Facial hair styles 2016. In Honor of No-Shave November, We Ranked the Greatest All-time Types of Beards, Fantastic Sams

Well, we’ve reached the one-week mark of No-Shave November – how is your Movember beard looking? Kinds of beards.

Ditching the razors and trimmers each November has become a popular tradition for a lot of guys. But did you know that No-Shave November isn’t just an excuse not to shave for a month? The main purpose of No-Shave November is to increase cancer awareness by letting your hair grow free, donating your hair or raising money to help find a cure for the disease.

In honor of this worthy cause, we’ve gathered a collection of our favorite beard styles to guide your Movember mane.

Short-to-medium stubble

Stubble is a fantastic look for guys who want to rock a beard but need to keep their facial hair trim. The stubble look works for a variety of facial structures and hair types. And it’s super easy to grow and maintain; just let your facial hair grow out for a couple of days, shave your cheeks and neckline, then trim your beard every few days to keep it looking tidy.

Good short beard styles

Circle beard

The circle beard has been making a comeback as of late. If we’re being totally honest, it’s more of a goatee than a beard. But since goatees don’t necessarily include a mustache, we think the circle beard deserves its ranking on this list. To grow out a circle beard, just let your mustache and chin hair grow out and connect. Then, shave the hair in a circle design around your face. If you’re having trouble getting the look right, just head to a nearby Fantastic Sams, and one of our stylists will do it for you.

Corporate beard

The corporate beard is simply a full, nicely-trimmed beard and is great for guys who can grow thick, even facial hair. For a corporate beard, just grow out your beard for a week or two while shaving the hair on your cheeks and neck. To perfect the look, style the beard to make your face appear as oval as possible by squaring the hairline on your cheeks and neck and keeping the hair on your chin slightly longer. This will give your beard a nice, faded look from your hairline down to your chin. To maintain a corporate beard, just trim the hair every few days with a short-to-medium guard on your sideburns and mustache, then use a slightly longer guard for your goatee.

Garibaldi beard

Here’s where we start getting into the real nitty-gritty of beards. The Garibaldi beard is great if you like to pretend you’re a lumberjack on the weekends (or, better yet, if you’re an actual lumberjack). To get the look, start by ditching your beard trimmer for a few months until your facial hair grows to about 5-to-7 inches long. Once your hair reaches the right length, head to your stylist to round out the lower area of your beard. Make sure to keep your mustache and upper sideburns trim as you don’t want them taking the focus away from the rounded appearance of the lower section of your beard.

Long hair and beard styles

Are you ready to go all in on your beard? Then try out the yeard – a beard that grows out, untrimmed, for at least a year. You’ll still want to keep your neckline and cheeks clean-shaven, but, other than that, no other maintenance is required. And, if you really want to go for the gold, you can keep it rolling for a tweard – two years of unchecked beard growth – or a terminal beard – growing out your facial hair in perpetuity.

Need help finding the right type of beard for you this No-Shave November? Head to your nearby Fantastic Sams, and one of our stylists will recommend a beard style that works great for your facial structure and hair type.

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Full shave style

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