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Mutton Chops or Mutton Flops? Trends in Facial Hair

Men’s facial hair was once a symbol of status and class, but has evolved into a fashion statement. Whether it’s to promote your bold sense of masculinity or shave a few precious minutes off your morning routine (get it?), facial hair fashion is here to stay. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ways to wear your facial hair and how to care for it. Chin hair style.

The Beard

Ah yes, the face pillow, the mighty cheek curtain. Beards are the most popular facial hairstyle. With various styles, they offer a versatile fashion statement. The bushy thick beards have been replaced by a cleaner cut, more trimmed style. It might require a little more upkeep and maintenance, but a well-kept beard is a lot more professional then a mass of tangled hair filled with muffin crumbs from breakfast.

Length varies, and should be determined by how thick your facial hair grows. You can also shape the beard depending on your face structure. For longer faces, keep the chin hair short and trim. If your have a more round face, keep the sides short and let your chin hair grow a little longer to accentuate your features.

Stubble beard

The Mustache

Thanks to initiatives like Movember, the mustache is gaining a strong foothold among a younger generation. Those who want to add a few years to their age, or perhaps channel their inner Ron Burgundy, are taking advantage of this popular facial hair style. Keep it close and trimmed above the lip for a proper lip curtain, or let it grow into a full-blown cookie duster, the choice is yours. If you’re especially ambitious, grow the ends out and use mustache wax to style the longer ends. If you can’t pull off a ‘stache on its own, try pairing it with a well-kept beard or some scruff to help it blend in.


Muttonchops may have slowly lost their grasp on the sides of faces since the 1800s, but that doesn’t mean sideburns have to go away, too. Short side burns make a great statement, especially for those who don’t want to commit to a mustache or beard. Keep the length in line with your hairstyle. The longer they are, the louder a statement they’ll make.

Dadhi style


Scruff or a five o’clock shadow is a simple and easy facial hairstyle that’s here to stay as long as men continue to value a few extra minutes of sleep – and that’s never going to change! The look is also favored by the follicly-challenged who might not be able to grow a healthy beard. Use the natural bone structure lines on your face as a guide for trimming, and keep it clean shaven below the jaw.

Facial hair is a man’s unique way of expressing himself. It can also be a fun way to experiment and see which style suits your individual personality. If you want to learn more about facial hair styles and the skill it takes to maintain and shape them, then the Master Barber Program at Genesis College in Nashville, TN and Dalton, GA is perfect for you. Request more information today!

Different types of mustaches and beards
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