, there are very few guys found going for the wild, bushy and random beards. Instead men have now become more inclined towards carrying a stylish, unique and finely trimmed beard that works in accordance with their personality and facial features.

The Top Beard Styles

Despite having their lone dominance on the fashion amongst men for several centuries, the 18

century was more bent towards massive wigs, dandies and sensual cheeks. Men, for the first time in history, went for clean-shaven faces that spoke of elegance and royalty. However, beards are again making a comeback and there are,more and more men going for the top beard types to suit their personality and their preference. Some of the most stylish and popular beard styles that can easily be tried out by men of all ages have been mentioned below.


It was Eric Bandholz who wore this style for the first time and had the world falling in love with this style which is probably the top beard types of all times. It is considered to be the very first of modern long beard type. With a dark appearance and heavy look, this is one beard style that is considered the finest of classic beard types perfectly suited to elegant and charming men. However, it is important to note that a man needs patience to carry this style. A lot of care is also needed for attaining its full bloom. A time span of around three to four months is needed for getting the perfect Bandholz style beard.

Trimming is highly recommended after around seven months. However, the end result is always worth the patience and the wait. Adorned with light sideburns and heavy moustaches, this is a sophisticated style that will prepare you to rock the world with exemplary looking beard. The entire world likes this beard style and it is especially popular among men with diamond, inverted triangle, triangle and oval shaped faces.

Stylish beard

Friendly Mutton Chops

This is a very unique style and is thus considered the top beard styles for men of all ages. The style gained immense popularity among the community of US militants. The procedure of attaining the ideal friendly mutton chop is quite easy and simple. The only thing that you need to do is allow the hair on your moustaches and sideburns to grow until they meet. Post this; you can take the help of a shaving machine or a razor for clearing facial hair from your chin area. This type of beard was adopted by Hugh Jackman for the very first time and it was thus that it became popular as the wolverine beard style. Friendly mutton chops work exceptionally well for men with square and round faces.

Circle Beard

Dissimilar to the heavily textured Bandholz beard style, the circle beard is more about letting light hair grown on your face and about trimming. This style also works as the standard beard typefor many men. It is one of the top beard types for working men across the world. This beard style is the perfect combination of the moustaches and the goatee style. This style requires precision trimming on a regular basis. The best thing that you can do is make the use of an electric beard trimmer for achieving a flawless style and trim. This is a style that best suits men with round faces that tend to be specifically small and thin set.


The garibaldi is one of those top beard types that never go out of trend and are always acclaimed by the onlookers. For men who are simply in love with their macho looks but want some kind of an enhancement, the garibaldi is the perfect beard type to serve this purpose. It is only because of this reason that this type of beard is also known as the beard for muscular guys. It is a bit shorter in comparison to the Bandholz while being rounder at the lower side. One of the most important features of this beard style are heavy moustaches. Therefore, it requires proper trimming once during the week for maintaining it massive and round textured appearance. It works best for men with rectangular and oval faces.

Short Stubble

The short stubble is completely different from all the heavy and massive beard styles mentioned above. This is one of the top beard types that not only incorporates a masculine appearance to the posture of a man but also earns him brilliant response and higher esteem from onlookers and this goes especially on the part of the ones from the opposite gender. The short stubble beard style suits every face shape. The only thing that you need to do for wearing this beard in style in allow your facial hair to grow for two to three days. Post this; you can opt for scheduled trimming for maintaining this look.

Medium Stubble

If you are not fond of the scrappy short stubble then go for the medium stubble which is also considered one of the top beard types. It gives you the option of having 3 to 5mm facial hair length while avoiding hair growth on the neck and the chin. If this does not happen then you might end up appearing ugly and shaggy instead of looking handsome. Again, this is also a style that suits all kinds of faces. It offers a chiseled and handsome outline to the face.

What beard style


If you have a full beard but do not have sideburns it will be a goatee beard style. This style is quite simple but at the same time it is also very exciting. If you add a little bit of trimming and modification to your full beard, it will give you amazing results in the form of a precise goatee. Men with square face shapes are best suited for this beard style.

Full Beard

The full beard style is the most adopted and most loved among the top beard types for men. It will help you in getting the best possible and the most natural appearance while boosting your masculine features ten folds. This is the type of beard that you must attain if you are looking to leave an everlasting impression on your onlookers. The full beard, however, is best suited for men with diamond and triangle shaped faces.

The Hipster Style Beard

The list of top beard types might remain incomplete without the mention of the all-time favorite hipster style beard. This is one beard style that gives your facial hair the freedom of growing down the neck and the chin. This long and smooth beard type offers you a rocking and ravishing appearance. If you comb your moustaches neatly into your beard, it will give your face a bulkier appearance. The style fits oval and round faced men.

Twisty Moustaches

This is a dense beard type covering the lower face. Nevertheless, the hallmark attribute of this beard style is a curved and heavy moustache. The moustaches remain slightly twisted upwards for giving the face a macho appearance. The moustache in this style of beard is not very long but it is heavy. This type of beard needs to be trimmed carefully. This is one of the top beard styles popular among men with bulky moustaches and round faces.

In Line Beard Style

This is probably one of the trendiest beard styles being followed by a large number of men across the world. It is one of the top beard types known for its classic touch and freshness. It features clean straight lines going all the way down the beard. The beard usually gets a squaring cut for offering it a push forward effect. This style works best for guys with long and oval faces.

Best beard styles for oval face

Spruce Beard Style

The spruce beard style does not belong to the category of long beard types. However, it comes with several length variations. There are many men who like to go for the spruce beard style that is curled and lengthy. With this style, the neck needs to be clean-shaven for keeping the beard more continuous and round. Proper trimming is needed for getting an absolute hot chunk look. The style suits men with square and diamond-shaped faces.

French Fork

This ancient beard style has been successful in staying popular as one of the top beard styles even today and there are good reasons behind this. This is one style that can be worn gracefully. It involves splitting facial hair into two forks in the form of halves running down the chin.

The above mentioned top beard types can easily be tried out by men of all ages and different face shapes.
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