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Bored of same old look and want a new haircut for a change? Great idea! But before you go under your hairstylist’s scissor, keep in mind that your face shape has to do a lot with framing your features precisely. Facial hair styles for oval faces.

If you’re asking yourself, “What haircut should I get?” continue reading! Here’s a list of top hairstyles for men according to the most familiar face shape – oval, long round, square, diamond, and triangle.

If you have a soft and curvy jawline, which is smaller than your forehead, then you have oval face shape. This symmetrical and well-proportioned face shape does any hairstyle pretty good, yet some hairstyles look outstanding on oval faces. For guys with oval faces, facial hair, mustaches, and beards are options. A soft and smooth contour of the jawline allows them to go clean-shaven.

Brush Back

Undercut with Comb Over

Midface with Pompadour

Taper Fade with Quiff

Men’s Haircuts for Round Face Shape

Of the all face shapes, choosing the perfect style for round shape is the hardest job. Round is not the wrong shape, but these guys have fewer options as opposed to the guys with other face shapes. Round faces are equal in length and width due to broad cheekbones and jawline that offers no defining edges. To make your face look long, consider haircuts that are short on sides, but that add height and volume to your hair. Though beard is not necessary for round-faced men, a full square beard chisels your jawline.

Different type of shaving style

Bald Fade with Slick Back

Flat Top Haircut

Side Swept Brush Up

Spiky Hair

Men’s Haircuts for Square Face Shape

The square face shape is known to be the most masculine and looks great with any haircut. Characterized by prominent and sharper jawline, a square forehead and straight sides, it makes your face appear quite angular and sharp. Growing some light stubble adds sharpness to the chin and jawline.

Buzz Cut

Walnut Waves

Curl and Twist

Textured Comb Over

Men’s Haircuts for Oblong Face Shape

Oblong face shape is the mix of oval and rectangular shapes. Guys with this shape have a longer than wider face. They should try short haircuts on top like buzz cuts, crew, etc. To make your top look voluminous, skip side fades and style your hair with a side part, comb over, short brush up or short spiky hair. Guys with oblong faces should avoid beard because it further elongates the face shape.

Brush Up

Side Part

Side Swept Crew Cut

Short Spiky Hair

The strong and broad cheekbone with a defined, angular chin makes a diamond shape face look long and narrow. Stylists recommend layered and high-volume hairstyles for this shape. You can grow some facial hair to soften the chin and jawline.

Facial styles 2016

Textured Crop

Faux Hawk (Fohawk)

High Fade with Fringe

Slick Back

Men with triangular face shapes have angular features with a wider jawline and smaller cheekbones. Offset your small forehead and create symmetry with medium length textured hair on top. Keep clean shave to give prominence to the jawline.

Comb Over

Crew Cut

Textured Quiff
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